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タロ Taro
Scarlet Violet Lacey.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet DLC
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Light pink
Hometown Nimbasa City[1]
Region Unova
Relatives Clay (father)[2]
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, BB League Elite Four
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Member of BB League
Rank Elite Four
Specializes in Fairy types

Lacey (Japanese: タロ Taro) is a character introduced in The Indigo Disk in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. She is a second-year student attending Blueberry Academy, and a member of the BB League Elite Four. She uses Fairy-type Pokémon.

In the core series games

Lacey is a girl who likes cute Pokémon, which led to her becoming a Trainer of Fairy types. Her father is Driftveil City Gym Leader Clay,[2] with whom she shares the same ace Pokémon. When interacting with Nemona in the League Club Room, she and Lacey are revealed to know each other, with Nemona having battled her father in the middle of a fancy party.[2] She has a habit of crossing her arms in an X-formation to show her disapproval whenever she disagrees with something. She is ranked as the second-strongest member of the Elite Four at Blueberry Academy, situated at Coastal Plaza.

Lacey is the first person the player meets upon their arrival at Blueberry Academy, giving the player their first battle there and introducing them to the Terarium and Blueberry Quests. Later, she is met at the Blueberry Academy Cafeteria, where she votes against Drayton's proposition of letting the player participate in the BB League, but is ultimately outvoted. Her Elite Trial is a Pokémon quiz consisting of five questions that the player must answer correctly. After the trial has been cleared, Lacey can be battled. She rewards the player with TM227 (Alluring Voice) upon being beaten.

After the player has caught Terapagos, Lacey can occasionally be found in the League Club Room, where she offers to rematch the player once a day.


Lacey keeps her Pokémon in Nest Balls.

First battle

Winning this fight is not mandatory. The player will not black out and the story will progress either way.

Subsequent battles

Lacey uses this team in both her Elite Four battle and when challenged at the League Club Room. She sends out her Excadrill last and will Terastallize it at the first opportunity.

Traded to the player

Upon the third unique interaction with Lacey in the League Club Room, she will trade a Snubbull to the player in exchange for almost any Pokémon excluding Shiny, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon.

#0209  Snubbull Male icon HOME.png  Paldea icon.png
Nest Ball HOME.png Level 18 0209Snubbull.png
FairyIC SV.png UnknownIC SV.png
Tera Type: FairyIC Tera.png
Ability: Intimidate
Held item: None
ID: 816963
OT: Lacey
Met: a Link Trade
Nature: Adamant
/ Marks:
Partner Ribbon 
Ice Fang
Ice icon.pngIce PhysicalIC SV.png
Fire Fang
Fire icon.pngFire PhysicalIC SV.png
Dark icon.pngDark PhysicalIC SV.png
Ghost icon.pngGhost PhysicalIC SV.png
Games Method Duration
SV In-game trade
This Pokémon has a fixed Scale value of 128.
This Pokémon may only be redeemed once per save file.
Date received is the date on the system when the gift is redeemed.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.



Scarlet Violet Lacey.png The Indigo Disk key art.png
The Indigo Disk In The Indigo Disk key art

Game assets

Generation IX
 S  V 


Main article: Lacey/Quotes


Games Location Song name(Japanese) Song name(English) Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When battling Lacey
for the first time
戦闘!学園のトレーナー Battle! (Academy Trainer) Junichi Masuda
Minako Adachi
Haruka Soeda
In cutscenes with the BB Elite Four 学園の日常 Daily Life at the Academy Minako Adachi
Hitomi Satō
Hitomi Satō
When clearing Lacey's
Elite Trial
四天王チャレンジ・クリア! You Completed the Elite Trial! Hitomi Satō Hitomi Satō
When battling Lacey
in every other instance
戦闘!ブルベリーグ四天王 Battle! (BB League Elite Four) Minako Adachi Minako Adachi
When defeating Lacey
in every other instance
ブリベリーグ四天王に勝利! Victory! (BB League Elite Four) Minako Adachi Minako Adachi


  • The French official website for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet misspelled Lacey's French name (Taro) as "Tara" in the subheading for her.[3][4] This error was fixed as of September 11, 2023.[5]
  • Lacey is the first Elite Four member to specialize in Fairy-type Pokémon.
  • Lacey is the only member of the BB Elite Four whose designated Terastallized Pokémon is not of her specialty type prior to being Terastallized. It is also the only such Pokémon to be first discovered in Unova.
    • Lacey is also the only member of the BB Elite Four to use more than one Pokémon not of her specialty type.
  • While Lacey refers to her usage of Plusle and Minun in her first battle as her "Plus-Minus strategy", they each have their Hidden Abilities Lightning Rod and Volt Absorb rather than Plus and Minus, respectively, and her strategy relies on using Discharge to trigger them.
  • Lacey's Rotom Phone uses a Fairy Case.
  • Lacey's trial, a Pokémon quiz, is the same as that employed by Opal, the Gym Leader of Ballonlea in the Galar region.


Language Name Origin
Japanese タロ Taro From taro, similar to ヤーコン Yakon (Clay) being named after a root vegetable
English Lacey From an anagram of Clay, and Araceae (plant family that includes taro) or Colocasia violacea (synonym for Colocasia esculenta, scientific name of taro)
German Tara From taro
French Taro From her Japanese name
Spanish Aroa From Araceae (plant family that includes taro) and taro
Italian Rupi Possibly from purple
Korean 타로 Taro Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 紫竽 Zǐyú From 紫 zǐ / jí (purple) and 芋 yù / yuhk (taro)
Chinese (Cantonese) 紫竽 Jíyùh


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