Banana Slakoth Garden

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Banana Slakoth Garden
バナナナマケロ園 Banana Namakero Garden
Banana Slakoth Garden.png
Banana Slakoth Garden
Region Hoenn
Debut The Garden of Eatin'

The Banana Slakoth Garden (Japanese: バナナナマケロ園 Banana Namakero Garden) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn found between Fortree City and Lilycove City. The garden is a reserve for Slakoth to eat bananas.

The garden appeared in The Garden of Eatin', where it was in danger of being eaten out by a Snorlax. In addition to eating all of the food, the wild Snorlax uses Yawn to make other Pokémon fall asleep. The garden's owner, Marcel, used his newly evolved Vigoroth to oppose Snorlax; Vigoroth's Vital Spirit rendered Yawn ineffective. Marcel later caught Snorlax and created an attraction featuring Snorlax's Yawn move. Since there was now a Vigoroth in the garden, Marcel decided to rename it the "Banana Slakoth and Vigoroth Garden".

Pokémon seen in the Banana Slakoth Garden

Marcel Slakoth.png
Marcel Vigoroth.png
Slakoth → Vigoroth
Marcel Snorlax.png

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