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Jinny (Japanese: ナミ Nami) is a character of the day who appeared in The Cuteness Quotient!. She is a friend of Parker's.

After receiving her Feebas, Jinny was being picked on by the other kindergarteners, who believed it wasn't a cute Pokémon at all. Parker called on his older sister Chloe's help, who enlisted Goh and Ash. They took Jinny to the Cerise Laboratory, where Feebas spent time with all of the Pokémon residing there. Upon learning of the Friendship Festival taking place in Slateport City, Chloe and the others helped Jinny train Feebas in preparation for the competition, including learning how to swim.

Jinny later visited Slateport City with her team of supporters and entered the festival, which was also streamed online for her classmates back home to watch. Her performance was interrupted by Team Rocket, who went on to steal all of the Pokémon. Jinny protected Feebas from Meowth's claws before it evolved into a Milotic and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Jinny later received a special award for the performance, her strong bond with Milotic, and the evolution. Back home, the children apologized to Jinny for insulting Feebas and joined her in playing with Milotic.

She was mentioned in by Parker in Memories of a Warming Kindness!.


This listing is of Jinny's known Pokémon in the anime:

Feeby as a Feebass

Feeby (Japanese: ひーちゃん Hi-chan) is Jinny's only known Pokémon. She received it as a gift from her father.

As a Feebas, other children described it as not being cute, causing Jinny to become upset. To this end, Jinny chose to enter Feeby in the Friendship Festival. During the competition, Team Rocket attacked it in a bid to steal all of the competitors' Pokémon, with Meowth targeting Feeby. During the attack, Feeby evolved into a Milotic thanks to its Prism Scale, and it was able to send Team Rocket blasting off. In the end, Jinny and Feeby received a special award for their performance, their strong bond, and the evolution.

Feeby's known moves are Tackle, Wrap, Water Gun, and Twister.

Debut The Cuteness Quotient!


Jinny's Friendship Festival trophy

Jinny has competed in the following competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 金魚わかな Wakana Minami
English Kira Buckland
European French Ludivine Deworst
Polish Marta Dobecka
European Spanish Cristina Yuste

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