Brave Olivine

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Brave Olivine
ブレイブアサギ号 Brave Asagi
Brave Olivine.png
Brave Olivine
Region Worldwide
Debut The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One

The Brave Olivine (Japanese: ブレイブアサギ号 Brave Asagi) is the base of operations of the Rising Volt Tacklers, acting as both the group's airship and living quarters.



Ludlow's boat before being converted

Several years prior, the Brave Olivine was originally a fishing boat owned by Ludlow named the (Japanese: アサギ号 Asagi). When forming the Rising Volt Tacklers, Friede requested to be given ownership of the boat, which Ludlow accepted. Friede had Orla convert the Olivine into an airship and later renamed the vessel into the Brave Olivine. During their adventurers, various Pokémon from different regions made the Brave Olivine their home, including a wild Fuecoco and Quaxly.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

The airship debuted in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One when it was seen flying over the Indigo Academy in the distance. It was first seen from up close in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two when Friede took Liko and her Pokémon partner Sprigatito to the airship to keep them safe from the Explorers. Once there, the airship headed towards a storm to avoid the Explorers, although the strategy failed and they managed to board the airship regardless. During a battle between Friede's Pikachu and Amethio's Ceruledge, Liko's Sprigatito was taken by the Explorers, as well as the group's flag having flown away due to the storm. In the next episode, the airship landed at a port town to allow them to locate the Explorers. While the majority of the group was away, Zirc managed to place a tracker on the ship. Once Sprigatito was rescued, the ship departed from the town. Elsewhere, a boy named Roy found the missing flag and kept it for himself.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, the airship was shown to have suffered several ruptures, causing it to leak gas and lose altitude. As such, the group was forced to stop at an island off Kanto's shore. Once there, Roy and Liko met after Fuecoco went missing, whom Roy found in the island. That night, Roy sneaked aboard the airship to try and find Fuecoco, but was caught by the group. Despite Roy's clandestine arrival, the group opted to remain on the island longer as the airship still hadn't been repaired. Later that day, the airship briefly took flight before the group was attacked by the Explorers once again. During the battle, Orla had the island's Bug-type wild Pokémon help repair the airship's balloon gasbag to allow it to regain flight. In The Ancient Poké Ball, Roy returned the flag to the group and hoisted it.

In Welcome to Paldea!, the airship was able to get the Rising Volt Tacklers to the Paldea region until they decided to head for the Galar region in The Future I Choose!.

In An Unexpected Picnic!, the airship took a rest stop and needed a required inspection in order to fly safely. However, Spinel's sabotage prevented their systems from rebooting while the Rising Volt Tacklers were having a picnic. Fortunately, they were able to figure out the problem and set off for the Galar region in Quaxly, We Can Do It!, arriving there in The Bittersweet Truth until they decided to return to Paldea in HZ034.

In HZ031, Friede had the airship sail on the ocean while searching for Lucius's Lapras. The Rising Volt Tacklers eventually found Lapras, only to learn it was leading a gang of Pokémon pirates. Ludlow used his boat piloting skills to keep the pirates from fleeing, but was stopped when Lapras froze the airship in place with Ice Beam. The ice was later melted by Diana's Arcanine.

Pokémon seen on the Brave Olivine


Friede Charizard.png
Friede Captain Pikachu.png
Captain Pikachu


Orla Metagross.png
Metang → Metagross
Orla Elekid.png


Ludlow Quagsire.png


Mollie Chansey.png


Murdock Rockruff.png
Murdock Alcremie.png


Dot Quaxly.png
Dot Tinkatink.png


Liko Sprigatito.png
Liko Hatenna.png


Roy Fuecoco.png
Roy Wattrel.png

Wild Pokémon

RVT Pawmi.png
RVT Shuckle.png
RVT Snorunt.png
RVT Noctowl.png
RVT Carkol.png
RVT Slugma.png
RVT Muk.png
RVT Nosepass.png
Terapagos Normal anime.png
RVT Polteageist.png
RVT Sinistea.png
RVT Maushold.png



Battlefield Engine room Observation deck
Brave Olivine Battlefield.png Brave Olivine Engine Room.png Brave Olivine Observation Deck.png
Captain's deck Orla's room Outside deck
Brave Olivine Captain Deck.png Brave Olivine Orla Room.png Brave Olivine Outside deck.png
Power room Liko's room Conference room
Brave Olivine Power Room.png Brave Olivine Liko Room.png Brave Olivine Meeting Room.png
Kitchen Infirmary Balloon gasbag
Brave Olivine Kitchen.png Brave Olivine Infirmary.png Brave Olivine Balloon Gasbag.png
Dot's room Roy's room
Brave Olivine Dot Room.png Brave Olivine Roy Room.png


Friede airship.png Friede airship 2.png Friede airship back.png Friede airship side profile.png
Brave Olivine deck undeployed Brave Olivine deck deployed Brave Olivine back end
Friede airship outside deck.png Friede airship observation room ex.png Friede airship battle field.png
Outside deck Observation room (exterior) Battlefield Side profile of the Brave Olivine


Brave Olivine Engine Room Concept Art.png Brave Olivine Conference Room Concept Art.png Brave Olivine Kitchen Concept Art.png
Official concept art of the engine room Official concept art of the conference room Official concept art of the kitchen
Brave Olivine Infirmary Room Concept Art.png Brave Olivine Observation Deck Concept Art.png Brave Olivine Captain Deck Concept Art.png
Official concept art of the infirmary Official concept art of the observation deck Official concept art of the captain's deck


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Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 英勇淺蔥號 Yīngyǒng Qiǎncōng-hào
France Flag.png French Brave d'Oliville
South Korea Flag.png Korean 브레이브 담청호 Brave Damcheong-ho

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