Pomace Mountain

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Pomace Mountain
ムスト山 Must Mountain
Pomace Mountain.png
Pomace Mountain
Region Kalos
Debut The Bonds of Mega Evolution!

Pomace Mountain (Japanese: ムスト山 Must Mountain) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos. It is located somewhere between Geosenge Town and Shalour City.

The mountain was first mentioned in The Aura Storm!. After Korrina's Lucario went berserk in its Mega Evolved form for the second time, Korrina's grandfather Gurkinn ordered her to restart her training with Lucario. He sent her to Pomace Mountain, where a Trainer lived that had helped train Gurkinn in his younger days. Ash and his friends decided to assist Korrina in her journey.

Pomace Mountain appeared in The Bonds of Mega Evolution!, where the group arrived there and met Mabel, the Trainer Gurkinn mentioned. Mabel had Korrina and the group arrange flowers with their Pokémon to strengthen their bonds. She also had them go into the mountains so they could pick flowers themselves and arrange more of them later.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ムスト山 Must San From must
English Pomace Mountain From pomace
French Montagne du Zeste From zeste, zest
German Tresdaberg From Trester, pomace
Italian Monte Sansa From sansa, pomace
Spanish Monte Hollejo From hollejo, pomace
Korean 머스토산 Must San Transliteration of its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 幕斯頓山 Mùsīdùn Shān Corruption of its Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 幕斯頓山 Mohksīdeuhn Sāan Mandarin-based corruption of Japanese name
Danish Pomace-bjerget From English name
Finnish Pomace-vuori From English name
Norwegian Pomace-fjellet From English name
Polish Góra Pomace From English name
Russian Горе Помес Gore Pomes Transcription of English name
Swedish Pomace-berget From English name

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