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Frequently-used wikicode

"pre" wikicode "/pre"
BULBANEWS-MULTI: {{bulbanews/3|WB to re-release first three Pokémon movies|English dubs of first three Pokémon movies coming to Region 1 on Blu-ray disc|Pokémon movies to be available via digital distribution, new movie-based iBooks to be released}}
CATEGORY LINKING: "[[:Category:?????]]"

File:RG Bicycle.png|Artwork of the original Bicycle from {{game|Red and Green|s}

INCOMPLETE: {{incomplete|section|needs=What the article needs}}
REDIRECT: #REDIRECT [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Animated Shorts]]

<ref>[URL-Address Article-Title]</ref>

SUBSCRIPT: <small>English</small>
YOUTUBE:{{youtubevid|bxTxlKvQFU8|user/pokemon|name=The Official Pokémon Channel|Omega Ruby|Alpha Sapphire}}

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Regional colors: General color templates (organize even further with sub-categories of season, region, and "time of day"?)

Pokémon game colors: Game color templates

Usertags to ponder:

User Wants Shiny

User Manga (probably "Electric Tale of Pikachu" and a little of "PokéSpe")

User Food

User Anime (Naruto, Digimon, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, One Piece)

User Episode (probably "Ash's Charizard vs. Gary's Blastoise"; Blaziken's introduction; Hoenn's first episode; some Kanto beginning and League episodes)

User Favorite Ability

User Favorite Character

User Favorite Legendary

User Favorite Mega

User Favorite Move

?User Favorite Music

?User Favorite Song

User Movie (probably the first one, "2000", and "Destiny Deoxys")

User Season

User TV Show (Power Rangers and Young Justice; Arthur & ZOOM+)

User video game (Pokémon Emerald & Platinum & HeartGold & Black 2 & ~AlphaSapphire; SSB series; Zelda: Twilight Princess, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, Super Mario 64; RuneScape)

User Misses VA

User Instrument

User Hat

User 9 Touhou TPP Helix thegame User Collection (PKMN) User Obsession

Future Use:

blasting off & ranger & user walk contest mastery fave items revise frontier order

fave e4, fave frontier brain, fave trainer class. this user's Pokemon Nature is ADAMANT. Full Restore item. fave Fakemon. Add fave general PKMN Trainers.