Goh's Dewgong

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Goh's Dewgong
ゴウのジュゴン Go's Jugon
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Goh Dewgong.png
Goh's Dewgong
Debuts in A Test in Paradise!
Caught at Kanto
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Cerise Park
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Dewgong Yūji Ueda James Carter Cathcart

Goh's Dewgong (Japanese: ゴウジュゴン Go's Jugon) is the fourteenth Pokémon that Goh caught in the Kanto region, and his twenty-third overall.


Dewgong falling in love

Dewgong debuted in A Test in Paradise!, where Goh caught it while he and Ash were on their way to Dragonite Island. Though it was a hard Pokémon to catch, costing Goh all of his Poké Balls, Goh finally caught Dewgong and officially added it to his team. Goh and Ash then rode across the sea on Dewgong, but during their journey, Dewgong spotted another Dewgong, fell in love with it, and chased after it, ignoring Goh's requests to stop. This led the group into a storm, which separated Dewgong from its Trainer.

Later, after being unable to find the other Dewgong, Goh's Dewgong reunited with its Trainer just as he and Ash were about to leave Dragonite Island to follow a group of Dragonite that had just left. Dewgong gave Goh and Ash a lift to the Dragonite, just in time to see one of them being captured by Team Rocket.

In A Snow Day for Searching!, Goh sent Dewgong out to explore a lake where a group of Mankey had dropped a Cubone's bone in. It used its Ice type as a barrier against the cold water while exploring the lake. Eventually, Dewgong found the bone and retrieved it.

Dewgong and Goh

In Panic in the Park!, Dewgong was one of the Pokémon affected by the disappearance of food at the Cerise Park. When the group led by Goh's Scyther and Darmanitan subsequently clashed, Dewgong began leading Goh's other Water-type Pokémon to join the fight. When Golurk went out of control, Dewgong helped the other Pokémon rescue Goh's three Cascoon and allow them to evolve safely.

Dewgong in the Kids Marine Athletic Race

In Getting More Than You Battled For!, after being attacked by a Gyarados while looking for Mew, Goh used Dewgong to save himself and Ash. Despite this, they encountered a waterfall ahead and fell from it, forcing Goh to recall Dewgong.

In On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!, Goh entered Dewgong in the Kids Marine Athletic Race. Goh crossed the finish line, but Dewgong got distracted on seeing a group of Gorebyss being chased by a Huntail and went to intervene. Huntail attacked Dewgong, Chloe, and Eevee, leaving them trapped in a cave before being rescued by Ash's Dracovish. One of the Gorebyss came over, and Dewgong fell in love with it, only for Gorebyss to be more interested in Huntail.

In Breaking the Ice!, Goh used Dewgong along with Arctozolt and Ash, Chloe, and Regina's Pokémon to create an ice playground for his classmates. Using Icy Wind along with Regina's Glaceon, Dewgong managed to create a huge structure made of ice that Arctozolt transformed into a castle.

In Looking Out for Number Two!, Goh used Dewgong to find a Kingdra as part of his second Trial Mission for Project Mew.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Dewgong attended a surprise party hosted by the Lab members commemorating Goh and Ash's departure.

Personality and characteristics

Dewgong was a hard Pokémon to catch in A Test in Paradise!. In fact, Goh had to use up all of his Poké Balls to accomplish this task. Dewgong appears to be the leader of the Cerise Park's Water-type Pokémon, with the other Pokémon joining the fray Panic in the Park! only after Dewgong takes the lead. It is quick to fall in love, which often leads to it ignoring its Trainer's commands.

Goh appears to prefer Dewgong for activities that involve swimming. Like other members of its species, it can withstand ice-cold winter waters, and is strong enough to carry its Trainer, Ash, and Pikachu while swimming unhindered.

Moves used

Goh Dewgong Ice Beam.png
Using Ice Beam
Move First Used In
Ice Beam Panic in the Park!
Icy Wind Breaking the Ice!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


JN063 AS.png
Artwork from "After the story" [1]



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