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Colress Machine
Achroma Machine
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Colress Machine
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Introduced in Generation V
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The Colress Machine (Japanese: アクロママシーン Achroma Machine), shortened to Colress MCHN in the Generation V games, is a Key Item introduced in Generation V. It is one of Colress's inventions.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


The Colress Machine forcibly awakens sleeping Pokémon. The player uses this device to awaken a sleeping wild Crustle in Seaside Cave that is blocking the way to where Team Plasma docked the Plasma Frigate after freezing Opelucid City. The awakened Crustle will lash out at the player, forcing them into a battle. The Colress Machine breaks after being used, consuming the item.

Colress uses this device in a cutscene on Route 4 after the player has earned the Insect Badge to awaken the group of wild Crustle blocking the road, opening up the path.


Games Description
A special device that wrings out the potential of Pokémon. It is an imperfect prototype.
A special device that wrings out the potential of Pokémon. It's an imperfect prototype.


Games Method
B2W2 Route 22 (from Colress upon approaching Terrakion)

Other Colress Machines

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it is revealed that Colress Machine is a code name Colress designates to some of his inventions. The first two machines are Colress Machine No. 1198 (Japanese: アクロママシーン 1198 Achroma Machine No. 1198) and Colress Machine No. 1199 (Japanese: アクロママシーン 1199 Achroma Machine No. 1199), also known as the N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer, respectively. Colress co-developed these machines with the Ultra Recon Squad in an effort to control Necrozma's power.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Episode RR, Colress uses another machine, Colress Machine No. 1102 (Japanese: アクロママシーン 1102 Achroma Machine No. 1102), to return Ghetsis back to the world he came from, saving Lillie in the process. After the player defeats Giovanni, Colress is able to use the machine to undo Team Rainbow Rocket's changes to Lusamine's mansion.

In the manga

The Colress Machine in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Colress begun the Colress Machine's development two years before the arc, but some members of Team Plasma opposed his work, as it ran contrary to their beliefs. As such, they secretly developed a method to stop the machine's influence on Pokémon, and the memory card containing that data was entrusted to a ten-year-old girl.

The Colress Machine first appeared in Flying Type and Innocent Scientist, where Colress used it to control Genesect into attacking Blake and Looker. In Unforgettable Memories, Colress reported favorable results from his first test of his invention. Later, in Colress Machine, Whitley's mother revealed that Colress's machine was capable of controlling Pokémon.

In Therian Forme III, Colress used the machine to take control of Zinzolin's Kyurem and had it board the Plasma Frigate. In N Returns, Colress gave the machine to Ghetsis so that he could take Kyurem to face N and Zekrom. In Giant Chasm, Colress was revealed to have retrieved the machine, using it to have Kyurem attack the Unova Pokédex holders. However, Colress suddenly lost control of Kyurem, and Rood appeared, revealing that a machine to counter the Colress Machine's influence had been activated, preventing it from controlling Kyurem anymore. After several failed attempts to make Kyurem obey him, Colress accepted his failure and threw the machine away.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Colress was revealed to have developed another, longer-range Colress Machine, which his Beheeyem had secretly been using to control the Red Genesect during his battle against Blake through voice commands he'd been relaying to it. Blake's Pokémon were able to destroy the machine, but as Colress had actually bonded with and personally raised the Red Genesect, it still remained under his control.

In the TCG

Colress Machine
Main article: Colress Machine (Plasma Storm 119)

The Colress Machine was introduced as an Item card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Black & White Series (the Japanese BW Era). First released in the Plasma Storm expansion, it was reprinted in the Japanese Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck and Team Plasma Battle Gift Set Deck Kit. When the player plays it, they may search their deck for a Plasma Energy card and attach it to one of their Team Plasma Pokémon. Afterwards, the player shuffles their deck.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿克羅瑪機器 Ahāklòhmáh Gēihei
Mandarin 阿克羅瑪機器 / 阿克罗玛机器 Ākèluómǎ Jīqì
France Flag.png French Nikodule
Germany Flag.png German Achromat
Italy Flag.png Italian Acrocongegno
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아크로마머신 Achroma Machine
Spain Flag.png Spanish Acromáquina
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Cỗ máy Achroma

Colress Machine No. 1198

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿克羅瑪機器1198號 Ahāklòhmáh Gēihei 1198-houh
Mandarin 阿克羅瑪機器1198號 / 阿克罗玛机器1198号 Ākèluómǎ Jīqì 1198-hào
France Flag.png French Nikodule numéro 1198
Germany Flag.png German Achromat-1198
Italy Flag.png Italian Acrocongegno n° 1.198
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아크로마머신 1198호 Achroma Machine 1198-ho
Spain Flag.png Spanish Acromáquina n.º 1198

Colress Machine No. 1199

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿克羅瑪機器1199號 Ahāklòhmáh Gēihei 1199-houh
Mandarin 阿克羅瑪機器1199號 / 阿克罗玛机器1199号 Ākèluómǎ Jīqì 1199-hào
France Flag.png French Nikodule numéro 1199
Germany Flag.png German Achromat-1199
Italy Flag.png Italian Acrocongegno n° 1.199
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아크로마머신 1199호 Achroma Machine 1199-ho
Spain Flag.png Spanish Acromáquina n.º 1199

Colress Machine No. 1102

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿克羅瑪機器1102號 Ahāklòhmáh Gēihei 1102-houh
Mandarin 阿克羅瑪機器1102號 / 阿克罗玛机器1102号 Ākèluómǎ Jīqì 1102-hào
France Flag.png French Nikodule numéro 1102
Germany Flag.png German Achromat
Italy Flag.png Italian Acrocongegno n° 1.102
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아크로마머신 1102호 Achroma Machine 1102-ho
Spain Flag.png Spanish Acromáquina n.º 1102

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