Togepi Paradise

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Togepi Paradise
トゲピーの楽園 Togepy's Paradise
Togepi Paradise.png
Togepi Paradise
Region Hoenn
Debut A Togepi Mirage!

The Togepi Paradise (Japanese: トゲピーの楽園 Togepy's Paradise) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn. It was featured in A Togepi Mirage!.

The Togepi Paradise and Mirage Kingdom help to defend each other, and the former is also revered as a place of worship by the Mirage Kingdom. It is the birthplace of all of the world's Togepi, and it is where they go after completing their life's mission; to make the world a happier place.

Miranda knew a great deal about the location, and accompanied Princess Sara's father prior to his coronation. After being transported to the Togepi Paradise alongside Princess Sara, Ash, and his friends, she was shocked to see that its green landscape was quickly disappearing. She explained that the Togepi Paradise can only be ruled by a person with a pure heart. If the paradise was ruled by someone with an impure heart, such as Colonel Hansen, the paradise would wither. This paradise is currently protected by Misty's Togetic.

Pokémon seen in the Togepi Paradise

Togepi Paradise Togepi.png
Togepi (multiple)
Misty Togetic.png
Togepi → Togetic

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