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Opelucid City

Opelucid CityB

Opelucid City is a convenient city of rapid change that shows no traces of the past. The Opelucid Gym is managed only by the city's mayor, Drayden, as Iris has given up her Gym Leader position.

Reunite with Iris

Iris calls out to you upon entering the city. She points you toward the Gym, but recommends training on Route 9 before challenging her "grandfather" Drayden.

Get Props from the old man

Visit the westernmost house, and speak to the old man inside. He is a big fan of Musicals, and will hand out one Prop every day for a total of four. Stop by again to get a Big Bag, Fluffy Beard, Gift Box, and Scarlet Hat.

The Tympole Choir

There are five Tympole in the house to the north of the Pokémon Center. If you visit with a Tympole in your party, you will have an amazing opportunity to hear six Tympole singing in harmony.

Route 9

Route 9

Route 9 is a paved road that runs through a wooded area. To the north is Shopping Mall Nine, which offers the greatest variety of goods in the region.

Shopping Mall Nine

Shopping Mall Nine

This convenient mall has a great selection of items, including some not found in any Poké Mart, so be sure to spend, spend, spend! Don't miss out on special evening deals; talk to the Waitress on the east side of the ground floor to buy items like Poké Balls at a discount. The stockroom is packed with boxes of appliances; bringing a Rotom here will allow it to change its form.

A Request

Talk to the Lady on the ground floor, and she gives you $1200 to buy her a Hyper Potion. Bring her one that same day, and she rewards you with an Energy Root. If you wait and bring it to her the next day, you'll get an EnergyPowder instead.


Opelucid City

Opelucid Gym

Opelucid City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Drayden

The Spartan Mayor

The Opelucid Gym specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon, which are only vulnerable to Ice- and Dragon-type attacks. The Gym consists of two large dragon statues, one near the entrance and the other at the rear wall. Challengers must defeat at least one Trainer from each level to advance. First off, defeat Veteran Lucius to activate the switch on the first dragon's neck; this elevates you to the level of the next two Trainers. On the left, Veteran Rhona prefers fighting defensively, while Veteran Jerry on the right favors offense. Defeat at least one to reach the next level. On the left, Veteran Denae fights in a Rotation Battle, while Veteran Ron on the right fights in a Triple Battle. Once they fall, your statue rises to Drayden's level and the two statues butt heads, allowing you to reach the Gym Leader.

Consider having a Move Tutor teach some new moves; Dual Chop and Ice Punch are available in Driftveil, while Icy Wind and Dragon Pulse can be taught in Lentimas. Avoid using Grass-, Fire-, Water-, or Electric-type attacks, as dragons are resistant to such moves. Druddigon's Revenge makes its opponent pay for not knocking it out in one hit, while Crunch deals extra damage from its Sheer Force Ability. Flygon's Rock Slide nails any Ice-type opponent aiming for its double-weakness, and Earth Power can also inflict serious damage. Lastly, his Haxorus starts with high Attack and can boost it (and Speed) even further with Dragon Dance, so knock it out as soon as possible! All three dragons share the Dragon Tail attack, which forces the damaged opponent to switch out.

Opelucid Gym
The Legend Badge

Easy Mode/Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

Defeated, Drayden awards you the Legend Badge, which ensures that all Pokémon of level 80 or less will obey you. He also gives you TM82 (Dragon Tail) as a prize.

Drayden's Story

Drayden shows you to his home, where he tells the story of the two dragons, the legend of Kyurem, and the history of his family heirloom.

Let me tell you the story. It's a long story, but listen closely. It was two years ago when the two dragon Pokémon were awakened. The black dragon Pokémon, Zekrom, pursued what is ideal, with the desire to usher in a new world of hope. And the white dragon Pokémon, Reshiram, sought what is true, with the desire to usher in a new world of goodness. Zekrom and Reshiram were once a single Pokémon. You may wonder why it split in two. The single dragon Pokémon had helped the twin heroes bring a new region into being. But the twin heroes--the older brother who sought the truth and the younger brother who sought ideals--sundered the region in two as they fought to see which of them was right. In that desperate hour, the single dragon Pokémon split its body into a black Pokémon and a white Pokémon, even though ideals and truth don't need to be in opposition! As the story goes, a third dragon Pokémon, Kyurem, also came into existence in that era. And there may be proof of this to be found in a treasure passed down in my family for generations: the DNA Splicers. Professor Juniper's research determined that the materials in the splicers date back to the same era as the materials used in building the Dragonspiral Tower. Oh, the DNA Splicers are stored very safely. I guard them because I don't know what kind of power might lie within them. But here's what's been bothering me... Could there be one more dragon Pokémon? Even if Kyurem really exists, we don't know what kind of Pokémon it is. For starters, the two Pokémon the ancient Pokémon split into are both overwhelmingly powerful. So if Kyurem exists, could it be just a husk--a shell that was left over?

Team Plasma Attacks!

The building is rocked by a sudden tremor. Outside, the Plasma Frigate approaches from the sky. It readies its cannon and fires a few shots of ice at the city. Every shot freezes a part of the city, leaving the area difficult to navigate. Drayden doesn't appreciate this and sends his Haxorus to smash the nearest ice crystal, but it doesn't work. Zinzolin appears and demands that Drayden hand over the DNA Splicers. He refuses, but the Sage won't give up so easily. He sends his Grunts to search for the splicers, and the Gym Leader asks that you track them down.

Slide south over the ice to catch up with Drayden, and fight the first Grunt just east of the Pokémon Center. Next, slide north to find the second Grunt outside the former Battle House. After that, track down the third Grunt to the south of the Gym. When all three are defeated, return to the Gym to take on Zinzolin. Use Fire- and Fighting-type moves to bring the battle to a quick end.

Zinzolin runs off and Drayden heals your Pokémon. He steps inside the Gym briefly to retrieve the DNA Splicers, which he shows to you. Just then, one of the Shadow Triad appears and steals the splicers. The two others appears as well, and the three run off. Head south toward the Route 11 gate to find one of them waiting for you. Attack with Fighting-type moves for a decisive victory.

Unfortunately, this Shadow did not have the splicers. He vanishes, and Drayden runs over to see if you are alright. Just then, Hugh and Cheren call on the Xtransceiver. They saw the ship attack the city, and Cheren is headed there now. He says that Humilau City has the lowest temperature readings in the region right now, so Team Plasma must be nearby. Return to Undella Town and enter the Marine Tube.

Marine Tube

Marine Tube

The Marine Tube is an undersea tunnel built with cutting-edge technology. Known as The Walk-Through Aquarium, the path features a transparent dome so that visitors can see the various ocean-dwelling Pokémon. Wailord appears every day from 3pm to 4pm; seeing it swim over and under the tunnel earns you the Wailord Watcher Medal.

Humilau City

Humilau City

Humilau City is a resort town with a tropical atmosphere. Surrounded by the ocean, the homes here are built on wooden bridges. In addition to the Marine Tube, the city connects to Route 21 in the south and Route 22 in the west.

Meet up with Hugh

Hugh is waiting near the Marine Tube exit. When you approach him, he suggests taking on the final Gym Leader. But first, you will need to track him down. Marlon is a man of the sea, and as you walk north, he leaps out of the water and onto the pier. After meeting him here, he will return to the Gym.

Move Tutor

The local Move Tutor lives in the southeast house, directly north of the Marine Tube. This individual is obsessed with Yellow Shards, and will teach a variety of moves for the right number. Giga Drain will be useful at the final Gym, and Seed Bomb and ThunderPunch can be learned in Driftveil City.

Move Type Category Shards
Bind Normal Physical 2
Snore Normal Special 2
Heal Bell Normal Status 4
Knock Off Dark Physical 4
Synthesis Grass Status 6
Roost Flying Status 6
Sky Attack Flying Physical 8
Move Type Category Shards
Role Play Psychic Status 8
Heat Wave Fire Special 10
Giga Drain Grass Special 10
Drain Punch Fighting Physical 10
Pain Split Normal Status 10
Tailwind Flying Status 10

Time for a Trade

In the house just north of the Gym, a Roughneck offers to trade Pokémon. He offers a Tangrowth in exchange for a Mantine. Mantine can be found in Undella Bay, except during the winter.

A New Funfest Mission

Outside the Roughneck's house is an old man. Talking to him will add a new Funfest Mission, Memory Training.

Mienfoo's Daily Walk

In the northwest house lives a Socialite and her Mienfoo. Once a day, she will ask that you take Mienfoo on a walk. Lead it around the house for a while, and the old woman rewards you with a Pearl.

Home is Where the Heart Scales Are

A Nurse with a Stunfisk lives in the northeast house. She likes flat Pokémon, and will give out five Heart Scales if you speak to her with a Luvdisc in your party. Luvdisc can only be caught by fishing, but the Super Rod is not obtained until later.

Humilau Gym

Humilau Gym

Humilau City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Marlon

More Splash Than The Sea

The marshy Humilau Gym specializes in Water-type Pokémon, so Grass- and Electric-type attacks will work best. To reach the Gym Leader, challengers must move from dock to dock by floating on large lily pads. When stepped on, they move in the same direction until they hit an obstacle. When they hit each other, the first stops and the second moves on. Jump on the first lily pad to reach the southwest dock, and ride the second one eastward. Climb onto the dock and go east to fight Ace Trainer Melina. Float south to the next dock and loop around to reach the bridge. To reach Ace Trainer Santino, ride the nearby pad south then east; this moves another pad into place, letting you continue along the east wall. Take on Ace Trainer Jeanne and cross the water to reach the northwest dock. Float north to reach Ace Trainer Sable, then south to reach Ace Trainer Enzio. Repeat the same clockwise loop to reach Marlon.

Marlon's Carracosta tends to start things off with Shell Smash, which cuts its defenses but raises its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. In addition, its Sturdy Ability prevents it from being taken out in one shot. Wailord can hit opposing Grass-type Pokémon with Bounce, but otherwise its low defenses make it a big target. His Jellicent can be difficult to take down, especially with Recover. Keep your Pokémon's health above 50% to avoid its powered-up Brine attack. All three of Marlon's Pokémon know the move Scald, so watch out for burns!

Humilau Gym
The Wave Badge

Easy Mode/Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

Upon his defeat, Marlon awards you the Wave Badge, which ensures that all Pokémon will obey without question. He also hands over TM55 (Scald) as a prize before swimming off.

Outside, Hugh congratulates you on winning your eighth Badge, and reminds you that Team Plasma is still up to no good. Marlon stops by, asking if Team Plasma is actually bad or not. He follows a policy of "the ocean accepts all rivers", and as a result does not seem bothered by the group's wrongdoings. He refuses to help track them down, and just walks away. Hugh asks that you investigate Route 22 to the west. Stock up on Ultra Balls before you go, as another legendary is found nearby!

Route 22

Route 22

The uneven terrain of Route 22 makes the scenery almost maze-like. Raised walkways connect some elevated areas, while most of the tall grass lies below. The route stretches between Humilau City to the east and the Giant Chasm to the west.

Terrakion is waiting

The third member of the Swords of Justice is found in the center of Route 22. It seems that it, like Cobalion and Virizion, was also waiting for you. Upon approaching it, you are interrupted by Colress. He says that you will need the strength to protect your Pokémon in order to fight Team Plasma. He gives you the Colress MCHN, and before he leaves mentions that something he saw in Seaside Cave reminded him of meeting you on Route 4.

Start off with Grass-, Water-, or Ground-type attacks to wear Terrakion down fast, then follow up with Fire-, Poison-, or Bug-type moves to weaken it further. Avoid using Dark-type attacks, as its Justified Ability raises its Attack when it is damaged by those moves. If you happen to defeat it, Terrakion will reappear after entering the Hall of Fame.

Rock Fighting
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Terrakion Lv.45
Helping Hand
Normal Status
Normal Physical
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Sacred Sword
Fighting Physical

Return to Humilau

The Giant Chasm is accessible at this point, but cannot be fully explored. Instead, follow the raised walkways southeastward to reach a large boulder, and use Strength to create a shortcut for later. Take Colress' advice and head for Seaside Cave on Route 21, south of Humilau City.

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