King and Queen of the Mirage Kingdom

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The king and queen with their daughter and Togepi

The King and Queen of the Mirage Kingdom are the rulers of the Mirage Kingdom, and thus, Princess Sara's parents. They appeared in The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage!.

The evil Colonel Hansen was trying to take the throne for himself by stealing Misty's Togepi with Team Rocket's help. After accomplishing that, Hansen locked the king and queen away in the dungeon. However, with the help of Ash and his friends, and especially Misty's newly-evolved Togetic, Hansen was defeated and the monarchs were released.


The King

Status unknown

The King obtained a Togepi in order to receive a coronation as the King of Mirage Kingdom. Since this Togepi was not seen, it is unknown if it is still in his possession.
Debut The Princess and the Togepi

Voice actors

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Language Voice actor
Japanese King: 内海賢二 Kenji Utsumi
Queen: 甲斐田裕子 Yūko Kaida
English King: Maddie Blaustein
Queen: Veronica Taylor
Finnish King: Pasi Ruohonen
Queen: Hanna-Maija Nikander
Italian King: Tony Fuochi
European Spanish King: Javier Franquelo
Queen: Amparo Valencia

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