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Solgaleo and Lunala on a TCG playmat

Cosmic duo is a fan term for the Legendary duo of Alola that consists of Solgaleo and Lunala. They are available at the Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM. Both Pokémon evolve from Cosmoem, can create Ultra Wormholes, and with the power of both Pokémon, can create Cosmog. When grouped with their pre-evolutions, they are also referred to as the Cosmog line.


Solgaleo and Lunala were introduced as the mascots in the Generation VII games, Pokémon Sun and Moon. Solgaleo is an emissary of the sun known as the "beast that devours the sun". Lunala is an emissary of the moon known as the "beast that calls the moon". According to Pokédex entries, Solgaleo and Lunala are said to be, respectively, the male and female evolutions of Cosmog. However, the gender of both are actually considered unknown by the games.

Similar movesets

Solgaleo's signature move is Sunsteel Strike, a damage-dealing Steel-type move that ignores the target's ability. Lunala's signature move is Moongeist Beam, a damage-dealing Ghost-type move that ignores the target's ability. For the duration of these moves or when using their special powers during the games' storyline, Solgaleo and Lunala change into their Radiant Sun phase and Full Moon phase, respectively.

Lv. 791Solgaleo.png
 Psychic  Steel 
 Psychic  Ghost 
1 Sunsteel Strike Moongeist Beam
Cosmic Power
Wake-Up Slap Hypnosis
Metal Claw Confusion
Evo. Sunsteel Strike Moongeist Beam
7 Iron Head Night Shade
13 Metal Sound Confuse Ray
19 Zen Headbutt Air Slash
23 Flash Cannon Shadow Ball
31 Morning Sun Moonlight
37 Crunch Night Daze
43 Metal Burst Magic Coat
47 Solar Beam Moonblast
59 Noble Roar Dream Eater
61 Flare Blitz Phantom Force
67 Wide Guard
73 Giga Impact Hyper Beam
Moves in bold get STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Similar stats

Pokémon 791Solgaleo.png
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
Total 680 680

In the games

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Main article: Nebby
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In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lillie takes care of a Cosmog named Nebby, which she fled from Aether Paradise with in order to save it from the Aether Foundation's experiments. Lillie keeps Nebby in a bag as an attempt to both keep it safe and to keep it from sight. Lillie and Nebby are eventually kidnapped by the Aether Foundation, and Lusamine takes Nebby and uses it to open Ultra Wormholes. Nebby then evolves into Cosmoem. Later, when the player and Lillie play the Sun and Moon Flutes at Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM, Nebby evolves into SolgaleoS or LunalaM, which is then caught by the player.

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