Wazoo Island

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Wazoo Island
ワズワ島 Wazuwa Island
Wazoo Island.png
Relicanth arriving on Wazoo Island
Region Hoenn
Debut The Relicanth Really Can!

Wazoo Island (Japanese: ワズワ島 Wazuwa Island) is an anime-only location in Hoenn located between Lilycove City and Mossdeep City. It was featured in the episode The Relicanth Really Can!.


Legend has it that one hundred years ago, a cargo ship called King Neptune was caught into a typhoon and sank, near Wazoo Island. Legend also says that King Neptune was carrying the greatest treasure ever to set sail. That treasure is Green Shards, which were valuable one hundred years ago, but not today.

Residing characters

Adam and Evelyn, a married couple, own a shop called Bounty of the Sea, where Adam is a treasure hunter and Evelyn examines the items he finds for value.

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