Ninja Village

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Ninja Village
忍者村 Ninja Village
Ninja Village.png
Ninja Village
Region Kalos
Debut The Legend of the Ninja Hero!

Ninja Village (Japanese: 忍者村 Ninja Village) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos that was featured in The Legend of the Ninja Hero!. It is the hometown of Sanpei and his two brothers, Ippei, who is the current chief, and Nihei. It is located between Anistar City and Couriway Town.

The village was first mentioned by Sanpei in A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!. He had left his hometown to become a stronger Trainer like his older brothers prior, with his Froakie who eventually evolved into a Greninja.

Though Ash and his friends finally visited Ninja Village in The Legend of the Ninja Hero!. During their visit, the village was attacked by an old member of the Ninja Village, Kagetomo, who went onto to establish the rival Ninja Corps with Heidayu to seize the village for himself. In the past, Kagetomo was destined to become the village chief, however his desire to rule the world led chief Hanzo to reconsider the decision, and instead favor Ippei who was equally powerful, but respected Ninja Village traditions.

Using an army of Skarmory, Kagetomo's forces overwhelmed the village and held Hanzo hostage in the hopes of forcibly acquiring the chieftain position. Ippei led the defense efforts, with Ash's group, his two brothers, villagers including Saizo and Shinobu. In A Festival of Decisions!, Ash's Frogadier evolved into a Greninja and activated his special ability to turn into Ash-Greninja. Ippei later defeated Kagetomo, who decided to leave Ninja Village in order to train harder, and focus his attention on exploring the true meaning of a ninja's life. The planned village festival went ahead, with Hanzo officially retiring and passing the chieftain onto Ippei, awarding him the sacred chief emblem.

Ninja Village is an isolated settlement, nestled within a caldera, making it inconspicuous and perfectly defended from outside forces. Its people all train as ninjas to become close to their Pokémon and protect the world. The main entrance in and out of Ninja Village is through a hidden tunnel, where a secret password is needed to even enter. The villagers all reside within the walls of the mountain, which are riddled with corridors and defensive traps in case of attack. The village has a rich history and was once the site of ninja conflict. A shrine records the event, where a special Greninja along with its allies Staraptor and Heatmor are honored as heroes after they saved the village from destruction.

Pokémon seen in Ninja Village

Sanpei Greninja.png
Sanpei's Greninja
Saizo Barbaracle.png
Saizo's Barbaracle
Ippei Greninja.png
Ippei's Greninja
Nihei Venusaur.png
Nihei's Venusaur
Ninja Village Tauros.png
Ninja Village Machoke.png
Ninja Village Simipour Simisage.png
Simipour (×3)
Ninja Village Simipour Simisage.png
Simisage (×4)
Ninja Village various.png
Wooper (×2)
Ninja Village various.png
Ninja Village various.png
Ninja Village various.png
Ninja Village various.png
Marill (×2)
Ninja Village various.png
Ninja Village various.png
Shinobu Liepard.png
Shinobu's Liepard
Ninja Village Gengar.png
Gengar (×3)
Ninja Village Mightyena.png
Ninja Village Houndoom.png
Ninja Village Machop.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 忍者村 Yánjé Chyūn
Mandarin 忍者村 Rěnzhě Cūn
Denmark Flag.png Danish Ninja-landsbyen
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Ninja Village
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ninjakylä
Italy Flag.png Italian Villaggio Ninja
South Korea Flag.png Korean 닌자마을 Ninja Ma-eul
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Ninja-landsbyen
Poland Flag.png Polish Wioska Ninja
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Aldeia Ninja
Russia Flag.png Russian Деревня Ниндзя Derevnya Nindzya
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aldea Ninja
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Ninja-byn

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