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National Pokédex Number Name Picture Trainers Additional Trainers
252 Treecko Sawyer Treecko.png Ash's Treecko
Sawyer's Treecko
Stephanie's father's Treecko
253 Grovyle Sawyer Grovyle.png Ash's Grovyle
Sawyer's Grovyle
Natasha's Grovyle
254 Sceptile Sawyer Sceptile.png Ash's Sceptile
Sawyer's Sceptile
Tyson's Sceptile
255 Torchic May Torchic ORAS Trailer.png May's Torchic Nurse Joy's Torchic
256 Combusken May Combusken.png May's Combusken Nurse Joy's Combusken
257 Blaziken Gurkinn Blaziken.png Harrison's Blaziken
May's Blaziken
Rafe's Blaziken
Meyer's Blaziken
Gurkinn's Blaziken
258 Mudkip May Mudkip ORAS Trailer.png Brock's Mudkip
Nicholai's Mudkip
Stephanie's Mudkip
259 Marshtomp Marshtomp anime.png Brock's Marshtomp
Nicholai's Marshtomp
Tommy's Marshtomp
260 Swampert Brendan Swampert.png Tommy's Swampert
Morrison's Swampert
Tucker's Swampert
Levi's Swampert
Cherie's Swampert
Brendan's Swampert
261 Poochyena Team Rocket Poochyena.png Max's Poochyena
Team Flare Grunt's Poochyena
Gym Badge thieves's Poochyena
Mrs. Grimm's Poochyena
Team Rocket's Houndour
262 Mightyena Hodge Mightyena.png Max's Mightyena
Butch's Mightyena
Team Magma Grunt's Mightyena
Butler's Mightyena
Joe's Mightyena
Hodge's Mightyena
263 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon anime.png Nicholai's Zigzagoon
Gym Badge thieves's Zigzagoon
Victor Winstrate's Zigzagoon
Fisherman's Zigzagoon
264 Linoone Linoone PG.png Kimmy Shoney's Linoone
Solana's Linoone
Damos's Linoone
265 Wurmple Goh Wurmple.png May's Wurmple
Jessie's Wurmple
Aaron's Wurmple
Goh's Wurmple
266 Silcoon Silcoon anime.png May's Silcoon N/A
267 Beautifly Beautifly anime.png May's Beautifly
Aaron's Beautifly
Janet's Beautifly
Sakura's Beautifly
Kiko's Beautifly
268 Cascoon Goh Cascoon.png Jessie's Cascoon Goh's Cascoon
269 Dustox Goh Dustox.png Jessie's Dustox
Austin's Dustox
Goh's Dustox
270 Lotad Keanan Lotad.png Brock's Lotad Forsythia's Lotad
271 Lombre Lombre anime.png Brock's Lombre N/A
272 Ludicolo Ludicolo anime.png Brock's Ludicolo
Poncho's Ludicolo
Tierno's Ludicolo
273 Seedot Seedot anime.png Matt's Seedot Verona's Seedot
274 Nuzleaf Sunkern Nuzleaf Sunflora M13.png Yoko's Nuzleaf N/A
275 Shiftry Shiftry BW135.png Tyson's Shiftry
Angela's Shiftry
Spenser's Shiftry
O's Shiftry
Pirate's Shiftry
Brendan's Shiftry
276 Taillow Goh Taillow.png Ash's Taillow
Ritchie's Taillow
Goh's Taillow
277 Swellow Ash Swellow.png Ash's Swellow
Vito Winstrate's Swellow
Winona's Swellow
278 Wingull Wingull anime.png Mr. Briney's Wingull
Mr. Moore's Wingull
Juan's Wingull
Holly's Wingull
Goh's Wingull
279 Pelipper Team Rocket Pelipper.png Georgio's Pelipper
Winona's Pelipper
Juan's Pelipper
Ash's Pelipper
Team Rocket's Pelipper
280 Ralts Max Ralts.png Max's Ralts N/A
281 Kirlia Nebel Plateau Kirlia.png Butler's Kirlia
Melodi's Kirlia
Zoey's Kirlia
282 Gardevoir Diantha Gardevoir.png Diantha's Gardevoir
Melodi's Gardevoir
Concordia's Gardevoir
Kimia's Gardevoir
283 Surskit Surskit anime.png Max's Surskit
Kathryn's Surskit
Kent's Surskit
Brianna's Surskit
Viola's Surskit
284 Masquerain Masquerain anime.png Drew's Masquerain
Audrey's Masquerain
Juan's Masquerain
285 Shroomish Verona Shroomish.png Sheridan's Shroomish
Madeleine's Shroomish
Verona's Shroomish
286 Breloom Breloom anime.png Kenny's Breloom N/A
287 Slakoth Norman Slakoth.png Norman's Slakoth
Marcel's Slakoth
Mitchell's Slakoth
288 Vigoroth Pokémon Grand Eating Contest Vigoroth.png Norman's Vigoroth
Marcel's Vigoroth
Lady's Vigoroth
289 Slaking Sawyer Slaking.png Norman's Slaking Sawyer's Slaking
290 Nincada Kellyn Nincada.png Keanu's Nincada Kellyn's Nincada
291 Ninjask Sky Relay Ninjask.png Colonel Hansen's Ninjask
Evian's Ninjask
Brandon's Ninjask
Paul's Ninjask
Riot's Ninjask
Goone's Ninjask
292 Shedinja Hansen Shedinja.png Colonel Hansen's Shedinja N/A
293 Whismur Whismur anime.png Alanna's Whismur
Matt's Whismur
Guy's Whismur
294 Loudred Loudred anime.png Guy's Loudred Mitch Mitchum's Loudred
295 Exploud Blake Heath father Exploud.png Guy's Exploud
Damos's Exploud
Blake and Heath's father's Exploud
296 Makuhita Berrybaker kids Makuhita.png Brawly's Makuhita
Sheridan's Makuhita
Berrybaker kids's Makuhita
Matt's Makuhita
Kendall's Makuhita
Hala's Makuhita
297 Hariyama Hala Hariyama.png Brawly's Hariyama
Tyson's Hariyama
Greta's Hariyama
Paul's Hariyama
Hala's Hariyama
Hodge's Hariyama
298 Azurill Azurill Marill XY137.png Misty's Azurill
Juan's Azurill
Normajean's Azurill
299 Nosepass Roxanne ORAS Trailer.png Roxanne's Nosepass
Hank's Nosepass
Alan's Nosepass
Damos's Nosepass
300 Skitty Skitty anime.png May's Skitty
Dr. Abby's Skitty
Nikola's Skitty
301 Delcatty Delcatty anime.png Georgio's Delcatty
Dr. Abby's Delcatty
Lila's Delcatty
302 Sableye Carrie Sableye.png Cassidy's Sableye
Carrie's Sableye
Nanu's Sableye
303 Mawile Mabel Mawile.png Samantha's Mawile
Mabel's Mawile
Count Pumpka's Mawile
Valerie's Mawile
304 Aron Nebel Plateau Aron.png Steven Stone's Aron N/A
305 Lairon Lairon anime.png Savannah's Lairon Paul's Lairon
306 Aggron Gozu Aggron.png Steven Stone's Aggron
Johnny's Aggron
James's Aggron
Head Engineer's Aggron
J's client's Aggron
Paul's Aggron
Levi's Aggron
Cherie's Aggron
Brendan's Aggron
Dr. Yung's Mirage Aggron
Conway's Aggron
Gozu's Aggron
307 Meditite Kira Meditite.png Shauna's Meditite
Maylene's Meditite
Kira's Meditite
308 Medicham Candice Medicham.png Grace's Medicham
Greta's Medicham
Candice's Medicham
309 Electrike Wattson Electrike.png Wattson's Electrike
Jaco's Electrike
Damos's Electrike
310 Manectric Officer Jenny Manectric.png Wattson's Manectric
Officer Jenny's Manectric
Jaco's Manectric
Damos's Manectric
Celosia's Manectric
Cherie's Manectric
311 Plusle Plusle anime.png Thatcher's Plusle
Solana's Plusle
Ursula's Plusle
Mulpli's Plusle
312 Minun Minun anime.png Thatcher's Minun
Ursula's Minun
Divi's Minun
313 Volbeat Volbeat Illumise M13.png Romeo's Volbeat Volt's Volbeat
314 Illumise Volbeat Illumise M13.png Juliet's Illumise N/A
315 Roselia Mr Shaw Roselia.png Drew's Roselia
Nando's Roselia
Victoria Winstrate's Roselia
Sheridan's Roselia
Mr. Shaw's Roselia
316 Gulpin Nebel Plateau Gulpin.png Professor Jacuzzi's Gulpin N/A
317 Swalot Sailor Swalot.png Anthony's Swalot
Dominick's Swalot
Reggie's Swalot
Sailor's Swalot
318 Carvanha Team Rocket Carvanha.png Team Rocket's Carvanha N/A
319 Sharpedo Sharpedo SM013.png J's henchmen's Sharpedo
Levi's Sharpedo
Cherie's Sharpedo
Ash's Sharpedo
320 Wailmer Wailmer anime.png Juan's Wailmer
Robin's Wailmer
Professor Kukui's Wailmer
Kiawe's Wailmer
Sophocles's Wailmer
Ross's Wailmer
321 Wailord Team Rocket Wailord.png Robin's Wailord
Marlon's Wailord
Team Rocket's Wailord
322 Numel Julie Numel.png Julie's Numel N/A
323 Camerupt Xatu Forest Camerupt.png Vicky Winstrate's Camerupt
Elijah's Camerupt
Levi's Camerupt
Cherie's Camerupt
324 Torkoal Turtle Master Torkoal.png Ash's Torkoal
Flannery's Torkoal
Frank's Torkoal
Turtle Master's Torkoal
325 Spoink Spoink anime.png N/A N/A
326 Grumpig Grumpig anime.png Kelly's Grumpig Clown's Grumpig
327 Spinda Clawmark Hill Machop Sableye Spinda Rockruff.png Claire's Spinda N/A
328 Trapinch Goh Trapinch.png Solana's Trapinch Goh's Trapinch
329 Vibrava Goh Vibrava.png Brianna's Vibrava Goh's Vibrava
330 Flygon Goh Flygon.png Drew's Flygon
Mallow's Flygon
Goh's Flygon
331 Cacnea James Cacnea M08.png James's Cacnea N/A
332 Cacturne Harley Cacturne.png Harley's Cacturne N/A
333 Swablu Swablu anime.png Shane's Swablu N/A
334 Altaria Titus Altaria.png Winona's Altaria
Drake's Altaria
Solana's Altaria
Wilma's Altaria
Nando's Altaria
Titus's Altaria
Lillie's Altaria
335 Zangoose Crimson Zangoose.png Nicholai's Zangoose
Black Belt's Zangoose
Crimson's Zangoose
Weiss's Zangoose
Team Plasma Grunt's Zangoose
336 Seviper Keanan Seviper.png Jessie's Seviper
Lucy's Seviper
Schwarz's Seviper
337 Lunatone Volley Town Lunatone.png Liza's Lunatone N/A
338 Solrock Lily Solrock.png Tate's Solrock
Brandon's Solrock
Baraz's Solrock
Lily's Solrock
339 Barboach Barboach anime.png Juan's Barboach N/A
340 Whiscash Whiscash DP138.png Juan's Whiscash N/A
341 Corphish Ash Corphish.png Ash's Corphish Rocko's Corphish
342 Crawdaunt Crawdaunt anime.png Team Aqua Grunt's Crawdaunt
Shelly's Crawdaunt
Mr. Saridakis's Crawdaunt
Kyle's Crawdaunt
343 Baltoy Buck Baltoy.png Calista's Baltoy
Damos's Baltoy
Buck's Baltoy
344 Claydol Buck Claydol.png Robert's Claydol
Spenser's Claydol
Damos's Claydol
Buck's Claydol
345 Lileep Tree of Beginning Lileep Cradily.png Professor Proctor's Lileep
Dr. Yung's Mirage Lileep
Dr. Kenzo's Lileep
346 Cradily Tree of Beginning Lileep Cradily.png Professor Proctor's Cradily N/A
347 Anorith Anorith anime.png Professor Proctor's Anorith Dr. Kenzo's Anorith
348 Armaldo Team Rocket Armaldo.png Professor Proctor's Armaldo
Dr. Kenzo's Armaldo
Nando's Armaldo
Team Rocket's Armaldo
349 Feebas Jinny Feeby Feebas.png Haley's Feebas
Master Fisherman's Feebas
Jinny's Feebas
350 Milotic Jinny Feeby.png Robert's Milotic
Juan's Milotic
Lucy's Milotic
Wallace's Milotic
Lusamine's Milotic
Palmer's Milotic
Jinny's Milotic
Oleana's Milotic
351 Castform Totem Ally Castform.png Bart's Castform N/A
352 Kecleon Angela Kecleon.png Madison and Alexa's Kecleon
Harrison's Kecleon
Angela's Kecleon
353 Shuppet Acerola Shuppet.png Grings Kodai's Shuppet Acerola's Shuppet
354 Banette Banette SM094.png Harley's Banette
Levi's Banette
Cherie's Banette
355 Duskull Duskull anime.png Timmy Grimm's Duskull N/A
356 Dusclops Butler Dusclops.png Butler's Duskull
Timmy Grimm's Dusclops
Brandon's Dusclops
Team Rocket's Dusclops
357 Tropius Camomile Island Tropius.png Dominick's Tropius N/A
358 Chimecho Furisode Girl Chimecho.png James's Chimecho Maya's Chimecho
359 Absol Goh Absol.png Mollie's Absol
Drew's Absol
Damos's Absol
Astrid's Absol
Magnus's Absol
Lusamine's Absol
Goh's Absol
360 Wynaut Dr White Wobbuffet Wynaut.png Normajean's Wynaut Dr. White's Wynaut
361 Snorunt Snorunt anime.png Ash's Snorunt N/A
362 Glalie Glalie anime.png Ash's Glalie
Poacher's Glalie
Morana's Glalie
Levi's Glalie
363 Spheal Marius Spheal.png Marius's Spheal Juan's Spheal
364 Sealeo PSA Sealeo.png Captain Stern's Sealeo Juan's Sealeo
365 Walrein Rocky Walrein.png Team Aqua Grunt's Walrein
Rocky's Walrein
Katie's Walrein
366 Clamperl Clamperl anime.png Nancy's Clamperl Keith's Clamperl
367 Huntail Huntail anime.png Keith's Huntail N/A
368 Gorebyss Gorebyss anime.png Nancy's Gorebyss Juan's Gorebyss
369 Relicanth Relicanth anime.png N/A N/A
370 Luvdisc Luvdisc anime.png Misty's Luvdisc
Daisy's Luvdisc
Juan's Luvdisc
Professor Kukui's Luvdisc
371 Bagon Sawyer Bagon.png Michelle's Bagon
Matt's Bagon
Sawyer's Bagon
372 Shelgon Sawyer Shelgon.png Michelle's Shelgon
Drake's Shelgon
Sawyer's Shelgon
373 Salamence Sawyer Salamence.png J's Salamence
Butler's Salamence
Silver's Salamence
Drake's Salamence
Sawyer's Salamence
Levi's Salamence
Cherie's Salamence
374 Beldum Baccer Beldum.png Morrison's Beldum N/A
375 Metang Sophocles Metang.png Morrison's Metang
Head Engineer's Metang
Alain's Metang
Sophocles's Metang
J's henchmen's Metang
376 Metagross Alain Metagross.png Steven's Metagross
Rebecca's Metagross
Tyson's Metagross
Anabel's Metagross
Psychic's Metagross
Alain's Metagross
377 Regirock Brandon Regirock.png Brandon's Regirock N/A
378 Regice Brandon Regice.png Brandon's Regice N/A
379 Registeel Brandon Registeel.png Brandon's Registeel N/A
380 Latias Hoopa Latias.png Nurse Joy's Latias N/A
381 Latios Hoopa Latios.png Tobias's Latios N/A
382 Kyogre Kyogre M09.png N/A N/A
383 Groudon Groudon anime.png N/A N/A
384 Rayquaza Rayquaza M07.png N/A N/A
385 Jirachi Jirachi anime.png N/A N/A
386 Deoxys Deoxys Normal Forme SM124.png N/A N/A