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Promotional artwork featuring Raid Battles

Raid Battles (Japanese: レイドバトル Raid Battle) are a type of battle that take place at Gyms in Pokémon GO which involve players battling against a wild Pokémon called a Raid Boss, typically one much stronger than can be found in the wild. The Raid Boss is stationed at the Gym for a limited period of time, and players must use a Raid Pass to challenge the wild Pokémon. As with Gyms, up to twenty trainers can join together to fight the Boss. After defeating the Boss, players are given the opportunity to catch the Raid Boss.

Raid Battle mechanics

Nearby Raid Battles

There are five levels of raids with Pokémon that increase in strength, starting at level 1 for basic Pokémon that can usually be defeated by a single player, up to level 5 for Legendary Pokémon, which may require several players to work together to defeat.

Before a raid begins, a Raid Egg will spawn at the Gym with a one hour timer. Once the timer ends, the Egg will hatch into a Raid Boss, which will remain at the Gym for 45 minutes. During this time, the Gym defenders cannot be challenged or fed Berry treats. Players in range of the Gym can either spin the Photo Disc or use a Raid Pass to join a Raid Battle.

When the Raid Battle is initiated, players enter into a lobby and a two minute countdown period will begin (starting from when the first player joined). During this time, players can view other raid participant stats and can pick a team of six Pokémon to battle the Raid Boss. By default, the game will pick six Pokémon to fight, depending on the opponent's type, moves, as well as the player's Pokémon HP and stats. Players can also use Bag items at this screen to heal Pokémon. If the player chooses to exit a raid, they will not be refunded their Raid Pass, but will be allowed to repeatedly attempt the raid until they win or until the raid expires.

During the raid, all normal battle techniques are available to the player. Should their team be defeated, the player will return to the lobby, where they can heal, return to the battle with another team, or wait it out for the other participants to defeat the opponent. To win, the Raid Boss must be defeated within the time limit:

  • 180 seconds for level 1 to 4 raids
  • 300 seconds for level 5 raids

If the timer runs out before the Raid Boss is defeated, then the Raid Battle is lost. Players, however, can reattempt the raid without using another Raid Pass until the raid expires.

GO Stardust icon.png1,000 is awarded after completing the first attempt of a raid, regardless of victory.

Upon defeating the Raid Boss, participants will also receive

Players can then proceed to the bonus challenge, where they have a chance of capturing the defeated Raid Boss. During the bonus challenge, only Premier Balls may be used, but players may still use any Berries from their Bag. The Raid Boss will flee if and when the player runs out of Premier Balls, and it cannot be rematched at the Gym for additional attempts.

Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses are giant Pokémon with much higher CPs than standard Pokémon. At each raid level, there is a fixed HP value for all Raid Bosses, regardless of species. The Attack and Defense stats will always be set to have the maximum 15 IVs, and the CP multiplier will be set to 1. Hence, a Raid Boss's CP is calculated as:

CP calc GO.png


  • Attack equals base Attack + 15
  • Defense equals base Defense + 15
  • HP equals
    • 600 for level 1 raids
    • 1,800 for level 2 raids
    • 3,600* for level 3 raids
    • 9,000* for level 4 raids
    • 15,000* for level 5 (Legendary) raids

After being defeated, a Raid Boss will shrink down to normal size and can be captured during the bonus challenge. Its stats will be reduced to that of Power Up level 20 (or level 25 if it has a weather-boosted type), and like Pokémon hatched from Eggs, it will have random IVs of at least 10 per stat. The moves are also randomly re-rolled, so a captured Raid Boss may not necessarily know the same moves it used during the raid.

Premier Balls

The number of Premier Balls awarded depends on the player's individual contribution to damage dealt, the player's team's contribution to damage dealt, highest Friendship level with another participant, and whether the Gym is currently under the player's team's control. Each player may receive 6 to 18 Premier Balls for their bonus challenge. Any leftover Premier Balls will be discarded and cannot be used for future raid challenges.

Name Premier Balls
Defeat Boss GO Premier Ball.png +6
Damage <5% 5 - 15% 15 - 20% >20%
GO Premier Ball.png +0 GO Premier Ball.png +1 GO Premier Ball.png +2 GO Premier Ball.png +3
Gym Control GO Premier Ball.png +2
Friendship level Good Friend Great Friend Ultra Friend Best Friend
GO Premier Ball.png +0 GO Premier Ball.png +1 GO Premier Ball.png +2 GO Premier Ball.png +4
Contribution by Team <20% 20 - 40% 40 - 50% >50%
GO Premier Ball.png +0 GO Premier Ball.png +1 GO Premier Ball.png +2 GO Premier Ball.png +3

Raid rewards

Winning a raid awards all participants a guaranteed bundle of Golden Razz Berries and a set of randomly-selected reward bundles (possibly multiple of the same bundle). The more Premier Balls earned and the higher the raid level, the more random reward bundles are given. GO Stardust icon.png1,000 is also awarded for completing a Raid Battle, regardless of victory.

The following table was last updated October 2018. It shows the quantity per bundle and an estimated probability based on empirical data.[1]

Quantity (Probability) per reward bundle
Raid level
GO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png
XP Experience 3,000 XP 3,500 XP 4,000 XP 5,000 XP 10,000 XP
GO Golden Razz Berry.png Golden Razz Berry ×1 ×1 ×2 ×2 ×3
GO Super Potion.png Super Potion ×1 (39.70%) ×1 (39.41%) ×1 (37.74%)
GO Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion ×2 (36.70%) ×3 (35.71%)
GO Revive.png Revive ×2 (19.85%) ×2 (19.70%) ×2 (18.87%) ×3 (18.35%) ×3 (17.86%)
GO Golden Razz Berry.png Golden Razz Berry ×1 (19.85%) ×1 (19.70%) ×1 (18.87%) ×1 (18.35%) ×2 (17.86%)
GO Rare Candy.png Rare Candy ×1 (19.85%) ×1 (19.70%) ×2 (18.87%) ×2 (18.35%) ×3 (17.86%)
GO Fast TM.png Fast TM ×1 (0.50%) ×1 (0.99%) ×1 (3.77%) ×1 (4.59%) ×1 (5.36%)
GO Charged TM.png Charged TM ×1 (0.25%) ×1 (0.49%) ×1 (1.89%) ×1 (3.67%) ×1 (5.36%)

The number of random bundles awarded depends on the raid level and number of Premier Balls earned. Premier Balls earned from raiding with a Friend do not count towards reward bundles. The amounts are as follows: [2]

Number of random bundles
Raid level
Premier Balls GO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png
6 GO Premier Ball.png ×1 ×2 ×3 ×4
7 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×3 ×4 ×5
8 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×3 ×4 ×5
9 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×3 ×5 ×6
10 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×3 ×5 ×6
11 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×4 ×5 ×7
12 GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×4 ×6 ×7
13+ GO Premier Ball.png ×2 ×4 ×6 ×8

List of Raid Bosses

Currently, raids are the only way for players to encounter Alolan Raichu, Alolan Marowak, and most Legendary Pokémon. Mawile, Absol, and Shinx, which used to be raid exclusive, can also be obtained via hatching Eggs. Pokémon tend to cycle and change depending on the latest updates and any running events.

Raid Boss Pokémon that are currently available are highlighted with a green background. This list was last updated on March 1, 2019. [3]

Level 1 GO Raid Boss icon.png

Level 1 and 2 Raid Egg
Pokémon Boss CP Status
Bulbasaur GO001.png 3656 Unavailable
Ivysaur GO002.png 5111 Unavailable
Charmander GO004.png 3334 Unavailable
Charmeleon GO005.png 5031 Unavailable
Squirtle GO007.png 3113 Unavailable
Wartortle GO008.png 4503 Unavailable
Metapod GO011.png 1432 Unavailable
Sandshrew GO027.png 3843 Unavailable
Growlithe GO058.png 4012 Unavailable
Geodude GO074.png 4365 Unavailable
Ponyta GO077.png 5399 Unavailable
Magnemite GO081.png 5141 Unavailable
Grimer GO088.png 3764 Unavailable
Shellder GO090.png 3916 Unavailable
Drowzee GO096.png 3130 Unavailable
Krabby GO098.png 5660 Unavailable
Magikarp GO129.png 1077 Current
Omanyte GO138.png 5397 Unavailable
Kabuto GO140.png 4970 Unavailable
Dratini GO147.png 3379 Current
Chikorita GO152.png 3067 Unavailable
Bayleef GO153.png 4375 Unavailable
Cyndaquil GO155.png 3334 Unavailable
Quilava GO156.png 5031 Unavailable
Totodile GO158.png 3600 Unavailable
Croconaw GO159.png 5064 Unavailable
Mareep GO179.png 3063 Unavailable
Sunkern GO191.png 1434 Unavailable
Yanma GO193.png 4321 Unavailable
Snubbull GO209.png 3723 Unavailable
Wingull GO278.png 2583 Unavailable
Makuhita GO296.png 2319 Current
Meditite GO307.png 2516 Current
Plusle GO311.png 5349 Unavailable
Minun GO312.png 5097 Unavailable
Wailmer GO320.png 3369 Unavailable
Swablu GO333.png 2702 Unavailable
Lileep GO345.png 3775 Unavailable
Anorith GO347.png 5017 Unavailable
Feebas GO349.png 1077 Unavailable
Shuppet GO353.png 3352 Unavailable
Duskull GO355.png 2770 Unavailable
Snorunt GO361.png 2825 Unavailable
Luvdisc GO370.png 2811 Unavailable
Bidoof GO399.png 2182 Unavailable
Kricketot GO401.png 1386 Unavailable
Shinx GO403.png 2873 Current
Buneary GO427.png 3890 Unavailable
Buizel GO418.png 3260 Unavailable
Drifloon GO425.png 3151 Unavailable

Level 2 GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png

Pokémon Boss CP Status
Sandslash GO028.png 11520 Unavailable
Venomoth GO049.png 10345 Unavailable
Primeape GO057.png 11650 Unavailable
Tentacruel GO073.png 11493 Unavailable
Slowbro GO080.png 11375 Unavailable
Magneton GO082.png 13696 Unavailable
Dewgong GO087.png 9053 Unavailable
Muk GO089.png 11893 Unavailable
Cloyster GO091.png 14038 Unavailable
Electrode GO101.png 10936 Unavailable
Exeggutor GO103.png 13474 Unavailable
Alolan Exeggutor GO103A.png 13472 Current
Marowak GO105.png 9563 Unavailable
Lickitung GO108.png 6433 Unavailable
Weezing GO110.png 11675 Unavailable
Electabuzz GO125.png 11886 Unavailable
Magmar GO126.png 12189 Unavailable
Lanturn GO171.png 8421 Unavailable
Sudowoodo GO185.png 10671 Unavailable
Misdreavus GO200.png 10038 Unavailable
Pineco GO204.png 6108 Unavailable
Sneasel GO215.png 10981 Unavailable
Magcargo GO219.png 9377 Unavailable
Grovyle GO253.png 9218 Unavailable
Combusken GO256.png 8610 Current
Marshtomp GO259.png 8825 Unavailable
Kirlia GO281.png 5738 Unavailable
Breloom GO286.png 13695 Current
Nosepass GO299.png 6241 Unavailable
Sableye GO302.png 8132 Unavailable
Mawile GO303.png 9008 Current
Manectric GO310.png 11628 Unavailable
Roselia GO315.png 10304 Unavailable
Monferno GO391.png 8040 Current

Level 3 GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png

Level 3 and 4 Raid Egg
Pokémon Boss CP Status
Alolan Raichu GO026A.png 16848 Current
Ninetales GO038.png 15806 Unavailable
Arcanine GO059.png 19534 Unavailable
Alakazam GO065.png 23150 Unavailable
Machamp GO068.png 19707 Current
Gengar GO094.png 21207 Unavailable
Onix GO095.png 9429 Unavailable
Hitmonlee GO106.png 20076 Current
Hitmonchan GO107.png 18171 Current
Chansey GO113.png 5381 Unavailable
Tangela GO114.png 16114 Unavailable
Starmie GO121.png 19044 Unavailable
Scyther GO123.png 19014 Unavailable
Jynx GO124.png 18398 Unavailable
Pinsir GO127.png 21306 Unavailable
Vaporeon GO134.png 17511 Unavailable
Jolteon GO135.png 20800 Unavailable
Flareon GO136.png 21811 Unavailable
Porygon GO137.png 12386 Unavailable
Omastar GO139.png 19576 Unavailable
Kabutops GO141.png 19990 Unavailable
Aerodactyl GO142.png 18678 Unavailable
Flaaffy GO180.png 10690 Unavailable
Azumarill GO184.png 9847 Unavailable
Espeon GO196.png 22826 Unavailable
Umbreon GO197.png 13509 Unavailable
Granbull GO210.png 16457 Unavailable
Shuckle GO213.png 3892 Unavailable
Piloswine GO221.png 14546 Unavailable
Skarmory GO227.png 15182 Unavailable
Donphan GO232.png 19431 Current
Miltank GO241.png 14883 Unavailable
Sharpedo GO319.png 15324 Unavailable
Lunatone GO337.png 15009 Unavailable
Solrock GO338.png 15009 Unavailable
Crawdaunt GO342.png 17967 Unavailable
Claydol GO344.png 14527 Unavailable

Level 4 GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png

Pokémon Boss CP Status
Venusaur GO003.png 28861 Unavailable
Charizard GO006.png 30958 Unavailable
Blastoise GO009.png 26291 Unavailable
Nidoqueen GO031.png 25364 Unavailable
Nidoking GO034.png 27168 Unavailable
Poliwrath GO062.png 26364 Current
Victreebel GO071.png 25794 Unavailable
Golem GO076.png 31291 Unavailable
Alolan Exeggutor GO103A.png 30126 Unavailable
Alolan Marowak GO105A.png 21385 Current
Rhydon GO112.png 30663 Current
Lapras GO131.png 23476 Unavailable
Snorlax GO143.png 26380 Unavailable
Dragonite GO149.png 38490 Unavailable
Typhlosion GO157.png 30958 Unavailable
Feraligatr GO160.png 29736 Unavailable
Togetic GO176.png 20453 Unavailable
Ursaring GO217.png 30025 Unavailable
Houndoom GO229.png 28590 Unavailable
Tyranitar GO248.png 37599 Current
Shiftry GO275.png 23786 Unavailable
Aggron GO306.png 33326 Unavailable
Absol GO359.png 28769 Current
Walrein GO365.png 25828 Unavailable
Metagross GO376.png 40224 Unavailable

Level 5 GO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.pngGO Raid Boss icon.png

Legendary Raid Egg
Pokémon Boss CP Status
Articuno GO144.png 40165 Unavailable
Zapdos GO145.png 46418 Unavailable
Moltres GO146.png 45609 Unavailable
Mewtwo* GO150.png 54148 Unavailable
Raikou GO243.png 45435 Unavailable
Entei GO244.png 41758 Unavailable
Suicune GO245.png 37761 Unavailable
Lugia GO249.png 45925 Unavailable
Ho-Oh GO250.png 50064 Unavailable
Regirock GO377.png 42768 Unavailable
Regice GO378.png 42768 Unavailable
Registeel GO379.png 33516 Unavailable
Latias GO380.png 48080 Unavailable
Latios GO381.png 52220 Unavailable
Kyogre GO382.png 54411 Unavailable
Groudon GO383.png 54411 Unavailable
Rayquaza GO384.png 49808 Current
Dialga GO483.png 53394 Current
Palkia GO484.png 54793 Unavailable
Giratina GO487.png 38326 Unavailable
Cresselia GO488.png 33794 Unavailable
Heatran GO485.png 49192 Unavailable

EX Raids

An EX Raid invitation

EX Raids are level 5 raids that require an EX Raid Pass to join. EX Raid Passes are given out to players that have completed a raid an EX Raid Gym in the previous week. These EX Raid Gyms are generally situated at sponsored venues or in park-related areas, and can be identified by an "EX Raid Gym" label on the top right-hand corner of the Gym screen and by a darker green shade on the map. The EX Raid Pass is a one-time offer, and should a player not be present, the pass will expire and disappear from their inventory. Players who receive an EX Raid Pass may also invite one Ultra Friend to the raid, but cannot send out another invitation even if the previous is declined. During an EX Raid, players without passes can only see the Gym's color and the first defending Pokémon atop, and if they attempt to interact with the Gym they will be informed that the Gym is closed and the time that it will reopen.

EX Raid Boss Boss CP Availability
Mewtwo* GO150.png 54148 September 2017 - September 2018
(Normal Forme)
GO386.png 50271 October 1 - January 4, 2019
(Attack Forme)
GO386A.png 41036 January 4, 2019 - March 25, 2019
(Defense Forme)
GO386D.png 36170 March 25, 2019 -

Location-specific events

Pokémon GO at Pikachu Outbreak

During the Pikachu Outbreak event on August 9-15, 2017, special Raid Bosses were available at Pokémon GO Park events in Japan. These Raid Bosses have not been made available since the event. These were all classified as level 4 Bosses.

Pokémon Boss CP
Pikachu GO025.png 11845
Meowth GO052.png 9079
Dragonite GO149.png 35383
Wobbuffet GO202.png 7144

Mewtwo was also available during the event on August 14, 2017 at Yokohama Stadium, and marked the first time that it had become available to players. It was classified as a level 5 Raid Boss.

Pokémon Boss CP
Mewtwo GO150.png 49430

Special Raid Challenge

Special Raid Challenges are time-limited events which allow players to defeat a Raid Boss within a three hour window. All Gyms during this period of time will have the Boss active for the three hours, and if the Boss is defeated, the Pokémon encounter afterwards will have a chance to be Shiny. Excluding Articuno, these Bosses know a special move which may be otherwise difficult to obtain. Five free Raid Passes are available to players during the three hour window.

The times for these Raid Challenges have so far been held at the same time:

  • Asia-Pacific: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Americas and Greenland: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST (GMT −8)

The first three Raid Challenges, the legendary birds, were unlocked as part of Professor Willow's Global Challenge which ran over six days over the period from June 30 to September 2, 2018. As all three parts were successfully completed, all three legendary birds were available to players again from September 13-20, 2018.

Pokémon Boss CP Special move Availability
Articuno GO144.png 37603 None July 7, 2018
Zapdos GO145.png 42691 Thunder Shock July 21, 2018
Moltres GO146.png 41953 Sky Attack September 8, 2018
Gengar GO094.png 31256* Lick, Psychic November 3, 2018

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Combat de Raid
Germany Flag.png German Raid-Kämpfe
Italy Flag.png Italian Battaglie Raid
South Korea Flag.png Korean 레이드배틀 Raid Battle
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Batalha de Reide
Spain Flag.png Spanish Combates de incursión


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