Pokémon Center Café

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Pokémon Center Café

The Pokémon Center Café (Japanese: ポケモンセンター カフェスペース Pokémon Center Café Space) is a store in Pokémon Centers in the Alola region. It sells beverages for its customers to enjoy.


Six different types of drinks can be found in Pokémon Center Cafés. Any drink costs $198. Different locations will have a selection of three of these drinks. These drinks have no in-game effect and are not actual items that the player obtains as a result of their purchase (including those that have the same name as in-game items). Instead, they are simply consumed immediately. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, all drinks are visually identical.


English Japanese Rōmaji French German Italian Spanish Korean Romanized Chinese Romanized
Lemonade ミックスオレ Mix au Lait Limonade Limonade Lemonsucco Limonada 후르츠밀크 Fruits Milk 果汁牛奶 Guǒzhī Niúnǎi / Gwójāp Ngàuhnáaih
Tapu Cocoa エネココア Enecocoa Chocolat Skitty Eneco-Kakao Cioccoskitty Skittolate 에나코코아 Enacocoa 向尾喵可可 Xiàngwěimiāo Kěkě / Héungméihmēu Hóhó
Moomoo Milk モーモーミルク Moomoo Milk Lait Meumeu Kuhmuh-Milch Latte Mumu Leche Mu-mu 튼튼밀크 Teunteun Milk 哞哞鲜奶 / 哞哞鮮奶 Mōumōu Xiānnǎi / Māumāu Sīnnàaih
Pinap Juice パイルジュース Pinap Juice Jus de Nanana Sananasaft Succo di Baccananas Zumo de Pinia 파인쥬스 Pine Juice 凰梨果汁 Huánglí Guǒzhī / Wòhnglèih Gwójāp
Roserade Tea ロズレイティー Rosera Tea Thé Roserade Roserade-Tee Tè Roserade Té Roserade 로즈레이티 Rozurei Tea 罗丝雷朵茶 / 羅絲雷朵茶 Luōsīléiduǒ Chá / Lòhsīlèuidó Chàh
Komala Coffee グランブルマウンテン Granbulu Mountain Café Granbull Granbull-Kaffee Granbull Moka Expreso Granbull 그랑블루마운틴 Granbullu Mountain 布鲁皇咖啡 / 布魯皇咖啡 Bùlǔhuáng Kāfēi / Boulóuhwòhng Gafē

Drink availability

Location Drinks offered
Route 1 Lemonade, Moomoo Milk, Pinap Juice
Hau'oli City, Malie City Lemonade, Moomoo Milk, Roserade Tea
Route 2 Tapu Cocoa, Pinap Juice, Roserade Tea
Heahea City Lemonade, Tapu Cocoa, Pinap Juice
Paniola Town Pinap Juice, Roserade Tea, Komala Coffee
Royal Avenue, Route 8 Tapu Cocoa, Pinap Juice, Komala Coffee
Route 5 Tapu Cocoa, Moomoo Milk, Pinap Juice
Konikoni City Moomoo Milk, Pinap Juice, Komala Coffee
Mount Hokulani Lemonade, Tapu Cocoa, Roserade Tea
Tapu Village Lemonade, Tapu Cocoa, Moomoo Milk
Route 16 Tapu Cocoa, Moomoo Milk, Komala Coffee
Mount Lanakila Moomoo Milk, Roserade Tea, Komala Coffee
Seafolk Village Lemonade, Roserade Tea, Komala Coffee


Poké Bean feeding rewards

The café owner will give the player a Rare Candy for each milestone of total Poké Beans fed to all of their Pokémon.

Poké Beans fed Reward
5 Rare Candy Rare Candy
10 Rare Candy Rare Candy
20 Rare Candy Rare Candy
50 Rare Candy Rare Candy
100 Rare Candy Rare Candy
200 Rare Candy Rare Candy
500 Rare Candy Rare Candy
1,000 Rare Candy Rare Candy
10,000 Rare Candy Rare Candy
100,000 Rare Candy Rare Candy

Bonus with drink

The first time the player buys a drink from any Pokémon Center Café each day, the owner will give them an item and 12 Plain Beans of a specific color, depending on the day.

Day Item Poké Beans
Sunday Sweet Heart Sweet Heart Red Plain Bean Red Plain Beans ×12
Monday Lumiose Galette Lumiose Galette Indigo Plain Bean Indigo Plain Beans ×12
Tuesday Rage Candy Bar Rage Candy Bar Blue Plain Bean Blue Plain Beans ×12
Wednesday Casteliacone Casteliacone Green Plain Bean Green Plain Beans ×12
Thursday Old Gateau Old Gateau Yellow Plain Bean Yellow Plain Beans ×12
Friday Shalour Sable Shalour Sable Violet Plain Bean Violet Plain Beans ×12
Saturday Lava Cookie Lava Cookie Orange Plain Bean Orange Plain Beans ×12

In the anime

A Pokémon Center Café in the anime

Ash and Mallow visited the Melemele Pokémon Center Café in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style! while waiting for Pikachu to be healed. The same Café reappeared in Real Life...Inquire Within!, where Ash and his classmates spent their lunchtime there while temporarily working at the Pokémon Center.


Delia was seen drinking Pinap Juice in Alola to New Adventure!.

In Mallow and the Forest Teacher!, Abe and a wild Oranguru were seen making Pinap Juice, with Mallow drinking some made by the latter.

In Acting True to Form!, Meowth was also seen drinking some Pinap Juice made by Oranguru.

During the Poké Problem extra scene of SM089, Lusamine's Clefable served Professor Burnet a cup of Komala Coffee.

In This Magik Moment!, a cup of Roserade Tea and a glassful of Pinap Juice appeared as a part of a TV show starring Mallow, Lillie, and Lana.

In League Offenders and Defenders!, Ulu was revealed to have opened up a Pinap Juice stand at Manalo Stadium.

In Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!, Jessie gave James some Komala Coffee after he lost his battle against Gladion in the Manalo Conference.

In The Final Four!, Team Rocket celebrated their successful donut sales by drinking some Pinap Juice.

In Goodbye, Friend!, Goh's Raboot was seen kicking a can of Tapu Cocoa around while breakdancing.

In That New Old Gang of Mine!, Mallow served Pinap Juice at the welcome party held for Ash and Goh when they visited Alola.

In The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!, James drank some Komala Coffee during a break at the Team Rocket HQ.

In the Professor Friede's Pokémon Seminar segment in HZ003, Captain Pikachu was shown relaxing with a cup of Tapu Cocoa.

In the manga

A Pokémon Center Café in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

A Pokémon Center Café appeared in True Identity and the Totem Pokémon of Brooklet Hill. Sun, Moon, and the Trial Captains of Akala Island stopped by at the Heahea City Pokémon Center Café in order to discuss about Sun's upcoming Brooklet Hill trial, although Lana didn't reveal the fact that it was going to trial until later, when it was already underway.

In Destroy!! Results of the Training!, Hau told Hala how Guzma had once taken him to a Pokémon Center Café to drink some Tapu Cocoa. Guzma had said he hated the local Tapu Cocoa, but drank it anyway because it was the only kind of Tapu Cocoa available in Alola. He had also told Hau that he had tasted good Tapu Cocoa when Hala had taken him to practice Pokémon battling in a different region, and offered to serve Hau some good Tapu Cocoa if he could make his way to Team Skull's base.

In Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, Hau was revealed to be setting up a malasada and Tapu Cocoa shop with Guzma and Mallow's assistance.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢中心的咖啡區 Pokémon Jūngsām-dīk Gafē Kēui
Mandarin 寶可夢中心的咖啡區 / 宝可梦中心的咖啡区 Pokémon Zhōngxīn-de Kāfēi Qū
France Flag.png French Café du Centre Pokémon 
Germany Flag.png German Café-Bereich des Pokémon-Centers
Italy Flag.png Italian Caffetteria del Centro Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬센터 카페스페이스 Pokémon Center Café Space
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cafetería del Centro Pokémon

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