Gengar's former Trainer

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Gengar's former Trainer (right)

Gengar's former Trainer (Japanese: トレーナー Trainer) is a character of the day who appeared in A Chilling Curse!. He once owned a Gengar that Ash would eventually catch.

Three years ago, after growing tired of losing battles and failing to catch other Pokémon, he believed Gengar was responsible for this streak of failures. As a result, he released Gengar, telling it he would return to pick it up. Gengar obediently waited for his return, even as the location was converted into the Cerise Laboratory over the course of three years.

In the present day, Ash bumped into him and his girlfriend, and he began bragging about how he released Gengar. He was subsequently attacked by Gengar, who had been hidden in Ash's shadow without his knowledge. Once the Trainer fled, Gengar fled as well.



Ash's Gengar
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Gengar is his only known Pokémon. Years ago, he abandoned it in a building, promising to come back and pick it up. Over the course of three years, Gengar started to terrorize the location as it was being converted into the Cerise Laboratory, having realized its Trainer would not return.

Debut Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
Voice actors
Japanese Yasuhiro Mamiya
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 光部樹 Tatsuki Kobe
English Cedric Williams
Arabic حسان حمدان Hassan Hamdan
Brazilian Portuguese Pablo Argôllo

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