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Lily (Japanese: リリー Lily) is a minor recurring character in the Pokémon anime. She is a Pokémon Performer who first appeared in A Performance Pop Quiz!.


Lily competed in the Anistar City Pokémon Showcase Rookie Class. For the first round, she was placed in a group with Serena and Nini, with the theme of the round being a Pokémon quiz. She and her Solrock didn't manage to win, as Serena proceeded to the Freestyle Performance.

She reappeared in A Dancing Debut!, where she competed in the Couriway Showcase Rookie Class and lost the Theme Performance.

Lily appeared again in Party Dancecapades!, where she attended a dance party hosted by Monsieur Pierre.

In Master Class Is in Session!, she competed in the Gloire Pokémon Showcase Master Class, but she was eliminated before the semifinals.


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Lily's Solrock
Solrock was used in the first round of the Anistar Rookie Class Showcase, where it competed against Serena's Pancham and Nini's Farfetch'd. The theme of the round was a Pokémon quiz. They didn't manage to proceed however, and Lily and Solrock were eliminated. It reappeared in A Dancing Debut! where it participated with its Trainer in the Couriway Rookie Class Showcase, but they once again failed to proceed to the second round.

It appeared once more in Master Class Is in Session! to compete alongside its Trainer in the Gloire Master Class Showcase. They were either eliminated in the first round or the second round.

Solrock's only known move is Shadow Ball.

Debut A Performance Pop Quiz!
Lily's Pansage
Pansage first appeared in Party Dancecapades! where she participated in a dance party hosted by Monsieur Pierre along with her Trainer.

None of Pansage's moves are known.

Debut Party Dancecapades!


Princess Keys obtained

This listing is of the Princess Keys Lily has obtained:

Master Class ranking

Lily has achieved the following ranking in the Master Class tournament:

Other achievements

Lily has competed in the following Rookie Class tournaments:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Brittany Lauda