Courtyard Colosseum

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Courtyard Colosseum キャッスルコロシアム
Castle Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Courtyard Colosseum.png
Map description: Located in an old castle, this Colosseum is lit only by the room and stars above.
Location: West of Pokétopia City
Region: Pokétopia
Generations: IV
Pokétopia Courtyard Colosseum Map.png
Location of Courtyard Colosseum in Pokétopia.
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Fog in the Colosseum

Courtyard Colosseum (Japanese: キャッスルコロシアム Castle Colosseum) is one of Pokétopia's Colosseums in Pokémon Battle Revolution. During the first playthrough, it is a regular knockout tournament with Kruger as the final battle, while after Stargazer Colosseum has been beaten, it becomes similar in nature to Orre's Mt. Battle.

Courtyard Colosseum appears as if at a haunted castle, with ghostly flames on each corner of the playing field. It is unique from the other Colosseums as it occasionally suffers from a thick Fog when playing on it in any game mode.

Knockout Battle

Round 1

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



Survival Battle

The Pokémon Wheel. Effects benefiting a single Pokémon have larger slices than those benefiting the whole party

After beating Stargazer Colosseum, the Courtyard becomes a 100 Trainer Knockout Battle, with Colosseum Master Kruger battling the player every 10 matches. Unlike Mt. Battle, one uses all 6 of their Pokémon, but every time the player wins a battle with a Trainer, their Pokémon don't recover. Instead, they get to "throw" a Poké Ball on a spinning "dartboard" to decide how their Pokémon should be healed (Status, HP, PP, 1 or all Pokémon) unless they hit the white space where no Pokémon will recover at all. However, this shouldn't really be a problem, since each computer-controlled Trainer battles with fewer Pokémon than the player. However the enemy gains an extra Pokémon after a specific number of battles. Additionally, the player doesn't pick the Pokémon they are going to send out before every battle; rather, they just automatically send out the first two non-KO'd Pokémon on their Trainer Pass, based on left to right, top to bottom order.

The player can quicksave just like any other Colosseum, but the way the player gets Poké Coupons is different (after beating Stargazer). Instead of having to beat 100 Trainers in this Colosseum, a player can choose instead to quit right after beating a Trainer (rather than quicksave or continue), and collect their Poké Coupons right then. Of course, this decision is made before playing the Pokémon Wheel, so the player has to take a risk when their team is really weak. If playing in Double Battle mode, it is required that the Trainers have at least two available Pokémon. If the Trainer decides to try the Pokémon wheel with only one Pokémon left and fails to heal any of them, the challenge ends. After 50 battles, they can switch to a different Rental team and collect a large amount of Poké Coupons.


  • The grand castle in the background is based on the head of a Bastiodon.
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