Sawyer's Sceptile

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Sawyer's Sceptile
ショータのジュカイン Shōta's Jukain
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Sawyer Sceptile.png
Sawyer's Sceptile
Debuts in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!
Caught at Littleroot Town
Evolves in Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
Prior to A Meeting of Two Journeys!
Gender Unknown
Ability Lightning Rod*
Current location With Sawyer
HOME252.png HOME253.png HOME254.png
This Pokémon spent 11 episodes as Treecko and between 19 and 31 episodes as Grovyle.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Treecko Yūji Ueda Bill Rogers
As Grovyle Yūji Ueda Bill Rogers
As Sceptile Yūji Ueda Bill Rogers

Sawyer's Sceptile (Japanese: ショータのジュカイン Shōta's Jukain) is Sawyer's first partner Pokémon.


Sawyer choosing Treecko to be his first partner Pokémon

Prior to Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, Sawyer received Sceptile as a Treecko from Professor Birch. It battled with a wild Taillow sometime afterwards. It was unable to deal with Taillow the first time. Using the notes that Sawyer wrote down, Treecko practiced its movements and was able to battle Taillow properly the second time.

Treecko debuted in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, where it had a battle with Clemont's Luxray at the Lumiose Gym. It attempted to use Razor Leaf* earlier on. However, this left an opening for Clemont to attack. Afterward, since the timing of Treecko's attacks was off, Treecko was defeated by Luxray's Wild Charge, costing Sawyer the match.

In A Fashionable Battle!, Treecko partook in a Double Battle with Bagon against Ash's Frogadier and Hawlucha. Although Treecko worked with Bagon to battle Hawlucha, the combination was interrupted by Frogadier's Water Pulse. Treecko used Bullet Seed twice on Frogadier but Frogadier dodged both of them. Treecko was then defeated by Frogadier's Cut despite having the type advantage. Even though Bagon was left standing, Ash and Sawyer's Double Battle was interrupted when a fashion show was about to start.

Treecko and Sawyer learning from Ash's Gym battle

Sawyer sent Treecko out in Fairy-Type Trickery! to watch Ash's Gym battle with Valerie. As spectators, he wanted Treecko to watch the battle so that both of them would learn a lot.

In Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!, Treecko helped Sawyer look for his notebook after it slipped out of his front pocket. After Slurpuff found it from Team Rocket as they thought that it belonged to Steven Stone instead, Treecko battled Team Rocket alongside with Pikachu. All of the attacks performed by the Pokémon, including Treecko, canceled each other out but Pikachu's second Thunderbolt sent Team Rocket blasting off.

During Sawyer and Ash's three-on-three battle, Sawyer sent out Treecko as his last Pokémon against Ash's Frogadier. Both Pokémon used moves that were super effective against each other, as well as matching each other in terms of speed. However, in its determination to defeat Frogadier, Treecko evolved into Grovyle and learned Leaf Blade in the process. Despite the evolution, Grovyle still had trouble keeping up with Frogadier's movements. Grovyle went for Leaf Blade while Frogadier went for Cut. Both moves were elegantly dodged and then went for Bullet Seed and Water Pulse, respectively, causing smoke. Grovyle cleared the smoke with Leaf Blade, but Frogadier disappeared before it could happen. Frogadier launched another Water Pulse, which successfully connected with Grovyle, defeating it. As a result of the loss, a rivalry between Grovyle and Frogadier began to develop.

In From A to Z!, Grovyle chased after a group of Dodrio so that Sawyer could catch one. Later, it fought alongside Ash and his Pokémon against Celosia and three Team Flare Grunts. It was able to free Squishy from Celosia's Drapion's grasp with Leaf Storm. Grovyle fled alongside Ash and company when Pikachu's Thunderbolt and Drapion's Sludge Bomb clashed with each other, causing smoke.

Later, Grovyle fought Celosia and the three Team Flare Grunts again. It was assisted by Frogadier despite their rivalry. They continued their battle when Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie attempted to take Squishy to safety. Their battle was stopped when Celosia and the three grunts fled. After dealing with Team Flare, Sawyer and Grovyle left Ash and his friends the next day.

In A Meeting of Two Journeys!, Grovyle was revealed to have evolved into Sceptile. It was used in a battle against Ash's Greninja. Although Sceptile was able to match Greninja and even gained the edge due to its type advantage, it ultimately lost by a single hit when Greninja transformed into Ash-Greninja.

Lightning Rod activated as a Mega Sceptile

In A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!, it was used to battle Greninja once again. Although they were even at first, Sceptile gained the upper hand and eventually won as Ash and Greninja repeatedly attempted and failed to access their Ash-Greninja form, allowing Sceptile to hit Greninja with Leaf Storm before settling the battle with a decisive slash of its Leaf Blade.

In Valuable Experience for All!, Sceptile was sent out as Sawyer's final Pokémon to battle against Tierno's Blastoise in the quarterfinals of the Lumiose Conference, and was revealed to have been equipped with a Sceptilite, which Sawyer referred to as his "secret weapon". Blastoise started with an Ice Beam, which Sceptile intercepted with a Leaf Storm. Blastoise then tried to execute a Hydro Cannon attack, but Sceptile dodged it and landed a hit with Leaf Blade in return. Blastoise charged towards Sceptile with Skull Bash, but Sawyer commanded Sceptile to intercept it with Frenzy Plant, tossing Blastoise into the sky. As it fell, Blastoise managed to summon rainclouds with Rain Dance, and upon impact with the ground, it was knocked out.

Tierno then summoned his last Pokémon, Raichu, and ordered a Thunder attack, ensuring that, with the support of Rain Dance, the Electric-type move would not miss. Before Raichu could release her Thunder, however, Sawyer used his Key Stone to Mega Evolve Sceptile. Although Raichu completed her attack, Sceptile came through it completely unscathed. Sawyer revealed that, as a result of Mega Evolving, Sceptile gained the Lightning Rod Ability, rendering Electric-type moves, such as Thunder, useless. Sceptile charged toward Raichu with Dragon Claw, and Raichu tried to counter with Focus Blast, but Sceptile slashed through the attack and landed the blow on Raichu, knocking her unconscious and winning the battle for Sawyer, making him the fourth and final semifinalist.

Sceptile's rivalry with Ash's Greninja

In A Riveting Rivalry!, Sceptile was the final Pokémon chosen by Sawyer during his Full Battle against Ash in the semi-finals of the Lumiose Conference. Sceptile initially went up against Pikachu (who had already taken damage during a hard battle against Sawyer's Aegislash) and quickly knocked him out. Sceptile then went up against its rival Greninja again, who had now mastered the Ash-Greninja form. Greninja started the battle with a Water Shuriken, which Sceptile destroyed with Dragon Claw. Greninja then summoned clones with its Double Team attack, which Sceptile wiped out by using Frenzy Plant. Greninja emerged unscathed from the attack and used Cut to clash with Sceptile's Leaf Blade.

Both Pokémon then transformed into their respective more powerful forms, Ash-Greninja and Mega Sceptile. Sceptile attacked with another Frenzy Plant, which Greninja slashed through using Cut and then launched off its Water Shuriken, which was countered again with Dragon Claw. Both Pokémon then kept exchanging and clashing with their powerful and fierce attacks, with Sceptile getting struck by powerful hits from Aerial Ace, before retaliating with Leaf Storm. After clashing using Cut and Leaf Blade again, Greninja was thrown into the air by Leaf Storm. As Sceptile was about to finish it off with Frenzy Plant, Greninja was able to regain its footing and run on top of the roots. Sceptile tried to corner Greninja with Frenzy Plant, but while using its shared senses with Ash and its complete trust in him, Greninja was able to dodge every single root summoned by Frenzy Plant and slice through them using Cut. As its back-mounted shuriken grew to a massive size, Greninja fired off the Water Shuriken while Sceptile countered with Leaf Storm, causing a large explosion. After the smoke cleared, only Greninja remained standing, giving Ash the win and eliminating Sawyer from the tournament.

Sceptile defending Lumiose City from the giant roots

In Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!, Sceptile helped console Sawyer, who was feeling upset as a result of their loss to Ash and Greninja.

In A Towering Takeover!, Sawyer had Sceptile use Leaf Blade to help defend people against the giant roots attacking Lumiose City, soon joined by Shauna's Ivysaur, Tierno's Blastoise, and Trevor's Charizard. It was later seen at the Pokémon Center, helping the citizens of Lumiose City. It was also seen watching the battle against the Giant Rock unfold on television in Rocking Kalos Defenses! and Forming a More Perfect Union!.

Sceptile appeared in a flashback in Facing the Needs of the Many!.

In Till We Compete Again!, Sceptile was seen standing beside Sawyer as he and Steven were investigating the Giant Rock at the Lysandre Labs.

Personality and characteristics

Sceptile and Sawyer
Sceptile's Sceptilite

Ever since Sawyer was with Treecko, it gets along with its Trainer quite well. Treecko was inexperienced in terms of battles, similar to when Sawyer started out on his journey. This was evident during its battle with a wild Taillow as Treecko was struggling with the battle. However, it was able to improve its movements with the help of Sawyer's notes. As a result, it was able to do well with Sawyer's second encounter with Taillow. Despite the training, Treecko still had much more training to go through as it didn't do well during Sawyer's Gym battle with Clemont when Sawyer arrived in the Lumiose Gym.

During Sawyer's time with Ash and his friends, Treecko gained more determination to get stronger. In both of the first two battles Sawyer had with Ash, however, it had similar troubles in dealing with Frogadier despite a type advantage, even after evolving into a Grovyle in their second battle. Following its next evolution, Sceptile's battling abilities were shown to have noticeably improved, as evidenced in its more evenly fought battles with the now also fully evolved Greninja in A Meeting of Two Journeys! and A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!.


See also: Mega Evolution
As a Treecko As a Grovyle As a Mega Sceptile
Sawyer Treecko.png Sawyer Grovyle.png Sawyer Mega Sceptile.png

Moves used

Sawyer Treecko Agility.png
Using Agility as a Treecko
Sawyer Mega Sceptile Frenzy Plant.png
Using Frenzy Plant as
Mega Sceptile
Move First Used In
Razor Leaf × Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!*
Leech Seed A Fashionable Battle!
Bullet Seed A Fashionable Battle!
Agility Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
Leaf Blade  Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
Leaf Storm  From A to Z!
Dragon Pulse A Meeting of Two Journeys!
Frenzy Plant  Valuable Experience for All!
Dragon Claw  Valuable Experience for All!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.
  • Razor Leaf was referred to as Mega Drain in the dub, a move Treecko can learn.


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