North Petalburg

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North Petalburg
キタトウカシティ North Touka City
North Petalburg.png
North Petalburg Town Center
Region Hoenn
Debut A Double Dilemma

North Petalburg (Japanese: キタトウカシティ North Touka City) is a city located just north of Petalburg City in Hoenn. It appeared in the anime in A Double Dilemma.

At first glance, the city appears no different from any other town. However, the entire city is obsessed with the Petalburg Gym Leader Norman. In fact, when Ash and his friends were passing through on their way to Petalburg, Ash was pushed aside when the residents found out that he was traveling with Norman's daughter and son.

The citizens were so obsessed with Norman, that when Ash began defeating May in a battle, all of the spectators started to unfairly jeer at him, even though he was winning legitimately.

Pokémon seen in North Petalburg

North Petalburg Golduck.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Aron Spheal.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Zangoose.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Aron Spheal.png

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