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Janina (Japanese: コナツ Konatsu) is one of Jasmine's young apprentices at the Olivine Gym, and a recurring character in the Pokémon anime.


Janina greeted Ash and his friends when they first arrived at the Olivine Gym in Fight for the Light!. She posed as the Gym Leader and challenged Ash to a battle. The real Gym Leader, Jasmine, arrived and stopped the match immediately. Janina apologized to Ash and revealed that she had cheated by putting water-resistant polish on her Onix. Jasmine also sent her away from the Gym to do some thinking about her actions.

Later, Janina rushed onto the scene after noticing smoke fumes pouring out of the Shining Lighthouse. She and her Onix stopped Team Rocket from stealing Jasmine's sick Ampharos, Sparkle, before Ash sent the trio blasting off. Janina's actions led Jasmine to forgive her young apprentice for her earlier misbehavior. She was then tasked with picking up some medicine from Cianwood City to help Sparkle recover from its illness.

Brock and his friends also joined Janina, after Ash was informed of the Cianwood Gym while he waited to challenge Jasmine. The following episode, Janina obtained the ordered medicine from the Cianwood pharmacy and left for Olivine City on an express service. She later contacted Ash to inform him that she had returned to Olivine. She also explained that Sparkle had received its medicine, but Jasmine was still needing time for herself to recover. In the meantime, the group decided to travel through the Whirl Islands.

Ash received another call from Janina in Throwing in the Noctowl!. She revealed that Jasmine was now accepting challengers, so Ash and his friends took a plane ride and arrived into Olivine City later that day. Janina waved to the plane as it soared over the Shining Lighthouse.

She also helped during Jasmine and Ash's Gym battle in Nerves of Steelix! by acting as the referee. One of her dreams is to become a strong Pokémon Trainer, and Ash told her that he would eventually come back to battle her when she became stronger.


Janina is bubbly. She follows Jasmine's advice and goes out of her way to support her mentor. Aware of Jasmine's ongoing concerns for her ill Ampharos, Sparkle, Janina was the main point of contact and kept Ash updated while he and his friends ventured through the Whirl Islands.

In her debut appearance, Janina was shown to be impulsive and set on proving herself to Jasmine. Though her attempt to impersonate the Gym Leader and admission of cheating was not taken lightly. Janina later sought Brock's advice on becoming a stronger Trainer, and he advised her to improve her bond with her Onix and focus on improving its strengths to overcome its weaknesses. The advice resonated with Janina, and she went on to use her Onix's length to take on Team Rocket who were getting away in their Meowth balloon.


This listing is of Janina's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.

Janina's Onix
Onix is Janina's only known Pokémon. It first appeared when Janina posed as Jasmine and had a Gym battle with Ash, in which she cheated by coating Onix in a water-resistant polish beforehand. Ash called out his Totodile and had him use Water Gun, which did no damage because of the polish. Onix then Tackled Totodile and knocked him out. Ash then sent out Pikachu, but the real Jasmine interrupted the match. Jasmine then told Janina to scrub the polish off Onix, which she later did.

Later, when Team Rocket were causing havoc in the Shining Lighhouse, Onix saw the smoke caused by Weezing, so Janina decided to go and investigate. She found Team Rocket in their Meowth Balloon. Jessie ordered Arbok to use Poison Sting, which Onix deflected. Team Rocket tried to escape over the sea where Onix couldn't go. Onix went on the tsunami barriers and swung its body around latching onto Arbok. Janina used Onix's body as a step ladder, which allowed her to break Brock and Sparkle out of their cage. Onix then swung them away and sent them blasting off.

Onix made a brief cameo in Nerves of Steelix!. It tried to Tackle Team Rocket's Wobbuffet robot, but the mecha's titanium body proved too tough for it.

Onix's known moves are Tackle and Wrap*.

Debut Fight for the Light
Voice actors
Japanese Toshihiko Nakajima
English Toshihiko Nakajima

As Janina offered a 3-on-3 match, Janina has at least two other Pokémon with her.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 笹本優子 Yūko Sasamoto
English Kerry Williams
Czech Jana Páleníčková
Polish Magda Ostolska (EP208-EP209)
Monika Jarosińska (EP223-EP224)
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bullara
Spanish Latin America Lupita Leal (EP208-EP209)
Patricia Acevedo (EP224)
Spain Cristina Yuste


  • In the Castilian Spanish dub of Pokémon, she is named Sachiko, which is the Spanish name of Janine. This is probably because the translator mistook her name with Janine's.
    • This also happens in the German version, with both sharing the name of Janina.

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