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If you were looking for the announcer in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, see Anna (Alola).
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The announcer

The announcer is a minor recurring character in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. He is seen during several episodes narrating the World Coronation Series matches.


His voice was first heard in Flash of the Titans!, where he narrated the battle between Leon and Lance in the World Coronation Series finals.

In Toughing It Out!, he was heard narrating the battle between Leon and Raihan in the World Coronation Series.

He physically debuted in Battle Three With Bea!, where he narrated Bea's battle against Ash. At the end of the episode, he was accompanied by Leon who narrated the rest of the battle in the next episode with him. At the end of the Ash's battle against Bea, he asked Leon his opinions about the battle.

In Battling Turned Up to Eleven!, he was heard narrating the battle between Marnie and Ash.

In Meeting Up with the Monarch!, he was heard narrating the battle between Leon and Flint.

He appeared again in Aim For The Eight!, this time narrating Ash's battle against Raihan alongside Leon. After Ash's victory, he announced the new members of the Eight Masters and those who would participate in the Masters Eight Tournament.

As of Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!, he narrated all the Masters Eight Tournament battles as well as the opening of the event. In Whittle While You Work!, he was seen quite excited about the battle between Ash and Cynthia.

As of A Flood of Torrential Gains!, he narrated the championship finals in Leon's battle against Ash.


He is very enthusiastic and his style is similar to that of a sports commentator.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese うえだゆうじ Yūji Ueda
English Luis Bermudez (JN085, JN086)
Italian Gianmarco Ceconi
Brazilian Portuguese Filipi Duarte (JN109)


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