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Color templates guide

Core Series Games

Red color light FF6464 {{Red color light}}
Red color FF1111 {{Red color}}
Red color dark A60B0B {{Red color dark}}
Green color light 64D364 {{Green color light}}
Green color 11BB11 {{Green color}}
Green color dark 0B7A0B {{Green color dark}}
Blue color light 6464FF {{Blue color light}}
Blue color 1111FF {{Blue color}}
Blue color dark 0B0BA6 {{Blue color dark}}
Yellow color light FFE57A {{Yellow color light}}
Yellow color FFD733 {{Yellow color}}
Yellow color dark A68C21 {{Yellow color dark}}
Gold color light E7C46E {{Gold color light}}
Gold color DAA520 {{Gold color}}
Gold color dark 8E6B15 {{Gold color dark}}
Silver color light D6D6D6 {{Silver color light}}
Silver color C0C0C0 {{Silver color}}
Silver color dark 7D7D7D {{Silver color dark}}
Crystal color light 8CE6FF {{Crystal color light}}
Crystal color 4FD9FF {{Crystal color}}
Crystal color dark 338DA6 {{Crystal color dark}}
Ruby color light C15959 {{Ruby color light}}
Ruby color A00000 {{Ruby color}}
Ruby color dark 680000 {{Ruby color dark}}
Sapphire color light 5959C1 {{Sapphire color light}}
Sapphire color 0000A0 {{Sapphire color}}
Sapphire color dark 000068 {{Sapphire color dark}}
Emerald color light 59C159 {{Emerald color light}}
Emerald color 00A000 {{Emerald color}}
Emerald color dark 006800 {{Emerald color dark}}
FireRed color light FFA472 {{FireRed color light}}
FireRed color FF7327 {{FireRed color}}
FireRed color dark A64B19 {{FireRed color dark}}
LeafGreen color light 59E959 {{LeafGreen color light}}
LeafGreen color 00DD00 {{LeafGreen color}}
LeafGreen color dark 009000 {{LeafGreen color dark}}
Diamond color light C8C8FF {{Diamond color light}}
Diamond color AAAAFF {{Diamond color}}
Diamond color dark 6F6FA6 {{Diamond color dark}}
Pearl color light FFC8C8 {{Pearl color light}}
Pearl color FFAAAA {{Pearl color}}
Pearl color dark A66F6F {{Pearl color dark}}
Platinum color light BDBDBD {{Platinum color light}}
Platinum color 999999 {{Platinum color}}
Platinum color dark 646464 {{Platinum color dark}}
HeartGold color light CFC059 {{HeartGold color light}}
HeartGold color B69E00 {{HeartGold color}}
HeartGold color dark 766700 {{HeartGold color dark}}
SoulSilver color light D6D6EB {{SoulSilver color light}}
SoulSilver color C0C0E1 {{SoulSilver color}}
SoulSilver color dark 7D7D92 {{SoulSilver color dark}}
Black color light 858585 {{Black color light}}
Black color 444444 {{Black color}}
Black color dark 2C2C2C {{Black color dark}}
White color light EBEBEB {{White color light}}
White color E1E1E1 {{White color}}
White color dark 929292 {{White color dark}}
Black 2 color light 848A8D {{Black 2 color light}}
Black 2 color 424B50 {{Black 2 color}}
Black 2 color dark 2B3134 {{Black 2 color dark}}
White 2 color light EDDFE0 {{White 2 color light}}
White 2 color E3CED0 {{White 2 color}}
White 2 color dark 948687 {{White 2 color dark}}
X color light 5A96C5 {{X color light}}
X color 025DA6 {{X color}}
X color dark 013D6C {{X color dark}}
Y color light F16A81 {{Y color light}}
Y color EA1A3E {{Y color}}
Y color dark 981128 {{Y color dark}}
Omega Ruby color light C87365 {{Omega Ruby color light}}
Omega Ruby color AB2813 {{Omega Ruby color}}
Omega Ruby color dark 6F1A0C {{Omega Ruby color dark}}
Alpha Sapphire color light 729ABF {{Alpha Sapphire color light}}
Alpha Sapphire color 26649C {{Alpha Sapphire color}}
Alpha Sapphire color dark 194166 {{Alpha Sapphire color dark}}
Sun color light F6B775 {{Sun color light}}
Sun color F1912B {{Sun color}}
Sun color dark 9D5E1C {{Sun color dark}}
Moon color light 90BDDC {{Moon color light}}
Moon color 5599CA {{Moon color}}
Moon color dark 376483 {{Moon color dark}}
Ultra Sun color light F19475 {{Ultra Sun color light}}
Ultra Sun color E95B2B {{Ultra Sun color}}
Ultra Sun color dark 983B1C {{Ultra Sun color dark}}
Ultra Moon color light 6FA0CF {{Ultra Moon color light}}
Ultra Moon color 226DB5 {{Ultra Moon color}}
Ultra Moon color dark 164776 {{Ultra Moon color dark}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color light F8E772 {{Let's Go Pikachu color light}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color F5DA26 {{Let's Go Pikachu color}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color dark 9F8E19 {{Let's Go Pikachu color dark}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color light E3B88A {{Let's Go Eevee color light}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color D4924B {{Let's Go Eevee color}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color dark 8A5F31 {{Let's Go Eevee color dark}}
Sword color light 59C2F1 {{Sword color light}}
Sword color 00A1E9 {{Sword color}}
Sword color dark 006998 {{Sword color dark}}
Shield color light D5598C {{Shield color light}}
Shield color BF004F {{Shield color}}
Shield color dark 7C0033 {{Shield color dark}}

Other Games

Colosseum Series
Colosseum color light CFDCED {{Colo color light}}
Colosseum color B6CAE4 {{Colo color}}
Colosseum color dark 768394 {{Colo color dark}}
XD color light 978CAE {{XD color light}}
XD color 604E82 {{XD color}}
XD color dark 3E3355 {{XD color dark}}
Mystery Dungeon Series
MD color light DECAA9 {{MD color light}}
MD color D78144 {{MD color}}
MD color dark 7C4B2D {{MD color dark}}
MD Red color light D85C8A {{MD red color light}}
MD Red color C50C50 {{MD red color}}
MD Red color dark 840836 {{MD red color dark}}
MD Blue color light 5a91c9 {{MD blue color light}}
MD Blue color 095BAF {{MD blue color}}
MD Blue color dark 063d75 {{MD blue color dark}}
MD Time color light 6ab5d9 {{MD time color light}}
MD Time color 2190c7 {{MD time color}}
MD Time color dark 166185 {{MD time color dark}}
MD Darkness color light d76166 {{MD darkness color light}}
MD Darkness color c3141b {{MD darkness color}}
MD Darkness color dark 830d12 {{MD darkness color dark}}
MD Sky color light a6cd89 {{MD sky color light}}
MD Sky color 7bb54f {{MD sky color}}
MD Sky color dark 527935 {{MD sky color dark}}
Ranger Series
Ranger color light FA9D6A {{Ranger color light}}
Ranger color F7681A {{Ranger color}}
Ranger color dark A14411 {{Ranger color dark}}
Shadows of Almia color light 768ABC {{SoA color light}}
Shadows of Almia color 2D4B98 {{SoA color}}
Shadows of Almia color dark 1D3163 {{SoA color dark}}
Guardian Signs color light 76D1F1 {{GS color light}}
Guardian Signs color 2CB8E9 {{GS color}}
Guardian Signs color dark 1D7898 {{GS color dark}}
Battle Revolution color light FFD461 {{Pbr color light}}
Battle Revolution color DCA202 {{Pbr color}}
Battle Revolution color 684D02 {{Pbr color dark}}
Pokémon color light E2947C {{Pokémon color light}}
Pokémon color E5653C {{Pokémon color}}
Pokémon color dark A62F19 {{Pokémon color dark}}

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