Mt. Molteau

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Mt. Molteau
アルドル山 Mt. Ardres
Mt Molteau.png
Mt. Molteau
Region Kalos
Debut A Legendary Photo Op!

Mt. Molteau (Japanese: アルドル山 Mt. Ardres) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos that was featured in A Legendary Photo Op!.

Ash and his friends met up with Trevor at Mt. Molteau. He had a battle with Ash using his Charmeleon and lost. Trevor told the group that he came there as he had the desire to take a picture of Moltres (having already taken a picture of Articuno and Zapdos). Using Clemont's Rock Searcher Mark 1, the group searched for Moltres. They arrived at the top of Mt. Molteau without discovering that Team Rocket got there first. Clemont's Rock Searcher Mark 1 malfunctioned after Jessie kicked it, and it chased the group until it fell in the volcano.

Team Rocket had a battle with Ash and Trevor. Their battle disrupted Moltres as it emerged from the volcano. The Legendary Pokémon easily blasted off Team Rocket with Flamethrower. Assuming that Ash and his friends were part of Team Rocket, Moltres attacked them too. Ash's Fletchinder took on Moltres and in an attempt to protect Ash and his friends from an attack done by Moltres, it evolved into Talonflame and learned Brave Bird. Despite evolving, Talonflame got overpowered by Moltres's Fire Blast and was falling without senses in the volcano. Ash jumped to save it and Frogadier's frubbles helped them back up. Moltres flew away after understanding that Ash and his friends weren't enemies.

The group left Mt. Molteau, with Trevor revealing that he was able to get the picture of Moltres.

Pokémon seen on Mt. Molteau

Mt Molteau Crustle.png
Mt Molteau Butterfree.png
Mt Molteau Moltres.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese アルドル山 Mt. Ardres Corruption of ardeur (French for "intense heat" or "passion")
English Mt. Molteau From Moltres, molten, and plateau
Chinese (Mandarin) 亞爾特陸山 Yǎ'ěrtèlù shān Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 亞爾特陸山 A'yíhdahkluhk Sāan Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
French Mont Sulfureau From Sulfura (Moltres), sulfureux (sulfurous), and plateau
German Lavadeauberg From Lavados (Moltres), Lava, and Plateau
Italian Monte Moltalto From Moltres and alto (high)
Korean 아르도르산 Areudoreu San Same as Japanese name
Spanish Monte Moltrevulcano From Moltres and vulcano (volcano)
Danish Molteau-bjerget From English name
Norwegian Molteau-fjellet From English name
Polish Góra Molteau Same as English name
Brazilian Portuguese Monte Molteau Same as English name
Swedish Molteau-berget From English name

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