Rubello Town

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Rubello Town
ルイボスタウン Rooibos Town
Rubello Town.png
Rubello Town
Region Hoenn
Debut A Fan with a Plan

Rubello Town (Japanese: ルイボスタウン Rooibos Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn. It is located somewhere between Littleroot Town and Fortree City. Like many other towns in the region, it has a Contest Hall.

Ash and his friends arrived at Rubello Town in A Fan with a Plan. There, they saw a poster for a Pokémon Contest slated to be held soon. Brock noticed the R1 sign on the poster, which they later learned from Nurse Joy that in order to enter the Rubello Contest, a Coordinator must have obtained at least one Ribbon.

A poster for the town's R1 Pokémon Contest showing the Rubello Ribbon

Also in the Pokémon Center was Drew, being mobbed by a group of women calling themselves the Mothers for Pokémon, all of whom wanted his autograph because they were huge fans of his. One of them, named Savannah, recognized May from the Verdanturf Contest and befriended her. Later, the group went grocery shopping with Savannah and her daughter Sandra.

After shopping, the group had dinner, and Savannah—who was also entering the Rubello Contest—informed May that the competition would follow the Grand Festival rules, meaning that contestants would be required to switch Pokémon between the Performance Stage and the Battle Stage.

The Rubello Contest took place in Cruisin' for a Losin'. In the first round, May performed with Beautifly, Drew used his Roselia, and Savannah selected her Flareon. The three of them were able to impress the panel of judges and, along with Sonny, advance to the Battle Stage.

Drew made quick work of Sonny, using his Masquerain to defeat his Girafarig, and advanced to the finals. May, on the other hand, had trouble during her battle with Savannah, since her Bulbasaur suffered from stage fright as she was competing in a Pokémon Contest for the first time. Bulbasaur ended up losing to Savannah's Lairon, but May wanted to win so badly that she pushed Bulbasaur even after the judges had ruled Battle Off. For this, she was scolded by the Chief of the Pokémon Activities Committee, Raoul Contesta.

In the final round, Drew went up against Savannah. When time ran out, the scoreboard showed that Drew had more points. As a result, Vivian announced Drew as the winner of the R1 Rubello Town Pokémon Contest. This victory gave Drew his fourth Contest Ribbon, bringing him one step closer to the Hoenn Grand Festival.


Pokémon Center Contest Hall
Exterior Interior
Rubello Town Pokémon Center.png Rubello Contest Hall.png Rubello Contest Hall interior.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルイボスタウン Rooibos Town From rooibos, a plant in the Fabaceae family used to make herbal tea
English, Italian Rubello Town
French Rubello From its English name
German Rubello City From its English name
Portuguese Cidade de Rubello From its English name
Spanish Pueblo Rubello From its English name
Korean 루이보스마을 Rooibos Maeul From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 長壽鎮 Chángshòu Zhèn From 長壽 chángshòu, longevity. Possibly a reference to 長壽茶 chángshòu-chá (rooibos tea)

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