Mr. Morita

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Mr. Morita

Mr. Morita (Japanese: モリタ Morita) is a character of the day who appeared in True Blue Swablu.

Morita is the Ranger of a Pokémon nature preserve located somewhere between Verdanturf Town and Petalburg City. He let Ash, Brock, May, and Max stay at his home in the preserve while they nursed an injured Swablu back to health and attempted to teach it to fly again. He commended May's efforts when Swablu healed after several days of treatment. Meanwhile, he was able to locate Swablu's flock at a nearby lake.


On hand

Mr. Morita's Nuzleaf
Nuzleaf is Mr. Morita's partner Pokémon and is usually on his shoulder while the pair work in the nature preserve.

None of Nuzleaf's moves are known.

Debut True Blue Swablu

Cared for

Mr. Morita's Swablu
After Swablu was separated from its flock due to a thunderstorm, it was found by Ash and his friends. Mr. Morita hosted the group at his cabin while they, and in particular May, nursed it back to health until its flock came back. During Swablu's time with the group, it was revealed that it had developed a fear of flying because of the incident. Ash and his friends took care of the problem by having their Pokémon demonstrate the ability while Morita searched for its flock.

Morita was driving the group to the lake when his car got a flat tire. It was later revealed that James' Cacnea's Pin Missile causes the flat tire as a part of a ploy for Team Rocket to steal Swablu. Fortunately, Swablu managed to overcome its fear in the end when Team Rocket was defeated. Afterwards, Swablu was returned to its flock when they flew by.

Swablu's only known move is Sing.

Debut True Blue Swablu
Voice actors
Japanese Konami Yoshida

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi
English Pete Zarustica
Finnish Saku Mäkynen
European French Alexandre Crépet
Italian Luca Sandri
Brazilian Portuguese Dado Monteiro
European Spanish Juan Sainz Maza

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