Valley of Steel

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Valley of Steel
ハガネの谷 Valley of Steel
Valley of Steel.png
Valley of Steel
Region Hoenn
Debut All Torkoal, No Play

The Valley of Steel (Japanese: ハガネの Valley of Steel) is an anime-only location in Hoenn that appeared in the episode All Torkoal, No Play. It is located between Lavaridge Town and Mauville City.

Ash and his friends were traveling through it when they saw a lone Torkoal being attacked by a Skarmory and Magneton. After Ash saved it, Torkoal burst into tears and ran away. Later, Ash helped it defeat the Steelix who ruled over the valley and the Torkoal decided to join him.

Pokémon seen in the Valley of Steel

Valley of Steel Magnemite.png
Valley of Steel Magneton.png
Valley of Steel Steelix.png
Skarmory anime.png
Ash Torkoal debut.png

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