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SM145 : Dreams of the Sun and Moon!
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
JN001 : Enter Pikachu!
Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!
SM146   EP1085
Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!
First broadcast
Japan November 3, 2019
United States March 7, 2020
English themes
Opening None
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending タイプ:ワイルド
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 松井亜弥 Aya Matsui
Storyboard 冨安大貴 Daiki Tomiyasu
Assistant director 冨安大貴 Daiki Tomiyasu
Animation directors 香月麻衣子 Maiko Katsuki
山崎玲愛 Rei Yamazaki
Additional credits

Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues! (Japanese: ありがとうアローラ!それぞれの旅立ち!! Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!) is the 146th and final episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, and the 1,085th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on November 3, 2019 and in the United States on March 7, 2020.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


As their vacation approaches, our heroes’ plans move closer to reality! Kiawe has decided to assist Olivia with her kahuna duties, while Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles continue to work toward their own goals. Now that Magearna is awake, Lillie and her family are setting out to find Mohn, and Ash is embarking on a new adventure of his own—he wants to see new places and meet new Pokémon! The Pokémon School class, Professor Kukui, and Professor Burnet are sad to see him leave Alola, but they wish him all the best for the future. And with Team Rocket also departing Alola, just what might that future hold?


At the Pokémon School, Kiawe informs the others that he will be training under Olivia while on vacation. Then, Lillie enters the classroom with Snowy and, to everyone's surprise, Magearna. She admits Zoroark was the key and reveals she is accompanying Lusamine and Gladion on a journey to find her father. She explains that, following Magearna's reawakening, its Soul-Heart absorbed energy from her Z-Ring before projecting a beam of light. When it pointed to a photo of Mohn, Gladion and Lillie realized they might be able to find their father. To everyone's relief, Lillie assures her friends that she will return to Alola once she finds him. Ash, however, is aware of his own plans to leave Alola and briefly turns away.

Meanwhile, while enjoying some honey courtesy of Bewear at her den, Team Rocket receives a call from HQ. Jessie and Meowth continue to eat in an attempt to avoid facing Matori and her Meowth, though Mimikyu answers the call. To the trio's shock, the call instead turns out to be from Giovanni, who orders them to return to the Team Rocket HQ immediately. Matori steps into view, adding that the trio have kept Giovanni waiting long enough for results. After Giovanni signs off, Jessie and James look at their Pokémon, thinking about what to do with them.

Later, Professor Kukui farewells his class as they embark on the long vacation break. Ash and his classmates plan to hang after school, though Lillie admits she has a lot to prepare for her upcoming trip. Before she leaves, Mallow requests that she stop by Aina's Kitchen to collect a specially designed recipe for Snowy. Lillie promises to pick it up tomorrow and continues onto her chauffeured car. Everyone grins and Mallow declares that the plan is working.

Team Rocket gets straight into packing up their Alolan HQ. Jessie reminds James that he has to speak to Mareanie about their departure. James retorts that Mimikyu must know as well, though Jessie brushes him off as she admits that Mimikyu is adaptable. Mareanie soon enters the room, examining the moving boxes out of curiosity. James reluctantly approaches Mareanie with the bad news that they will be returning to HQ. However, Mareanie is thrilled as it imagines more time with her Trainer, and she promptly poisons him out of affection. James clarifies that Mareanie and Mimikyu will actually be remaining with Bewear and Stufful. Mareanie fails to understand the news due to her infatuation, making the painful goodbye a much harder task.

While returning home, Ash stops by the shore to marvel at the Alolan sunset. Rotom wonders when Ash will inform his friends about his own departure, and he replies that tomorrow will be the day. Unexpectedly Mimikyu attempts to lash Pikachu with a Shadow Claw, though Pikachu evades in time. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to combat an oncoming Shadow Ball, before swatting its vengeful opponent out to sea with an Iron Tail. Mimikyu attempts to keep itself above the water, but falls in after seeing its own reflection. Pikachu and Ash retrieve the limp Pokémon from the waves. Mimikyu quickly recovers, however its somber retreat leaves Ash and Rotom suspicious of its uncharacteristic behaviour. Ash offers to get it home, though Mimikyu waves at him as it continues to leave. As Ash and Pikachu agree that it's time to go home, another unexpected visitor, Nebby, suddenly appears and greets them.

At night, Meowth catches up to the still sulky Mimikyu to talk things over. Mimikyu explains that it saw its own face while attacking Pikachu earlier. Meowth remarks that nothing good comes from hatred and suggests that it might be time for a change of direction. Mimikyu takes the words to heart and instantly wipes away its tears as it prepares for a new future. Later, Stufful, Mareanie and Mimikyu are all sleeping soundly. James whispers his apologies to Mareanie for having to leave her, and he gifts her the trio's Z-Power Ring as a token of his gratitude. James steps outside where Jessie and the others are waiting to leave. The quartet officially thank Bewear for her hospitality while in Alola. Bewear responds with a large, friendly hug, filling the trio with warmth. Now aboard their balloon, the three bid Bewear a final farewell. She says something to them, and Meowth translates that she's asking if they're heading to Kanto. When they confirm they are, Bewear decides to assist their flight back by using her strength to send them blasting off in the direction of their destination.

The next morning, Lillie keeps her promise and arrives at Aina's Kitchen. However, she gets enveloped in a bubble before Kiawe, Lana, Sophocles, and Mallow happily declare that this is a surprise party. The Pokémon happily enjoy the sweet treats on offer while Mallow and the others are waiting for Ash’s arrival. A loud roar alerts them to something outside – none other than Ash, Pikachu and Rotom riding into view atop of Nebby. Ash apologizes for the delay, admitting that he just returned from an adventure through an Ultra Wormhole. He adds they visited a strange world, where they helped an Ultra Beast they'd never seen before. Despite Ash's vague explanation, Rotom offers to show everyone the footage later. They praise Rotom for always being a huge help, to which Rotom replies that Lusamine said the same thing - as of today, it is an employee of Aether Paradise. Ash informs his friends of his own news – he will be returning to Pallet Town before embarking on another journey towards his ultimate goal, to become a Pokémon Master. Kiawe and the others are taken aback by the surprise confession, though offer their full support.

The group photo taken by Rotom

Before long, it is time for Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine to embark on their venture to find Mohn. Their colleagues and friends wish the family well from the departure port. Lillie promises to keep in contact with her classmates, slightly shying away as she says goodbye to Ash. Gladion hopes to battle Ash again someday, with the pair shaking on it. Rotom calls for everyone to gather, and it promptly immortalizes the moment with a group photo. The ship soon leaves port, with Lillie and her family waving their friends farewell from an open deck. Lillie is spurred into action by her memories of Ash. She runs to the back of the ship to shout out to Ash that she is glad to have met him because he helped her overcome her fear of touching Pokémon. Ash thanks her in return, waving off his dear friend.

Lillie and her family on their journey to find Mohn

Kukui and Professor Burnet drive Ash and Pikachu down to the airport before dawn the next morning. Before he boards his flight, Ash asks the two Professors to look after the Pokémon he caught in Alola. Kukui is glad to have the Pokémon join the family, adding that he will bring them to school on occasion. He and Burnet pledge to support Ash, whenever and wherever he is. Burnet is brought to tears as she hugs Ash, with Kukui joining the embrace. Ash and Pikachu promptly board their plane, peering out of the window as it takes off. Ash's friends, wearing their Ultra Guardians outfits, soar into view to deliver a wave goodbye and good luck. Ash, moved to tears, bids goodbye to his friends.

As the vacation starts, Sophocles heads off to Mossdeep City with his cousin Molayne. Kiawe flies off on Charizard for his training with Olivia. Later, Lana offers to bring a fish print of Manaphy for Mallow, as she climbs aboard her father's boat. Mallow returns to Aina’s Kitchen, where she is greeted by her older brother Ulu. He presents her with a bouquet of wild flowers he spotted on his return home. Abe greets Ulu, who affirms that he is returning home for good. Shaymin, meanwhile, takes an interest in the bouquet and promptly changes into its Sky Forme from the Gracidea pollen. Shaymin rushes outside the restaurant, where it is greeted by a group of other Shaymin. Mallow immediately realizes that yet another one of her friends is leaving. With a final nuzzle, Shaymin soars into the sky to join its friends, soon disappearing from view. Back in Bewear's den, Mareanie and Mimikyu are enjoying their time with Bewear and Stufful. Over on Ula'ula Island, Hau, supported by his grandfather Hala, takes on Nanu in a grand trial match. Meanwhile, Guzma is whipping his Team Skull Grunts into shape with some battle training, with Plumeria observing. Rotom is already making remarkable progress with its research at Aether Paradise, but its findings are overwhelming Faba and Wicke. Aboard their ship, Lillie's family members chat with each other. Finally, Kukui is by his wife’s side as she lies on a foldout chair. She holds her swelled belly, and Kukui places his hand over hers, indicating that they're expecting a baby.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.


Pokémon debuts




Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Solgaleo


...and your dreams!


  • When everyone is saying goodbye to Ash and Pikachu outside the plane, Metang's horn is colored blue instead of gray.

Dub edits

  • In the Korean dub, Type: Wild is replaced by ALOLA!.
    • The regular opening and ending theme animations are played at the beginning and end of the episode, respectively.
  • In the English dub, Your Adventure and Type: Wild are both replaced by instrumental music.
  • Instead of having all credits at the end of the episodes, the usual opening credits are shown over the episode before the title card, and the ending credits are shown after the episode ends with the regular ending theme and animation.
  • The ...and your dreams! text is removed from most non-English international dubs.

In other languages

SM145 : Dreams of the Sun and Moon!
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
JN001 : Enter Pikachu!
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