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The Double Chain series of Pokémon Mezastar began with the release of its premier set on July 7, 2022. It consisted of 70 tags and was the tenth set overall.


The first set in the Double Chain series introduced two new mechanics: Double Move (Japanese: ダブルワザ) and Chain Attack (Japanese: チェインアタック). Pokémon with the Double Move icon had the opportunity to use two moves consecutively. If a player used one of these tags during gameplay, Double Move Chance! (Japanese: ダブルワザチャンス!) would trigger when the Pokémon attacked for the first time and present the player with a roulette consisting of fail spaces and Double Move spaces. Successfully selecting a Double Move space would move onto the next phase, during which players were encouraged to press the "1" and "2" buttons in effort to increase the power of each move. After this phase, the Pokémon would attack twice in succession. As with regular attacks, players could quickly press the "1" and "2" buttons during the animations that played in attempt boost attack power further. If the player managed to launch a Double Move, the game forewent the Attack Roulette and Support Roulette for that turn. Five Pokémon supported this mechanic, all of which were Grade 6: Zacian, Zamazenta, Solgaleo, Lunala, and Obstagoon.

Pokémon with the Chain Attack icon could launch successive attacks using up to three of the player's Pokémon. Selecting one of these Pokémon to attack would trigger Chain Attack Chance! (Japanese: チェインアタックチャンス!) and display icons of the player's other usable Pokémon on the screen. For each icon, two hexagonal graphics would approach its center from opposing sides; pressing the "1" or "2" button when the symbols merged would add that Pokémon to the attack chain. After this phase, players could build a power bonus with the Chain Attack Roulette! (Japanese: チェインアタックルーレット!), which consisted of consecutive Attack Roulettes for each Pokémon in the chain. The total power bonus attained from these roulettes was applied to each Pokémon, which would then attack one by one. Again, as with regular attacks, players could quickly press the "1" and "2" buttons during the move animations in attempt boost attack power further. All Pokémon that took part in the Chain Attack would suffer from Tiredness on the player's next turn. Four Grade 5 tags supported the Chain Attack mechanic: Electivire, Magmortar, Amped Form Toxtricity, and Low Key Form Toxtricity. The two new mechanics in this set were reminiscent of those introduced in the first Grand Rush set from Pokémon Ga-Olé.

In addition to the new mechanics, the set continued to feature Pokémon that supported other powered-up gimmicks. Grade 6 Superstar Pokémon Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon, and Pikachu could all Gigantamax, as could Grade 5 Star Pokémon Gengar; Grade 5 Sirfetch'd could similarly Dynamax. Star Pokémon Eelektross and Turtonator could use Z-Moves; Charizard and Gardevoir could Mega Evolve; Arctozolt, Arctovish, and Haxorus also supported the Super Tag mechanic. The remaining Grade 6 Pokémon in the set was Hisuian Zoroark, which marked one of the first appearances of a Hisuian regional form in Pokémon Mezastar. Five previously featured Superstar Pokémon could also be encountered and obtained as Legacy tags from August 10, 2022: Lugia, Ho-Oh, Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres.

As with the previous debut set of a new series, all Pokémon Mezastar machines upgraded to run Double Chain featured updated UI graphics. The settlement depicted on the main menu was changed to resemble a more modern train station; the park entrance to Get Now! mode was similarly changed to an area accessed by elevator. More environments were also added to Get in Battle! mode. Tags from the Double Chain series feature different background artwork and began a new numbering system prefixed with "3".

Players with Memory tags could take advantage of a number of gameplay features. During the period between the set's launch and September 14, 2022, players who scanned a Memory tag at least once a week would earn a stamp. Accumulating two of these would unlock summer top Fashion Items for players to customize their avatar; four stamps would unlock a Superstar Sensor; five stamps would unlock a Hisuian Zoroark Emblem; all six stamps would unlock another Superstar Sensor. Players with the Hisuian Zoroark Emblem would then have a chance to add Hisuian Zoroark to their Support Pokémon roster during Get in Battle! mode. Players with Memory tags could also unlock up to three new Partner Pokémon from this set: Abra, Sandile, and Fletchling, which could be evolved through to their final stages by amassing Star Points. Double Star Points could be earned in two stints over the course of the set: between August 11 and 24, 2022 and between September 1 and 14, 2022. Players using the Mezastar Club at any time during the duration of this set could also receive a digital Support Pokémon Ticket for a Lucario and a Present Ticket to unlock two-tone pants and shoes Fashion Items. A limited Present Ticket for Fashion Items that comprised swimming wear could be redeemed through the club between July 15 and 28, 2022.

The Trainer and Battle lineup for this set included two returning Trainer classes in Mountaineer and Tour Guide, two new Trainer classes in Hot-Blooded Teacher and Bug Catcher Girl, and a new Star Trainer named Hasasu. Mezastar Club members could redeem Battle Tickets for each opponent and challenge them to unlock new customization options for their avatar. As part of a tie-in with the anime, Pokémon Trainers taking part in the Masters Eight Tournament could also randomly challenge the player as a Trainer and Battle opponent. Ash, Alain, Diantha, and Iris appeared in this set, while the remaining four appeared in the following set. These opponents did not offer trophies or Fashion Items but players were given the option to dispense a tag featuring one of their Pokémon after a battle. These Pokémon could not be encountered while playing Get in Battle! mode. A special Battle Ticket was later made available as part of a giveaway campaign at participating Namco arcades and could be used on machines between July 28 and November 21, 2022.[1] This ticket allowed players to challenge Star Trainer Hitomi, an opponent that debuted in the fourth set of the original series, albeit with a different team. Participants who defeated Hitomi in battle would unlock an Eternatus T-shirt Fashion Item for their avatar. Ash and Galar Champion Leon could also be challenged as Trainer Tag Battle opponents for a limited time as part of the ranked Challenge from Ash & Leon! campaign. Pairs that defeated Ash and Leon in battle would unlock Charizard T-shirt Fashion Items for their avatars. Players with the top 100 scores following the end of the campaign also won a certificate. The campaign ran from July 30 until August 24, 2022.[2]

Partner Pokémon

Mezastar Psychic type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Hidden Power
Mezastar Psychic type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Psybeam
Mezastar Psychic type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Psychic
Mezastar Ground type.pngMezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Sand Tomb
Mezastar Ground type.pngMezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Bulldoze
Mezastar Ground type.pngMezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Earthquake
Mezastar Normal type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Flying type.png Peck
Mezastar Fire type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Flying type.png Acrobatics
Mezastar Fire type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Flare Blitz

Support Pokémon Tickets

Available through the Mezastar Club from July 7, 2022
Mezastar Club logo.png
Valid until November 21, 2022
Mezastar Fighting type.pngMezastar Steel type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Aura Sphere
Available through the Double Chain Start Campaign at locations from July 9, 2022
Pokémon Mezastar logo.png
Valid until June 30, 2023
Mezastar Dragon type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Draco Meteor
Available as part of a Molly Fantasy and PALO campaign from July 28, 2022
Molly Fantasy logo.png PALO logo.png
Valid until November 21, 2022
Mezastar Steel type.pngMezastar Psychic type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Psychic
Available in the September 2022 issue of Televi-Kun, released on July 29, 2022
Televi-Kun logo.png
Valid until November 21, 2022
Mezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Dark type.png Dark Pulse

Trainer and Battle opponents

Hot-Blooded Teacher Ryoma
ねっけつきょうし リョウマ
Mezastar Trainer Hot-Blooded Teacher.png
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Mezastar Psychic type.pngMezastar Fairy type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Psybeam
Mezastar Fire type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Fire Punch
Mezastar Fire type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Ember
Mezastar Ground type.pngMezastar Rock type.png
Mezastar Rock type.png Rock Tomb
Mountaineer Toshiyuki
とざんか トシユキ
Mezastar Trainer Mountaineer.png
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Mezastar Bug type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Bug type.png Bug Bite
Mezastar Rock type.png
Mezastar Rock type.png Rock Slide
Mezastar Water type.pngMezastar Ground type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Mud Shot
Mezastar Water type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Waterfall
Tour Guide Natsuki
ツアーガイド ナツキ
Mezastar Trainer Tour Guide.png
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Leaf Tornado
Mezastar Psychic type.pngMezastar Fairy type.png
Mezastar Fairy type.png Dazzling Gleam
Mezastar Ghost type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Ghost type.png Hex
Mezastar Fairy type.png
Mezastar Fairy type.png Dazzling Gleam
Bug Catcher Girl Yoshika
むしとりガール ヨシカ
Mezastar Trainer Bug Catcher Girl.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Water type.png
Mezastar Water type.png Hydro Pump
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Energy Ball
Mezastar Bug type.pngMezastar Electric type.png
Mezastar Bug type.png X-Scissor
Mezastar Bug type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Superpower
Star Trainer Hasasu
スタートレーナー ハサス
Mezastar Trainer Star Trainer Hasasu.png
Difficulty: ★★★★★
Mezastar Water type.pngMezastar Steel type.png
Mezastar Steel type.png Flash Cannon
Mezastar Water type.png
Mezastar Water type.png Snipe Shot
Mezastar Rock type.pngMezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Rock type.png Stone Edge
Mezastar Water type.pngMezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Spacial Rend
Pallet Town's Ash
マサラタウンの サトシ
Mezastar Trainer Ash 2.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Fighting type.pngMezastar Steel type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Aura Sphere
Mezastar Electric type.png
Mezastar Electric type.png Thunderbolt
Mezastar Fighting type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Meteor Assault
Mezastar Ghost type.pngMezastar Poison type.png
Mezastar Ghost type.png Shadow Ball
Lumiose Conference Champion Alain
ミアレたいかいゆうしょう アラン
Mezastar Trainer Alain.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Grass type.pngMezastar Fighting type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Hammer Arm
Mezastar Fire type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Flamethrower
Mezastar Dark type.pngMezastar Ice type.png
Mezastar Dark type.png Throat Chop
Mezastar Rock type.pngMezastar Dark type.png
Mezastar Rock type.png Stone Edge
Kalos Champion Diantha
カロスチャンピオン カルネ
Mezastar Trainer Diantha.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Fighting type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png High Jump Kick
Mezastar Psychic type.pngMezastar Fairy type.png
Mezastar Psychic type.png Psychic
Mezastar Ghost type.pngMezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Razor Leaf
Mezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Dragon Pulse
Unova Champion Iris
イッシュチャンピオン アイリス
Mezastar Trainer Iris.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Ground type.pngMezastar Steel type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Drill Run
Mezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Outrage
Mezastar Dragon type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Dragon Rush
Mezastar Dark type.pngMezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Dark type.png Crunch
Star Trainer Hitomi
スタートレーナー ヒトミ
Mezastar Trainer Star Trainer Hitomi.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Absorb
Mezastar Poison type.pngMezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Poison type.png Sludge Wave
Mezastar Electric type.png
Mezastar Electric type.png Thunder Shock
Mezastar Steel type.pngMezastar Dragon type.png
Mezastar Dragon type.png Roar of Time

Trainer Tag Battle opponents

Pallet Town's Ash
マサラタウンの サトシ
Mezastar Trainer Ash 2.png
Mezastar Ghost type.pngMezastar Poison type.png
Mezastar Ghost type.png Shadow Ball
Mezastar Electric type.png
0025Pikachu-World Cap.png
Mezastar Electric type.png Thunderbolt
Mezastar Fighting type.pngMezastar Steel type.png
Mezastar Fighting type.png Aura Sphere
Unbeatable Champion Leon
むてきのチャンピオン ダンデ
Mezastar Trainer Leon.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Drum Beating
Mezastar Fire type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Flamethrower
Mezastar Ice type.pngMezastar Psychic type.png
Mr. Rime
866Mr. Rime.png
Mezastar Ice type.png Ice Beam

Set list

Tag No. Name Type Grade
3-1-001 Rillaboom Grass Grade 6
3-1-002 Cinderace Fire Grade 6
3-1-003 Inteleon Water Grade 6
3-1-004 Pikachu Electric Grade 6
3-1-005 Zacian FairySteel Grade 6
3-1-006 Zamazenta FightingSteel Grade 6
3-1-007 Solgaleo PsychicSteel Grade 6
3-1-008 Lunala PsychicGhost Grade 6
3-1-009 Obstagoon DarkNormal Grade 6
3-1-010 Hisuian Zoroark NormalGhost Grade 6
3-1-011 Shaymin Grass Grade 5
3-1-012 Shaymin GrassFlying Grade 5
3-1-013 Electivire Electric Grade 5
3-1-014 Magmortar Fire Grade 5
3-1-015 Toxtricity ElectricPoison Grade 5
3-1-016 Toxtricity ElectricPoison Grade 5
3-1-017 Arctozolt ElectricIce Grade 5
3-1-018 Arctovish WaterIce Grade 5
3-1-019 Sirfetch'd Fighting Grade 5
3-1-020 Eelektross Electric Grade 5
3-1-021 Turtonator FireDragon Grade 5
3-1-022 Gengar GhostPoison Grade 5
3-1-023 Charizard FireFlying Grade 5
3-1-024 Haxorus Dragon Grade 5
3-1-025 Gardevoir PsychicFairy Grade 5
3-1-026 Grookey Grass Grade 2
3-1-027 Thwackey Grass Grade 3
3-1-028 Rillaboom Grass Grade 4
3-1-029 Scorbunny Fire Grade 2
3-1-030 Raboot Fire Grade 3
3-1-031 Cinderace Fire Grade 4
3-1-032 Sobble Water Grade 2
3-1-033 Drizzile Water Grade 3
3-1-034 Inteleon Water Grade 4
3-1-035 Galarian Zigzagoon DarkNormal Grade 2
3-1-036 Galarian Linoone DarkNormal Grade 3
3-1-037 Obstagoon DarkNormal Grade 4
3-1-038 Hisuian Zorua NormalGhost Grade 3
3-1-039 Hisuian Zoroark NormalGhost Grade 4
3-1-040 Elekid Electric Grade 2
3-1-041 Electabuzz Electric Grade 3
3-1-042 Electivire Electric Grade 4
3-1-043 Magby Fire Grade 2
3-1-044 Magmar Fire Grade 3
3-1-045 Magmortar Fire Grade 4
3-1-046 Toxel ElectricPoison Grade 2
3-1-047 Toxtricity ElectricPoison Grade 4
3-1-048 Toxtricity ElectricPoison Grade 4
3-1-049 Galarian Farfetch'd Fighting Grade 2
3-1-050 Sirfetch'd Fighting Grade 4
3-1-051 Tynamo Electric Grade 2
3-1-052 Eelektrik Electric Grade 3
3-1-053 Eelektross Electric Grade 4
3-1-054 Larvitar RockGround Grade 2
3-1-055 Pupitar RockGround Grade 3
3-1-056 Tyranitar RockDark Grade 4
3-1-057 Ralts PsychicFairy Grade 2
3-1-058 Kirlia PsychicFairy Grade 3
3-1-059 Gardevoir PsychicFairy Grade 4
3-1-060 Gallade PsychicFighting Grade 4
3-1-061 Spheal IceWater Grade 2
3-1-062 Sealeo IceWater Grade 3
3-1-063 Walrein IceWater Grade 4
3-1-064 Roggenrola Rock Grade 2
3-1-065 Boldore Rock Grade 3
3-1-066 Gigalith Rock Grade 4
3-1-067 Drilbur Ground Grade 3
3-1-068 Excadrill GroundSteel Grade 4
3-1-069 Pumpkaboo GhostGrass Grade 2
3-1-070 Gourgeist GhostGrass Grade 3


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