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Battle CD
Battle Disc
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Battle CD
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Introduced in Generation III
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The Battle CDs (Japanese: バトルディスク Battle Disc) are items exclusive to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They are used to initiate Battle Sims at Realgam Tower.

In the games


The Battle CDs can be taken to Realgam Tower for Battle Sims, simulated battles against virtual Trainers called Sim Trainers. These battles vary from puzzles to battles with Legendary Pokémon.

The first time the player completes a Battle CD, they receive an item prize. Once the player has completed all 50 Battle CDs, they will also receive 15,000 Poké Coupons.


Games Cost Sell price
XD $1000 N/A


Games Description
XD A CD used at the Realgam Tower for Battle Sims.


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  • There are ten unobtainable Battle CDs, numbered from 51 to 60, which share their content with the Battle Sims at the Pokémon HQ Lab.
    • There is an additional Battle CD 00 that is a duplicate of the Metagross vs. Salamence Battle CD from the intro. It normally cannot appear on the Battle CD list; however, by rearranging files in the game's data, it is possible to make it appear, though attempting to boot up this Battle CD will cause the game to softlock on a black screen.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Holodisk
Germany Flag.png German Kampf-CD
Italy Flag.png Italian CD Lotta
Spain Flag.png Spanish Disco C.

Battle CDs
01 to 1011 to 2021 to 3031 to 4041 to 50