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Shane (Japanese: カイト Kaito) is a character of the day who appeared in That's Just Swellow.

A resident of Crossgate Town, Shane and his newly captured Swablu were competitors in the PokéRinger Tournament. Despite being a resident of Crossgate Town, this was Shane's first time entering the competition.

In his first round, Shane faced a Wingull, Pelipper and a Yanma. The rookie was able to use his knowledge of the wind to successfully win the first round of the PokéRinger.

Eventually, along with fellow newcomers Ash and James, Shane made it to the semi-finals of the PokéRinger Tournament. In his round, Shane faced off against James and Dustox, borrowed from Jessie. Unfortunately for Shane, James had been trained as a PokéRinger when he was younger. It was this skill that allowed the Team Rocket member to defeat Shane and move on to the finals.

Although Shane lost, he was glad to have participated, and congratulated Ash on his victory over James in the tournament.


Shane's Swablu
Swablu is Shane's only known Pokémon, used in Crossgate Town's annual PokéRinger competition. Shane admitted that Swablu had only been caught recently. It was able to get Shane past the first round, but it ultimately lost to James's Dustox when the two Pokémon faced each other in the semifinals.

Swablu's only known move is Peck.

Debut That's Just Swellow

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 浦和めぐみ Megumi Urawa
English Suzanne Goldish
Finnish Miska Saari
European Spanish Sara Vivas


  • Shane has the same two hairs protruding from the top of his head as his Swablu.

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