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Still getting used to Bulbapedia a bit despite being a member for quite some time, a big fan of the anime series, real name is Joseph William Crammond though I prefer to be called Joe.

Feel very fortunate in the fact that I am in email contact with voice director Lisa Ortiz who is happy to send me cast lists when she is able allowing me to provide Bulbapedia with quite a lot of useful data

For fun

Possible Mainspace Articles

Articles Mainspaced


My main aims for Bulbapedia that I hope will expand in future currently include:

  • Using my contact with Lisa Ortiz to provide the voice actors for characters
  • Create character and actor pages

To Do List

  • Enquire with Lisa Ortiz on whether or not she has any cast lists predating her being voice director before Season 19.
  • Completely re-write summaries for episodes I wrote that are too long.

Cast lists awaiting

Update 29/09/18

Lisa Ortiz has been busy to send me the cast lists hence the long list but she replied to me today that she is waiting for the go ahead from the producer and the official updated list and hopefully next week, she'll be able to send the cast lists.

Update 06/11/18

Lisa Ortiz has sent me the voice actors of several Pokémon, just waiting approval.

Update 13/02/19

Cast lists for S20 and S21 added, compiling screenshots for approval