Deep Colosseum

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Deep Colosseum ボトムコロシアム
Bottom Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Deep Colosseum.png
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Location: The Under
Region: Orre
Generations: III
Orre The Under Map.png
Location of Deep Colosseum in Orre.
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Deep Colosseum (Japanese: ボトムコロシアム Bottom Colosseum) is a Colosseum located under The Under. After the main storyline of Pokémon Colosseum has ended, the player can challenge Gonzap at the Snagem Hideout. After his defeat, he grants the player a D-Disk, that will allow access to the Deep Colosseum.

Unlike the other three Colosseums in Story Mode, which feature four rotating sets of four Trainers, the Deep Colosseum incorporates five, although the fifth set will not offer a TM prize. The finale of each challenge of this Colosseum is a Cipher Admin, starting with Miror B., then going in the order they were defeated during the course of the game: Dakim, Venus, Ein. This also allows another chance for the player to snag their Shadow Pokémon if they previously failed to do so. After all of them have been defeated, a final Cipher member, nicknamed the "Deep King", appears, using a Shadow Shuckle.

This Colosseum has possibly some of the strongest Trainers and valuable prizes. After all of the Cipher Admins have been defeated once more, the Colosseum can continue to be challenged, with high rewards.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, due to The Under being inaccessible, the Deep Colosseum is inaccessible as well.


The Deep Colosseum is an unknown depth below The Under. There is a giant hidden automatic door that serves as an entrance. Directly behind it is a lobby similar to the lobbies of the other Colosseums in Orre. The Colosseum itself is a gigantic open area with bleachers for spectators. There is a giant rotating fan directly above the battlefield. The Colosseum itself is surrounded by almost all sides by vast, complicated networks of seemingly infinite pipes of varying sizes. Its distance from the reception desk is unknown. One Worker even claims to have reached the Deep Colosseum by just digging downward by shovel.


Item Location Games
TM Dark TM12 (Taunt) Reward for clearing Round 1 for the first time  Colo 
TM Psychic TM48 (Skill Swap) Reward for clearing Round 2 for the first time  Colo 
TM Psychic TM44 (Rest) Reward for clearing Round 3 for the first time  Colo 
TM Dragon TM02 (Dragon Claw) Reward for clearing Round 4 for the first time  Colo 


If a Cipher Admin's Shadow Pokémon wasn't snagged during a previous battle with them, it will replace their final Pokémon here.

Round 1

Defeating all the Trainers awards the player $20,448 and TM12 (Taunt).

Round 2

Defeating all the Trainers awards the player $20,936 and TM48 (Skill Swap).

Round 3

Defeating all the Trainers awards the player $22,148 and TM44 (Rest).

Round 4

Defeating all the Trainers awards the player $18,118 and TM02 (Dragon Claw).

Round 5

Defeating all the Trainers awards the player $9,984.


  • Despite Rui staying behind whenever the player takes part in a Colosseum challenge, she will still appear in the arena to identify any Shadow Pokémon seen here.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Colosseum Targare
Germany Flag.png German Colosseum Tartarus
Italy Flag.png Italian Arena Abissale
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Coliseo Minérea

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