Forbidden Forest

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Forbidden Forest
禁断の森 Forbidden Forest
Forbidden Forest Gate.png
The Gate to Forbidden Forest
Region Hoenn
Debut Grass Hysteria!

The Forbidden Forest (Japanese: 禁断の森 Forbidden Forest) is an anime-exclusive Grass-type Pokémon reserve that appeared in Grass Hysteria!. It is where May caught her Bulbasaur. It is located somewhere between Littleroot Town and Fortree City.

No humans are allowed in the Forbidden Forest. The folk of the nearby village try to keep travelers out. A Venusaur is the "boss" of the Forest.

The reason no humans are allowed in the forest is that long ago, too many people came to capture the Grass Pokémon that lived there, so they became hostile toward humans and the people of the village permanently sealed off the area with a huge wooden fence.

May was kidnapped by a Skarmory and was dropped into the forest. While exploring the forest, May met a Bulbasaur trying to pick flowers. It warmed up to her and defended her against the other Grass Pokémon, who saw her as a threat. When May left the forest, Bulbasaur decided to go with her.

Pokémon seen in the Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest Skarmory.png
Forbidden Forest Bulbasaur.png
Forbidden Forest Sunflora Weepinbell Gloom.png
Sunflora (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Sunflora Weepinbell Gloom.png
Weepinbell (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Sunflora Weepinbell Gloom.png
Gloom (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Oddish.png
Oddish (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Sunkern Hoppip Skiploom.png
Sunkern (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Sunkern Hoppip Skiploom.png
Hoppip (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Sunkern Hoppip Skiploom.png
Skiploom (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Jumpluff.png
Jumpluff (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Vileplume.png
Vileplume (multiple)
Forbidden Forest Venusaur.png

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