Crystal Colosseum

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Crystal Colosseum クリスタルコロシアム
Crystal Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Crystal Colosseum PBR.png
Map description: Deep below Pokétopia, this Colosseum is lit by the pulsing crystals on its walls.
Location: Underground cavern on another side of the island
Region: Pokétopia
Generations: IV
Pokétopia Crystal Colosseum Map.png
Location of Crystal Colosseum in Pokétopia.
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The Tournament bracket

Crystal Colosseum (Japanese: クリスタルコロシアム Crystal Colosseum) is the fourth Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The battle theme is Tournament Battles, much like the Battle Dome in Emerald. The Colosseum leader is Colosseum Leader Voldon. Unlike most other Colosseums, there are only five battles in all.

Crystal Colosseum is lit by glowing crystals situated on the walls and floors, thus giving it its name. Stalactites, stalagmites, and pools of water are everywhere.

The battle theme, Tournament Battle, pits Trainers against each other in an elimination tournament, with the winner of each battle advancing to the next round. The tournament starts off with sixteen Trainers. This is narrowed down to eight after the first round, and then to four during the second round, and then to two Trainers after the third round. The winner of this battle earns the right to challenge the Colosseum Leader, Voldon. (In this manner, Crystal Colosseum is different than the Battle Dome, as Voldon does not participate in the elimination tournament, and can therefore not be eliminated, as opposed to Tucker, who does partake in his own tournament.)

After winning Pokétopia Championship at Stargazer Colosseum, the player may select the Level 50 All. The order of the players' brackets will be slightly different, but with the same rules. Clearing Crystal Colosseum for the first time in Level 30 Open mode obtains a Pikachu Bag, a custom battle pass with Crystal Colosseum in the background, 9 items in the shop, and 550 Poké Coupons. Beating Crystal Colosseum for the first time in Level 50 All mode unlocks 23 pieces of gear in the shop, and bestows Voldon's Electivire Costume. There is a small chance of Voldon wearing a Shiny outfit when the player battles him in Level 50 All mode. If the player beats him while he is wearing a Shiny Electivire outfit, they will obtain a Shiny Electivire outfit of their own.

The default mode of battle here is Double Battle. An option to change this to Single Battle is unlocked after beating Rank 2 for the first time.

Moves that vary with environment

Tournament Battle

Level 30 Open, Rank 2

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 2-1

Battle 2-2

Battle 3

Battle 3-1

Battle 3-2

Battle 3-3

Battle 3-4











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