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Nico (Japanese: ニコラ Nikola) is a character of the day who appeared in Breaking Titles at the Chateau!. He is a Trainer who frequently visits the Battle Chateau to battle and increase his rank. He is the older brother of Chester. Together, they have a tendency of rapping their sentences.

While resting at a Pokémon Center with Chester, Nico overheard a conversation between Ash and his friends about the Battle Chateau. Because they were on their way there for Chester's own Battle Chateau debut, Nico and Chester approached the group and escorted them there.

Inside the Battle Chateau, the group was welcomed by Molly and Duke Turner before being ushered into the salon. There, Nico was quickly approached by another Baron named Farrell, who accepted his battle request. Nico defeated Farrell, marking his tenth victory at the Battle Chateau, and his rank was elevated to Viscount.

Nico returned to the viewing balcony to watch his brother take on Ash. Although Chester lost, Nico assured his brother that they would continue training together and watched the battle between Viola and Grant. After that, Nico and Chester said their farewells to Ash and his friends, and hoped to challenge each other at the Chateau sometime.


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Nico's Fletchinder
Fletchinder is Nico's only known Pokémon. It first appeared on Nico's shoulder when he and Chester first approached Ash and his friends. At the Battle Chateau, it went up against Farrell's Dusknoir. It clashed with Dusknoir with Flame Charge against Thunder Punch, but Dusknoir managed to pull through. Although Fletchinder was temporally stunned, it quickly redeemed itself and struck back with another powerful Flame Charge, which knocked Dusknoir out and earned Nico the title of Viscount.

Fletchinder's only known move is Flame Charge.

Debut Breaking Titles at the Chateau!
Voice actors
English Lisa Ortiz


Nico as a Viscount
Battle Chateau

Nico achieved the following ranks in Battle Chateau:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 奈良徹 Toru Nara
English Billy Bob Thompson
Dutch Valentijn Banga
Finnish Peter Pihlström
Italian Luca Bottale
Polish Stefan Pawłowski
Brazilian Portuguese Daniel Garcia
Spanish Latin America Abraham Vega
Spain Javier Balas


  • Nico and Chester's Japanese names derive from Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist.

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