Wailmer Island

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Wailmer Island
ホエルコ島 Hoeruko Island
Wailmer Island.png
Wailmer Island
Region Hoenn
Debut Island Time

Wailmer Island (Japanese: ホエルコ島 Hoeruko Island) is an anime-exclusive island located somewhere off the coast of Hoenn, between Slateport City and Ever Grande City. It appeared in Island Time.

Surrounded by dangerous whirlpools, it does not officially appear on any maps, but it has been visited by a number of humans, and it has one known inhabitant, Robin. Additionally, a group of Wailmer live around it. Aside from Robin, other humans who are known to have visited the island include Ash, May, Max, Brock, Jessie, and James.

Pokémon seen on Wailmer Island

Wailmer Island Grass types.png
Wailmer Island Grass types.png
Wailmer Island Grass types.png
Robin Wailord.png
Wailmer → Wailord

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