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Quick Battles are an option in Pokémon XD's VS Mode where the player may participate in battles with predefined teams and opponents. Quick Battles have four different difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ultimate, and for each difficulty there are ten different possible teams. Quick Battles can be played with either 1 player (as Michael, with the CPU controlling the opponent) or 2 players (with both players in the role of the owner of their teams as shown below). In the 1-player mode, the player's team is randomly selected from the first five teams listed below for the given difficulty while the opponent's team comes from the last five teams. In the 2-player mode, both players' teams are selected entirely at random from the teams for that difficulty.


Beauty Cudsy

Fun Old Man Junder

Casual Dude Kolson

Matron Sophee

Newscaster Ohlid

Chaser Rosil

Casual Guy Tobin

Chaser Tessi

Curmudgeon Loaken

Chaser Scrib


Hunter Gron

Navigator Gostin

Curmudgeon Sellok

Worker Rustix

Casual Guy Lobin

Matron Agris

Beauty Ogoin

Fun Old Man Norbel

Bodybuilder Sendil

Casual Dude Jusk


Chaser Nildon

Sailor Oxlin

Chaser Regeni

Researcher Tabor

Rider Sogle

Bodybuilder Okona

Cooltrainer Niled

Newscaster Madsin

Hunter Dargus

Cooltrainer Tensin


Cooltrainer Rapeel

Bodybuilder Elkain

Bodybuilder Powit

Chaser Quelis

Cooltrainer Dodin

Worker Kaster

Navigator Kerdin

Sailor Morkor

Researcher Krilok

Rider Lorgo


  • Bodybuilder Okona's Machamp knows both Rolling Kick and Encore which is an illegal egg move combination because there is no eligible parent that can learn both of those moves at the same time to pass on to Machamp.
  • Bodybuilder Sendil's Sealeo and Vibrava are underleveled because their pre-evolutions evolve at level 32 and 35, respectively.
    • In addition, Vibrava learns Dragon Breath at level 30, which it normally cannot learn until level 35. Since its pre-evolution, Trapinch, can't learn this move, it cannot learn it at a lower level due to breeding.