Devi and Multa

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Devi and Multa

Devi (Japanese: ディバイ Divi) and Multa (Japanese: マルプリ Mulpli) are two characters of the day who appeared in Searching for Service with a Smile!. They are siblings who run their own handymen company alongside their Plusle and Minun.

In Searching for Service with a Smile!, they visited Cerise Laboratory to fix a tap that was leaking. As they were leaving, Devi fell down the stairs and was admitted to hospital in a full body cast. Because of this, Ash and Goh offered to help Multa in her duties, to which Multa agreed.

Multa, Ash and Goh visited the home of a Tauros enthusiast and helped give the Tauros a bath. They later visited the Rock Tunnel, where another man's Tauros had gotten trapped. Exploring the tunnel, they came across it and were about to free it when Goh's Grookey ended up poking the Tauros, enraging it and making them all run from the tunnel while freeing it.

Driving around Vermilion City, they came across Team Rocket who had accidentally caused a leak at a drinking fountain. This caused Multa to panic, but Ash and Goh managed to calm her down and got the fountain repaired. They later visited the Tauros enthusiast again, who reported that some other handymen came and now his Tauros were missing. They soon found Team Rocket with the Poké Balls containing the Tauros only for the Balls and Meowth to fall down a hole with the Tauros coming out of the Balls, leaving them and Meowth trapped.

Working with Meowth, Multa was able to free the Tauros and Meowth before visiting Devi in hospital.


This listing is of Devi and Multa's known Pokémon in the anime:

Devi and Multa's Plusle and Minun
Plusle and Minun
Plusle and Minun are Devi and Multa's only known Pokémon. Plusle belongs to Multa while Minun belongs to Devi.

Plusle and Minun accompany Devi and Multa and provide support as they work. Minun became angry with Multa when Devi became injured and wouldn't assist her. When entering Rock Tunnel, Plusle provided some light, allowing them to see.

When the generator on the winch Multa was using to hoist the Tauros out of a hole was drained of its battery, Plusle and Minun teamed up with Ash's Pikachu to recharge the generator, allowing Multa to rescue the Tauros and Meowth.

Plusle and Minun's only known move is Discharge.

Debut Searching for Service with a Smile!
Voice actors
Japanese Sayuri Matsumura (Plusle)
Erika Ikuta (Minun)
English Laurie Hymes (Plusle)
Erica Mendez (Minun)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Devi: 橘龍丸 Tatsumaru Tachibana
Multa: 石川由依 Yui Ishikawa
English Devi: Mike Liscio
Multa: Faye Mata
Polish Devi: Adrian Rux
Multa: Angelika Kurowska
European Spanish Devi:
Multa: Irene Valadés


  • Similar to how Plusle and Minun's names are derived from "plus" and "minus", Devi and Multa's names are also references to the basic operations of elementary arithmetic.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ディバイ Divi From divide
English, Latin American Spanish Devi From division
European Spanish, French,
Brazilian Portuguese
Divi From his English name
Italian Divy From his English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 楚法 Chǔfǎ From 除法 chúfǎ (division)
electric Name Origin
Japanese マルプリ Mulpli From multiplication
English, French Multa From multiplication
European Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese Multi From her English name
Italian Multy From her English name
Latin American Spanish Maltu From her English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 澄法 Chéngfǎ From 乘法 chéngfǎ (multiplication)

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