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Angela redirects here. For Erika's Tangela named Angela, see Angela.

Angela (Japanese: イチコ Ichiko) is a character of the day who appeared in From Cradle to Save. She is the teacher of a Pokémon Ninja School located in a forest, and is a very skillful ninja.

Ash and his friends met her when Evian took them to the Pokémon Ninja School. Brock jumped toward her, but seconds later, she appeared as a substitution of herself as a log with similar clothing. She revealed herself in a nearby treetop, amazing all the students with her actions. She presided over a training session with Ash and his friends as special students.

When the school was under attack by Team Rocket, Angela sent her Shiftry into battle, destroying the trio's mecha. Jessie attacked her by running around uncontrollably and creating many clones of herself. Angela had Shiftry use Double Team, which created a Whirlwind effect, rotating Team Rocket at a high speed. An Ariados entangled the trio with its web, trapping them inside and they were rolled off a nearby cliff with the ball of webbing.


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This listing is of Angela's known Pokémon in the anime:

Angela's Kecleon
Angela ordered her Kecleon to hide as she told Evian and the others to go find it as part of their ninja training.

None of Kecleon's moves are known and its Ability is Color Change.

Debut From Cradle To Save
Angela's Shiftry
Shiftry is Angela's main battling Pokémon. It was used to handle of Team Rocket after they tried to steal the Pokémon of the school.

Shiftry's known moves are Aerial Ace, Rock Smash, Double Team, and Razor Wind.

Debut From Cradle To Save

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 松本さち Sachi Matsumoto
English Jessica Wachsman
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
Italian Laura Brambilla
Brazilian Portuguese Priscila Ferreira
European Spanish Amparo Bravo

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