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Katrina (Japanese: カクリ Kakuri) is a character of the day who appeared in A Bite to Remember.

Katrina is a Ranger who is in charge of protecting a Pokémon preserve located near Rustboro City in Hoenn. Her four Mightyena often accompany her on duty, scaring away any would be Pokémon poachers threatening to harm the Pokémon in the preserve.

Max was particularly excited to see all of the wild Pokémon, but his enthusiasm was scaring away the Pokémon. Katrina initially accused the group of being intruders, as her Mightyena and Poochyena prepared to take care of them. After learning that the group was actually a group of traveling Trainers bound for Rustboro, she invited them to her Pokémon Preserve Center where she takes care of any Pokémon who are injured and nurses them back to health.

Max quickly befriended Katrina's Poochyena and was set on helping it to evolve. Katrina allowed Max to do so and offered the group a place to stay in the meantime. While Max was training Poochyena so it could evolve, Katrina was on one of her patrols when she found a piece of a net that was used for catching Pokémon. She later took the group to the area where she found the net, and they ended up finding Max in a confrontation with Team Rocket, as the trio were responsible for taking the Pokémon from the preserve. Poochyena became one of the Pokémon caught in the net. With Max's encouragement of Poochyena using Bite, Poochyena successfully used the move and freed itself, along with the trapped Pokémon, with Pikachu finishing off the villains. The battle with Team Rocket caused Poochyena to evolve into Mightyena, much to Max's excitement.


Katrina's Poochyena

Katrina's Mightyena
Poochyena → Mightyena (×4)
Katrina uses these Mightyena to protect the preserve, one of which was a Poochyena. They were first seen approaching Ash and his friends after Max's excitement scared some Pokémon in the preserve. The Mightyena had a battle with Pikachu, Torchic and Forretress until Katrina and Poochyena showed up.

At the Preserve Center, Katrina explained to the group that Poochyena and the Mightyena are the same age and that Poochyena never evolved unlike the others. She explained that it only ever used Tackle, so it lacked a lot of battle experience. Max trained the Poochyena in order to accomplish that goal. It had battled Torchic, but that wasn't enough.

Later, Team Rocket kidnapped Poochyena, along with several other of the preserve's Pokémon. Mightyena and the group arrived to rescue the stolen Pokémon. Max encouraged Poochyena to use Bite to free the Pokémon in the net. Poochyena successfully did so and was freed. The battle with the villains caused Poochyena to evolve into Mightyena.

The Mightyena that evolved from Poochyena knows Tackle and Bite.
None of the other three Mightyena's moves are known.

Debut A Bite to Remember
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi

Taken care of

Katrina Tauros.png
Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png
Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png
Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png
Katrina Ninetales.png
Katrina Azurill.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 根谷美智子 Michiko Neya
English Lisa Adams
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Norwegian Christin Borge
Polish Agnieszka Grankowska
Brazilian Portuguese Daniela Piquet
Spanish Latin America Liliana Barba
Spain Isabel Fernández Avanthay


Language Name Origin
Russian Катрина Katrina Transcription of English name

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