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Just worth noting, ALL of this is Legitimate.


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About Me

I am weird. My IQ exceeds 130, so the mathematics of Pokémon appeal to me.

Other videogame series I play are Zelda, Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick (not a series yet, but oh well), Baten Kaitos, Tales, and Professor Layton. I also play a little known game called Magical Starsign.

My parents are a little overprotective, so I didn't know much about Pokémon until late Generation III, when there was nothing good on TV. When I saw Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, that really sparked a big interest. My sister also became interested, and got Diamond version that summer.

My first game was Emerald, which I later restarted to get a much better user.

My next game was LeafGreen, which I later traded to my sister for her CodeBreaker*, and eventually bought back from her.

That summer, I finally got pearl version, and some of the Pokémon on that game prove that I have OCD.

I got Platinum on the day it was released, and it has remained my favorite Pokémon game to this day. This time, I focused on natures in addition to EVs.

I had a sleepover the day before Black version came out, and got it with my friends the next day. I've had a lot of luck with IVs, and nearly everything I've trained with has at least one perfect IV.

I've also written a story that's a parody of Pokémon Platinum. It is very bad, but if you still wish to read it, it can be found here: [1]

Other Userpages

This is a wiki I started in my spare time. It has since grown to over 500 pages. My hope is that it could eventually join NIWA.

I wiki to which I occasionally contribute.

My Deviantart Account


My party follows this format:

  • Starter: Usually Fire-type; kept in my team until it is outclassed.
  • Flyer: I chose something unusual, like Crobat or Pelipper.
  • HM Slave 1:Normal-Type
  • HM Slave 2:Water-Type
  • My Choice: Usually pseudolegendary, but I'll also use something like Lucario or Snorlax.
  • Training: Whatever I'm training with at the time.


The Palkia has perfect special attack, as does the Darkrai. Everything except the Arceus is EV trained and has a good nature. (Adamant for Giratina, Serious for Arceus, and Modest for everything else.)

This is the Team I used for fighting Wondereye:

It didn't work nearly as harmoniously as I was hoping it would, but I perhaps someone else can use it better than I. The battle occurred the day before Black and White came out, so it made a good finish to Gen IV, aside from the fact that I lost.

Weather Teams


I used the Anti-Wondereye team as the basis for a sandstorm team later on.



Battle Frontier

I've spent a good deal of time at the battle frontier. I have one team I use for most of the facilities, and a single Pokémon I use for the Battle Hall.

Battle Hall
Spr 4p 145 s.png
Electric Flying
Held item:
Bag Choice Specs Sprite.png Choice Specs
Zapdos Lv.100
Signal Beam
Bug Special
Heat Wave
Fire Special
Electric Special
Air Cutter
Flying Special

Also, if anyone cares*, here are the Battle Video Numbers of me fighting the Frontier Brains


1st Time: 82-69450-33260

2nd Time:


1st Time: 58-31729-72752

2nd Time: 62-87645-81735


1st Time:

2nd Time:


1st Time: 50-73295-77893

2nd Time:


1st Time: 69-36127-13790

2nd Time:


At this point, I stopped training nothing but legendaries, but I still have a few at level 100 in case someone challenges me to an uber battle. My friend stopped using Wondereye, so I no longer had a need to build counters. I have many level 100 Pokémon; I would list them, but I don't want anyone getting an advantage.

Shiny Pokémon

I have caught a few shiny Pokémon, but most have been obtained on the GTS. Here they are:



Spr 3e 027 s.png

This is the first shiny Pokémon I ever caught. I was walking through the sand in the desert on Route 111 in Emerald version when a shiny Sandshrew appeared. I spazzed out and threw a Master Ball (I had other Master balls; I clone) It has a modest nature, so it's not very good.


Spr 4d 460 m s.png

I was on Mount Coronet in Pearl version when a shiny Abomasnow attacked me. I was REALLY not prepared because I did not intend to catch any Pokémon on this trip. I was too paranoid about accidentally KO'ing it, so instead of damaging it, I threw every Pokéball I had before catching it in a Luxury Ball. It is currently in my Platinum game. It has an Adamant nature, preventing an effective Hail/Blizzard combo, but its Wood Hammer is devastating.


Spr 3r 177 s.png

This was actually found in my sister's LeafGreen Game, but I was the one who found it. It was found in Ruin Valley. It has a Quirky nature, so it's decent.


Spr 4p 422E s.png

I was sort of expecting a shiny Pokémon, but this one still caught me off guard. Earlier that day, I was in the Battle Arcade, when a trainer sent out a shiny Dugtrio. I stared at the screen angrily for a minute, then hit the power switch, knowing how the data structure worked. Later that day, a shiny Shellos attacked me on Route 212. I promptly threw a Quick Ball and caught it. It has a careful nature, so it could be better, but it could be worse.


Spr 4p 119 m s.png

Against all probability, I found a shiny Seaking in my Platinum game. It was only a month or so after I found the Shellos, so very improbable. It has one of those natures with no effect; I think it was Serious.


I have obtained many shiny Pokémon on the GTS, so this list will be long.


Spr 4d 471 s.png

Always pay careful attention to the palette of the Pokémon you're looking at! It has a rash nature, and is used on a hail team with Abomasnow.


Spr 4d 378 s.png

Like I said, pay careful attention to palette. This one hasn't been used; I believe it had a quirky nature.


Spr 4d 488 s.png

It has a Jolly nature, so it's not that useful. Like Regice, It's never been used.


Spr 4d 145 s.png

I can notice very subtle differences in color. It has a timid nature, which is pretty good.


Spr 4d 384 s.png

I traded away a Rayquaza with a suckish nature (gentle), and this it what I got. It has a Rash nature, and is very strong.


Spr 4d 386 s.png

Haven't gotten around to using this one yet, but I intend to. It's nature doesn't affect its stats.


Spr 4d 386A s.png

It has a Rash nature, and will be used in a team that relies on the move Gravity. It has a ridiculously long name that is 10 Japanese Characters, and It's name is almost always cut off, overlapping other text or not shown because it's so freaking long.


Spr 4p 134 s.png

Just randomly found this one. It has a Quirky nature.


Spr 4p 490 s.png

I was looking for a Manaphy with a Modest Nature for my rain team, so I offered a Mewtwo for a Manaphy. I got this. It has a timid nature, so it wasn't quite what I was looking for, but it had been partially EV trained the way I planned on training it, and it knew most of the moves I wanted it to know, so I decided to use it. It's also good for showing off, an added bonus.



Spr 4d 172 s.png

I have 4 of them, but I never got around to trading any of them over to HeartGold. Oh well.


Spr 4d 243 s.png

This is the event shiny Raikou. I have 5 of them because I have so many games.


Spr 4d 244 s.png

Like the Raikou, I have 5 of them. I have yet to decide on the final moveset.


Spr 4d 245 s.png

Once again, I have 5 of them. This is the only one whose moveset I have no intent to even slightly change.