Goh's Flygon

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Goh's Flygon
ゴウのフライゴン Go's Flygon
Poké Ball
Goh Flygon.png
Goh's Flygon
Debuts in Making Battles in the Sand!
Caught at Mauville City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Flygon Risa Shimizu

Goh's Flygon (Japanese: ゴウのフライゴン Go's Flygon) is the eighth Pokémon that Goh caught in the Hoenn region, and his sixty-second overall.

In the anime


Flygon and Goh

In Making Battles in the Sand!, Goh first encountered Flygon when he and Ash were investigating a Sandstorm that had hit Mauville City. Goh attempted to catch it, but Flygon dodges all of the Poké Balls, causing Ash and Goh to have to battle it. Ash attempted to battle Flygon with Pikachu before remembering that as a Ground type, Flygon was immune to its Electric type attacks, causing Ash to use Riolu instead. Flygon put up a tough fight, managing to defeat Riolu and Sobble before being defeated by Raboot, allowing Goh to catch it.

In A Crackling Raid Battle!, Goh sent out Flygon to assist in a Raid Battle against Zapdos. It later teamed up with Raboot, causing serious damage. Despite this, Zapdos was able to avoid being captured.

In Leaping Toward the Dream!, Goh used Flygon to find an Alolan Ninetales as part of his quest for Project Mew.

In JN084, while traveling to Mega Island in search of a Lucarionite, Goh used Flygon as a means of transport for himself and Korrina. However, during a battle between a Pidgeot and a Salamence, the group broke up and landed next to a lava fountain created by the flames of a Camerupt. This disoriented Flygon, forcing Goh to call it back.

Personality and characteristics

Flygon is a strong Pokémon. In Making Battles in the Sand!, it went up against Riolu and Sobble, defeating them both before losing to Raboot.

As shown in its debut, it is extremely capable with sand. Using Sandstorm, it is able to create a sandstorm the length of half a city and strong enough to keep others out. It is able to burrow through sand as if it is water, boosting its offensive and defense at the same time. The sand can also beat against Flygon's wings to create an alluring song.

Flygon also has a great team spirit, using its attacks so that Raboot can battle next. It also became worried about him when Raboot is almost defeated and still insisted on battling. This protection extends to its destruction of Mauville City, as it started the sandstorm there to create a nest for itself and fellow desert-dwelling Pokémon.

Moves used

Goh Flygon Dragon Claw.png
Using Dragon Claw
Move First Used In
Sandstorm Making Battles in the Sand!
Dragon Rush Making Battles in the Sand!
Draco Meteor  Making Battles in the Sand!
Dragon Claw  A Crackling Raid Battle!
Dragon Breath  A Crackling Raid Battle!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Goh Raboot Draco Meteor Ember.png
Goh Raboot Draco Meteor Ember 2.png
A Crackling Raid Battle! Draco Meteor and Blaze Kick Goh's Raboot
Description: Raboot leaps high into the air using the stones created by Flygon's Draco Meteor as a foothold. While the opponent is busy dealing with an attack and off guard, Raboot uses Blaze Kick to deal damage. Goh used this move against a Zapdos he was trying to catch in A Crackling Raid Battle!.

In the manga

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Goh's Flygon first appeared in JNM12, battling Zapdos alongside Raboot.

In JNM21, Goh used Flygon to find an Alolan Ninetales as part of his quest for Project Mew.

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