Mega Island

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Mega Island
メガ島 Mega Island
Mega Island.png
Mega Island
Region Kalos
Debut JN084

(Japanese: メガ島 Mega Island) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos. It is located off the coast of Shalour City.

According to Gurkinn, the island appeared suddenly one day and is filled with many Mega Stones. The Pokemon who live on the island were drawn there by the stones. Locations on the island include an area filled with metallic stone pillars known as the (Japanese: 鋼の森 Steel Forest), a volcanic area, cave systems, and an area filled with massive lily pads that multiple people can stand on.

In JN084, Gurkinn took Ash, Goh and Korrina there so that Ash could find a Lucarionite so that he could Mega Evolve his Lucario. Whilst exploring the Island by riding on Dragonite and Flygon, the group became separated. Thanks to Lucario's powers, Ash was able to find Goh and Lucario who had found a rock containing a Lucarionite. After breaking the rock, Ash was challenged by an old man with his Alakazam which Mega Evolved. Lucario was able to evade Alakazam and grab the Lucarionite before the old man revealed himself to be Gurkinn who was testing Ash. After getting the Lucarionite, they left the island where Ash learned his next World Coronation Series match would be against Bea.

Pokémon seen on Mega Island

Mega Island Gyarados.png
Mega Island Sableye.png
Mega Island Abomasnow.png
Mega Island Salamence.png
Mega Island Pidgeot.png

Caught Pokémon

Goh Camerupt.png
Goh's Camerupt


  • Every Pokémon seen living on this island is capable of Mega Evolution.

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