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ヒロミ Hiromi
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Kyle (father), Meredith (mother), Shep (grandfather)
Trainer class Swimmer
Generation IV, VIII
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Anime debut Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
English voice actor Emily Williams
Japanese voice actor Kaori Manabe

Lizabeth (Japanese: ヒロミ Hiromi) is a main character who appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. She is a descendant of the People of the Water, denoted by her blue necklace and bracelet. Lizabeth travels with her grandfather Shep, mother Meredith, and father Kyle as a member of performers troupe, The Marina Group.

In the anime

Lizabeth performing in a Marina Group show

Ash and his friends met Lizabeth and her family after noticing several bubbles of water appear out of nowhere in a barren field. The group later witnessed one the Marina Group's water performances, where Lizabeth was seen wearing a Goldeen-inspired costume and swimming with Dewgong.

The next day, May reported that she had dreamed of swimming towards a sea temple. Lizabeth admitted that she had the same dream when she was younger, and explained that it is a hallmark sign that someone is a descendant of the People of the Water. Lizabeth later accompanied her family, Jack Walker, and Ash's group to an ancient People of the Water site, where she and her family explained the legends that surround the ancient group.

Later, Lizabeth boarded her grandfather's ship, Blue Lagoon, to help return Manaphy to Samiya. During one of the voyage's stops, Manaphy chased after May's bandanna. Fearing that Manaphy was missing, Lizabeth captained a submersible with Ash and his friends aboard. They soon located Manaphy, but then hit some underwater turbulence and lost their radio connection with the Blue Lagoon. Manaphy helped escort the submersible out of the riptide and towards Samiya.

Lizabeth with her mother Meredith

Lizabeth docked at Samiya and went on to explore the sea temple's grounds with the others. They later saw the Sea Crown in person, due to The Phantom using his obtained People of the Water mark to unlock an entryway. After the Phantom began to dismantle the Sea Crown, which caused Samiya to flood with water, Lizabeth led Ash's group back to the submersible in an attempt to escape. However, Ash and May decided to help Jack Walker restore the Sea Crown, leaving Lizabeth, Brock, and Max in the sub.

Being unable to reach the Sea Crown, Jack fled Samiya, and Lizabeth reluctantly decided to leave Samiya without Ash and May. Fortunately, Ash managed to restore the Sea Crown in time, causing Samiya to rise from the ocean. Lizabeth and the others became bystanders during the showdown between the Water Pokémon and the Phantom and his crew. Once the battle ended with the Phantom's defeat, Lizabeth, family, and Ash's group were surrounded in a mystical golden light, which allowed them to soar through the sky and ocean with the Pokémon. They all watched as Samiya disappeared back into the ocean.

Everyone later returned to port, where Shep's shipmates were waiting. Lizabeth and the others returned to their travel vehicle, and later, she waved goodbye to Ash and his friends.

Lizabeth briefly reappeared in a montage in The Rise of Darkrai, which chronicled the preceding nine movies.


Lizabeth is a positive person and happily offers comfort to those in need. She has a close relationship with her family, though Lizabeth doesn't like it whenever Meredith tells stories about her childhood. Lizabeth knows a lot about her ancestor's culture, but was unable to read their ancient text.

She is one of the few women Brock has met that actually likes him in return.



Sugimori Lizabeth anime.png
Settei by Ken Sugimori

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 眞鍋かをり Kaori Manabe
English Emily Williams
Dutch Kirsten Fennis
German Shandra Schadt
Korean 배정미 Bae Jeongmi*
김영은 Kim Yeongeun*
Brazilian Portuguese Priscila Ferreira
European Spanish Celia de Diego

In the manga

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Lizabeth appears in the manga adaptation of the movie, fulfilling the same role as she does in the movie.

In the games

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Lizabeth debuts as a Swimmer who uses Buizel, Medicham, and Seaking on Route 220. All of the aforementioned were Pokémon used during the Marina Underwater Pokémon Show. However, this Easter egg was not recognized by the translation team, who named her Katelyn.


This listing is of Lizabeth's Pokémon in the games:

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


  • Before battle
"I may not look it now, but I'm a star. I'm always with my Pokémon."
"Oh, hi! Are you back to see our Pokémon show again?"
  • Being defeated
"I lost, but at least I had fun."
  • After being defeated
"If it were an underwater Pokémon show, I would have shined."

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Lizabeth or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Lizabeth's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Lizabeth's Medicham Psychic       Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Sea's Manaphy   007/019


  • Lizabeth is one of the few females who have fallen in love with Brock.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヒロミ Hiromi From 広海 hiromi, wide sea.
English Lizabeth
Korean 이사벨 Isabel*
이자벨 Isabel*
Chinese (Mandarin) 廣美 / 广美 Guǎngměi From the Japanese name 広美 / 广美 Hiromi.
Thai ฮิโตมิ Hitomi Similar to Japanese name

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