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If you were looking for the cards formerly used in Play! Pokémon, see Pokémon League (TCG).
Leon's League Card

A Pokémon League Card (Japanese: ポケモンリーグカード Pokémon League Card), or simply League Card (Japanese: リーグカード League Card) for short, is a card carried by Pokémon Trainers in the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Shield, similar to Trainer Cards and Trainer Passports in other regions. The player's card can be customized using the Card Maker function of Rotomi and is displayed in Link Battles.

The player can access their own League Card from the menu after obtaining their first NPC League Card, Leon, from Sonia at the Motostoke Pokémon Center.

Information on League Cards

The front of a player's League Card
The back of a player's League Card

The information on the front side of the League Card is as follows :

  • A symbol displaying whether the file is from Sword or Shield (top left).
  • Three Pokedex icons, unlocked by completing the Galar, Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra Pokedex respectively (top right).
  • The player's League Uniform number (bottom left).
  • A number of stars from 0 to 7, and the player's name (bottom right). Five stars are obtained through the main game, one by finishing the Isle of Armor, and one by beating the Galarian Star Tournament.

Similar to back of Trainer Cards in previous games, the back of a player character League Card displays the following information, in order:

NPC League Cards

The player can obtain League Cards from the following NPCs. With the exception of Ball Guy, each comes in a normal and rare variety.

Character Normal card Rare card
Hop League Card Hop.png
Location: Motostoke
This Pokémon Trainer got endorsed to take part in the Gym Challenge by his brother—the reigning Champion, Leon. Hop claims to have watched all Leon's matches. Commentators speculate that as a result, he might be quite the force to be reckoned with. The Champion himself has said that his brother has potential, but his carefully hoarded knowledge can go to waste as he tends to get easily flustered in battle. It's said that Hop's partner Wooloo is a great help to him both in battle and with chores around the house. League Card Hop rare.png
Location: Slumbering Weald
This Trainer ultimately was defeated in the final match of the Champion Cup Semifinals. However, many Gym Leaders speak highly of his battle style, where he will let his Pokémon battle freely and really enjoy themselves. During the incident with Eternatus, he provided vital assistance in resolving the situation, proving beyond doubt that he is a skilled Trainer in his own right. It is expected that his battles with the new Champion will be the stuff of legend.
Marnie League Card Marnie.png
Location: Ballonlea Stadium
As a child, she was timid and a bit of a crybaby. However, she became more cheerful as she played with the Pokémon she received from her brother, and her talents as a Trainer also grew greatly. She joined the Gym Challenge because she wishes to breathe life back into her dilapidated hometown, but she says she has been somewhat distracted by the boutiques throughout Galar. Though many in Spikemuth see her as a local celebrity, she herself has no interest in pursuing fame. However, she says she does appreciate the support of Team Yell, her personal cheering squad. League Card Marnie rare.png
Location: Spikemuth
She was appointed as the new Gym Leader of Spikemuth by her brother Piers. Piers caught Morpeko and gave it to her when she was five. She still finds herself at the mercy of Morpeko's mood swings even now. The local dialect of Spikemuth has a distinct kick to it, and many of Marnie's fans have started mimicking her. Marnie won't change her expression even when she gets angry, but once something sets her off, she stays angry for a long time.
Milo League Card Milo.png
Location: Turffield
This Trainer was born as the son of farmers. He has honed his strength, stamina, and skill as a Pokémon Trainer from a young age by working together with his Pokémon. Because of his gentle nature, he has trouble going all out on weaker opponents, which is why his Gym is the first one for challengers to attempt during the Gym Challenge. He always wears his boots, as apparently they let him dig in his heels when he needs to. League Card Milo rare.png
Location: Turffield Stadium
Though his record isn't the best due to his focus on simply having fun in battles, Milo himself is incredibly strong. The rolls of hay used in his Gym Challenge each weigh over 770 pounds, yet Milo can roll them around easily. Wooloo tend to roll around, too, and sometimes they can get carried away and roll out of the Gym Stadium. It has become common in Turffield to see the whole town chasing after Milo, who is in turn chasing after a stray Wooloo, along with Yamper.
Nessa League Card Nessa.png
Location: Hulbury
Her father is a fisher, and her mother works in the marketplace. Perhaps because of her parents, she grew up playing with Water-type Pokémon and eventually made it all the way to being a Gym Leader. She met Sonia during their Gym Challenge, and they continue to be close friends. Nessa often gives Sonia fresh seafood from Hulbury. She has declared that Milo of Turffield is her rival, but Milo responded by saying that his rival is himself. League Card Nessa rare.png
Location: Hulbury Stadium
Nessa is incredibly popular, both as a Gym Leader and as a model. Many people even think the Gym Leader Nessa and the model Nessa are two different people, since she shows a completely different attitude in each role. She had the misfortune of being defeated in the first match of the Finals, and those who knew of her indomitable nature worried that this would impact her work as a model. Despite her loss, she was still able to give her fans a perfect smile. Things were not nearly as peaceful with her Gym, however...
Kabu League Card Kabu.png
Location: Motostoke
Kabu is a Pokémon Trainer who was invited from the Hoenn region. There were a few times where he was very close to becoming Champion, but victory always seemed to elude him at the last moment. Because of this, he adopted a no-holds-barred approach to battling for a time, but even that did not bring the results he wanted. He even dropped to the minor division at one point, but after a fantastic battle with Leon, he regained faith in his own potential. His motto is to keep learning and training as long as he is alive. League Card Kabu rare.png
Location: Motostoke Stadium
Interview with Challenger Kabu
Q: How do you see your own battle style?
Kabu: Just, straightforward, direct. I'm still young, so I try to keep things simple. Just burn as hot as I can, you know? Still, I've hit a bit of a losing streak, so I've tried incorporating Will-O-Wisp into my Pokémon's move set. That's one thing I want to tell everyone—experiment with every possibility of your Pokémon. Moves, Abilities, items... Try everything, and there's sure to be a path forward!
BeaSw League Card Bea.png
Location: Stow-on-SideSw
Given special attention from her parents, Bea trained hard with her partner Pokémon since a very young age. This has honed her judgment skills, and she is able to remain calm and collected even when facing dire situations in battle. This leads many to think she lacks emotion, but the truth seems to be that she doesn't want to show weakness. She is sometimes known to show her true feelings to her partner Pokémon during battles. She is secretly a huge fan of various sweets, and this has recently been found out by her fans. The additional attention has made enjoying sweets a little difficult. League Card Bea rare.png
Location: Stow-on-Side StadiumSw
In order to become strong, one must face opponents who are stronger than oneself. Even if defeat seems inevitable, Bea will still go all out and try to at least draw. It's possible that the strict (one might even say too strict) training from her stern parents has left a burden on young Bea, taking away her smile. So, who has seen Bea smile? Her family? Her Pokémon? Or maybe someone else entirely...
AllisterSh League Card Allister.png
Location: Stow-on-SideSh
He is a young, mysterious Trainer who has taken on the mantle of Gym Leader at a very young age. He has never been known to remove his mask in public. In fact, he has at least one hundred masks of the same design, just to keep spares handy should his mask fall off for some reason. He claims to have developed the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokémon after an accident he had when he was four years old, but the truth is still a mystery. League Card Allister rare.png
Location: Stow-on-Side StadiumSh
This is a photo that happened to capture Allister in his locker room. He can be seen clutching the mask that normally hides his face, no doubt confronting the fears and insecurities he feels within. Even though he has taken the role of Gym Leader at a very young age, it is clear that off the pitch he is still very much a normal boy. However, one mystery remains—nobody knows who took this photo. Some even claim it was the work of Ghost-type Pokémon.
Opal League Card Opal.png
Location: Route 6
Opal is the oldest Gym Leader in the Galar region. She took over for her mother 70 years ago and has kept the position since. However, she feels that her own values have reached their limits, and thus she is currently looking for a worthy successor. She claims that she gives deliberately tricky quizzes because people reveal their true colors when in a pinch, but many speculate that in reality, she does it out of pure spite. League Card Opal rare.png
Location: Ballonlea Stadium
Opal has thrust the duties of Gym Leader onto Bede, who had his Gym Challenger status revoked. That being said, she still shows up at the Gym Stadium every day, giving unsolicited advice, coming up with new quiz questions, and practicing various performances. What is this "pink" she insisted others show her? Maybe a clue lies in a comment she made during an old interview. "Keep thinking about the right answer, and eventually you'll create the right answer."
GordieSw League Card Gordie.png
Location: Circhester StadiumSw
Gordie is a young rising star that many suspect will be the Champion someday. Though Rock-type Pokémon are typically known for being rough and unrelenting, Gordie has worked hard to achieve victory through a refined and graceful battle style. He always tries to keep his fans happy and thus is very popular among the audience. On the other hand, he has the surprising tendency of shutting himself away in the locker room when he is defeated, making postdefeat interviews a rarity. This doesn't bother most of his fans, though, and they see this behavior as endearing. League Card Gordie rare.png
Location: Circhester StadiumSw
Gordie is one of the top Trainers of the Galar region, both in terms of popularity and skill. His strict training style means that his Gym has few Gym Trainers, but he does have quite a fan base. Gordie does his best to make sure his fans are happy, often seen giving out autographs or hosting events. There are currently three photo albums of Gordie, all published through the support of his fan base. This card shows another special photo, taken specifically for this purpose at a photo studio.
MelonySh League Card Melony.png
Location: Circhester StadiumSh
Melony has been a Gym Leader since she was in her twenties. She is also known as a very effective coach, but her coaching style is incredibly strict. Her battle style is fittingly severe and stoic, as well. Any Gym Trainers who manage to remain under Melony are sure to be powerful opponents. Thus many see Circhester Stadium as a major roadblock for Gym Challengers. Many quietly speculate that Melony's harsh battle style is due to a fight she had with her son. League Card Melony rare.png
Location: Circhester StadiumSh
Melony wanted Gordie to take over as the Gym Leader of Circhester, while Gordie wanted to dedicate himself to Rock-type Pokémon. The Pokémon battle between the two ended up dividing the whole town. Ever since that day, Melony and Gordie hardly ever see each other. That being said, Melony supposedly managed to become the first member of Gordie's fan club. Gordie seems to have a complicated expression in their photo together, but then again, that may just be one's own imagination...
Piers League Card Piers.png
Location: Spikemuth
Spikemuth lacks a Power Spot that would allow Pokémon to Dynamax, and thus not many fans come to visit the town. Piers feels responsible for allowing his town to fall into obscurity and dilapidation. Once in battle, Piers tends to get riled up and will often reveal his strategy early on, but he has the strength and skill to triumph regardless. However, his true passions are singing and song writing, and his talents in these fields are well-known. As such, he currently hopes that his younger sister will take over as Gym Leader. League Card Piers rare.png
Location: Tower Summit
Here are some words from Piers when he first became the Gym Leader of Spikemuth. "Uh... ... ... The name's Piers. It's too bad we can't Dynamax our Pokémon in Spikemuth, but you could say we have a more authentic style of Pokémon battles. And I plan on showin' that off. And well... I have a younger sister, and she's got way more talent than me. But until she's old enough to become Gym Leader, I'll keep rockin' with my crew and make sure Spikemuth stays lively!"
Raihan League Card Raihan.png
Location: Hammerlocke
Raihan is commonly regarded as the most skilled Gym Leader in the Galar region. He has striven for victory in every environment, and as a result, he has adopted a battle style where he utilizes weather effects to their fullest. It is rumored that he could easily become another region's Champion should he choose to move, but it seems that to Raihan, defeating Leon is much more important. His uploaded selfies are quite popular. Occasionally he'll post a photo that only shows a sandstorm. League Card Raihan rare.png
Location: Hammerlocke Stadium
Raihan started taking selfies so as to never forget the pain of his defeats, but more recently he has been taking photos showing off his training routine, his fashion choices, and the like, causing some fans to leave harsh comments whenever he loses to Leon. It's true that Raihan is on a ten-nil losing streak against Leon, but no other Pokémon Trainer has managed to KO as many of Leon's Pokémon as Raihan has. Raihan no doubt looks forward to taking a selfie after finally defeating Leon.
Leon League Card Leon.png
Location: Motostoke
Leon is known far and wide for taking part in the Gym Challenge at the tender age of 10 years old—and even more so for claiming victory in the Champion Cup on his first attempt. Ever since that victory, he and his partner Charizard have remained unbeaten in both League and exhibition matches. He is called "the unbeatable Champion" and is a hero to many Trainers. He has but one weakness: a dismal sense of direction. But don't worry—wherever he ends up, he makes sure everyone has a champion time! League Card Leon rare.png
Location: Battle Tower
Leon's dream, even when he was still the Champion, was to make Galarian Trainers the strongest Trainers in the world. In order to fulfill that dream, he has rebuilt Rose Tower into the Battle Tower, a facility dedicated to Pokémon battles. People say that he seems even more lively now than he was as Champion. Leon has also commented that another reason he likes the tower so much is because it's impossible to get lost inside. Leon's biggest problem now is apparently coming up with a new signature catchphrase to replace "Let's have a champion time!"
Rose League Card Rose.png
Location: Hulbury
Mr. Rose is in fact a talented Trainer, coming in second place for a past Champion Cup. As the chairman of the Pokémon League, and as the president of a large business conglomerate, he is truly a hero to the Galar region, working tirelessly to ensure its prosperity. His thoughts and words don't always match, and thus many say it's hard to tell what he's talking about. In fact, it is said that only his secretary can tell what his true intent is. (NOTE: The above text was submitted by his secretary.) League Card Rose rare.png
Location: Galar Mine
Chairman Rose is a dedicated philanthropist who spent much of his own time and money researching the ancient disaster known as the Darkest Day, all in order to solve Galar's energy issues. He firmly believes that actions speak louder than words and will often make decisions without revealing his thinking to others. For better or for worse, it is this style of leadership that has allowed the Macro Cosmos conglomerate to grow to where it is today. (NOTE: The above text was submitted by his secretary.)
Bede League Card Bede.png
Location: Galar Mine No. 2
Bede spent some time living in an orphanage after his family ran into some trouble when he was young. He always had difficulty getting along with others and would constantly get into fights. That is until one day Chairman Rose visited the facility. Rose gave Bede a Pokémon, which changed Bede's life forever. He showed talent as a Trainer and threw himself into Pokémon battles, becoming stronger by the day. He has joined the Gym Challenge with an endorsement from the chairman himself, and Bede plans to prove that the chairman's faith was not misplaced. League Card Bede rare.png
Location: Ballonlea Stadium
He was appointed by the former Gym Leader Opal to become the new Gym Leader of Ballonlea Stadium. The general consensus is that Opal's harsh training has in fact mellowed him out. Though he himself has never confirmed nor denied this, it should be noted that he no longer refuses to give autographs. Additionally, it seems his skills as a Pokémon Trainer have also increased rather dramatically. Recently, his intrusion during the Finals of the Champion Cup has gained popularity, and fans wish to see that kind of performance again. Bede himself is not sure how to react.
Ball Guy League Card Ball Guy.png
Location: Motostoke
This mysterious figure has taken it upon himself (herself?) to dress up in the fashion of the Pokémon League's official mascot. The mysterious individual is known to many as "the Ball Guy" but in point of fact, all are mystified when it comes to this person's true identity or age or even gender. While the Ball Guy is known for her (his?) habit of handing out rare Poké Balls here and there around Galar, it's a mystery as to why or even where these balls come from. It's all very mystifying... N/A
Mustard League Card Mustard.png
Location: Towers of Two Fists
Mustard is the former Fighting-type Gym Leader and is regarded as one of the strongest Champions in Galar's history—reigning undefeated for 18 years. His intense drive for strength meant he insisted on discipline, both in himself and in others. His character changed drastically, however, after his post-retirement globe-trotting. His sudden purchase of a deserted island added to the surprise of those around him. When asked for his reasoning, he answered with a smile, "There are lots of ways to be strong in this world. I want to see them all!" The name "Isle of Armor" was also his idea. League Card Mustard rare.png
Location: Battle Court
This photo was taken about 50 years ago, when Mustard defeated the Fairy-type Gym Leader and went on to become Champion. He reigned undefeated until he lost his partner Pokémon. After this, his losses started to mount. He remained popular even after losing the mantle of Champion, but decided to retire after the league chairman at that time asked him to win in a rigged match. Mustard developed an obsession with video games after his retirement. Apparently he held off while he was still active in order to maintain his image to his fans.
Honey League Card Honey.png
Location: Master Dojo
Honey is the former CEO of a trading firm. She met Mustard while visiting Galar during one of her many business trips, and it was love at first sight. They were married shortly afterward. She now works as the dojo matron—cooking, cleaning, advertising, and taking care of finances. She also keeps an eye on the mental health of students. What's more, she's also the creator of Max Soup. She used the forest mushrooms in her soup as a way to cut costs, and this caused her Pokémon to Gigantamax. Her latest ambition is to sell ready-made Max Soup across the world. Her motto is teamwork. League Card Honey rare.png
Location: Fields of Honor
Honey wasn't a Trainer initially, but after spending time with Mustard, she tried it out on a whim. She quickly developed a talent for battle, and the rumor among dojo students is that she may even be on par with Mustard himself. Thanks to taking care of very powerful Pokémon at the dojo, Honey has also gained a lot of physical strength of her own. Now she can handle even powerful Pokémon, like Gallade.
AverySh League Card Avery.png
Location: Battle CourtSh
Avery comes from a long-standing family of psychics. Each Psychic-type Gym Leader of Galar has been from the same bloodline as Avery, and thus, Avery has been destined to bear the burden of Gym Leader since even before he was born. Ever since he was a child, Avery could freely move things with his mind but lacked other skills, such as teleportation or telepathy. This has caused the rest of his family to label him as a disappointment. Avery has a great deal of respect for Slowpoke, as they go about their business at their own pace, no matter what others say. League Card Avery rare.png
Location: Potbottom DesertSh
Avery has always been very proud and would levitate any opponent who dared defeat him. This behavior caused his status as a Gym Trainer to be revoked. During this time of despair and desperation, his Slowpoke found a flyer for the Master Dojo, leading to Avery's current circumstances. Avery caused friction with many of the other students initially, but the kindness of Honey and Mustard slowly helped him to mellow out and become more friendly. Recently he has been training hard with his now-evolved Slowbro to prove himself better than a certain new student at the dojo.
KlaraSw League Card Klara.png
Location: Battle CourtSw
Klara was originally an underground pop singer. She promoted herself as a star that had both cuteness and the virulence of poison. She energetically held live concerts and other events, even selling some Klara-themed collectibles that she made herself, but in spite of everything, she only managed to sell eight copies of her debut album "Krazy for Klara." She decided becoming a Gym Leader would help her gain more popularity and has been working toward that goal since. She chose the Poison type because it matched her image and there was less competition. League Card Klara rare.png
Location: Potbottom DesertSw
The training at the Poison-type Gym was a lot harsher than Klara was ready for, and she gave up after two days. It was during this time she saw an ad for the Master Dojo during a late-night TV show. The master seemed kind, and Klara thought it would help her become strong without having to try too hard, so she immediately called in to apply. Normally, Klara's sole focus is to be doted on by others, so she puts only the bare minimum into her training, but recently a new student at the dojo has caused a change of attitude. She now works secretly with her Slowbro to better herself.
Peony League Card Peony.png
Location: Max Lair
Peony is a former Steel-type Gym Leader. His powerful and dynamic battle style meant that anyone stuck on pitch maintenance had their work cut out for them. To this day, he is known as "Steel Peony" and has many fans, especially among men. This photo is actually a composite photo, made before Peony came to the Crown Tundra. It was originally a poster Peony stuck in the travel planner he made for his daughter, but she threw it away in short order. Peony liked the way it looked and decided to use it for his League Card. League Card Peony rare.png
Location: Freezington
Though this is seldom addressed publicly, Peony is, in fact, Rose's younger brother. Peony was compared to his brilliant older brother since he was born, causing him to gradually rebel and become a delinquent. He eventually ran away from home, only to become a Gym Leader once his talent was recognized. He was even Champion once, but shortly afterward, Rose became League Chairman. This caused Peony to vanish entirely from the League. The Copperajah on Peony's team has been there since it was a Cufant. It was the first Pokémon Peony caught together with his brother.

Customizing the front side

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The player can choose at the Rotomi to update their League Card, or print a new one. Printing a new card is divided into three steps :

  • Choosing a background, an effect and a frame.
  • Changing the player's position, scale and rotation, their expression and their pose.
  • Choosing a foil (most of them have a price).







Appearance Name Price Unlock Condition
Clear Coating PokémonDollar.png 0 Start
Matte Coating PokémonDollar.png 0 Start
Checkered Foil PokémonDollar.png 500 Become Champion
Dot Foil PokémonDollar.png 1,000 Become Champion
Bubble Foil PokémonDollar.png 1,200 Become Champion
Heart Foil PokémonDollar.png 1,600 Become Champion
Starry Foil PokémonDollar.png 2,400 Become Champion
Crosshatch Foil PokémonDollar.png 3,600 Become Champion
Brilliant Foil PokémonDollar.png 5,500 Become Champion

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 聯盟卡 Lyùhnmàhng Kāat
Mandarin 聯盟卡 / 联盟卡 Liánméng Kǎ
France Flag.png French Carte de Ligue
Germany Flag.png German Ligakarte
Italy Flag.png Italian Card della Lega Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬리그 카드 Pokémon League Card
Russia Flag.png Russian Карта Лиги Karta Ligi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tarjeta de Liga

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