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Sun & Moon series
SM015 : Rocking Clawmark Hill!
Getting to Know You!
SM014   EP953
The Crystal of Courage, Lilie and Rokon!
First broadcast
Japan February 9, 2017
United States June 17, 2017
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Sun
Japanese themes
Opening アローラ!!
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 面出明美 Akemi Omode
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director 鈴木龍太郎 Ryutaro Suzuki
Animation directors 安田周平 Shūhei Yasuda
香月麻衣子 Maiko Katsuki
No additional credits are available at this time.

Getting to Know You! (Japanese: 勇気の結晶、リーリエとロコン! The Crystal of Courage, Lilie and Rokon!) is the 14th episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 953rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on February 9, 2017 and in the United States on June 17, 2017.

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Moments after Lillie’s Pokémon Egg hatches into an Ice-type Alolan Vulpix named Snowy, the Egg that Principal Oak has been caring for hatches into a Fire-type Vulpix from Kanto! The whole class thinks Lillie should be Snowy’s Trainer, and Snowy agrees—but Lillie will have to get over her fear of touching Pokémon.

As Lillie introduces Snowy to the malasada shop, Team Rocket swoops in to steal it! Snowy shows a fierce determination in battle, leaving the villains on slippery ground with a Powder Snow attack. When they battle back, Snowy goes flying, and Lillie leaps to grab it without a second thought!


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The Pokémon Egg has just hatched into an Alolan Vulpix. Everyone is amazed that the egg has hatched as Lillie tells Snowy it is good to meet it and goes to touch it but stops as she is still nervous. Mallow and Lana are surprised that she can't touch Snowy having had no trouble touching the egg which Lillie attempts to deny as Samson Oak runs into the classroom saying his egg is about to hatch as Professor Kukui joins them. They all watch in amazement as the egg hatches into a Kanto Vulpix. Mallow is amazed that a Vulpix hatched from both eggs as Professor Kukui says he guessed they were ready to hatch but didn't expect them to hatch on the same day which leaves Samson Oak happy. Sophocles says this is the first time he has seen an egg hatch and now he has seen two as Lana feels rather moved by it all. All their Pokémon gather, excited by recent events as Ash says he hasn't seen a white Vulpix before as Rotom provides data on both Vulpix as Sophocles is amazed that Vulpix can either be a Fire-type or an Ice-type as Kiawe notes it is rare to see a red Vulpix in Alola as Rotom takes pictures.

Ash greets both Vulpix only to be Frozen by Snowy's Powder Snow along with Rotom but is thawed out by an Ember from Samson Oak's Vulpix. Ash and Rotom aren't happy at being burnt as Lana asks if they are alright as Mallow says Ash might have been a bit too sudden when he tried to touch Snowy. Professor Kukui notes that despite both being Vulpix, they have different personalities as Samson Oak's Vulpix greets the other Pokémon before trying to be friendly with Snowy and ends up sending Snowy off the table where the other Pokémon greet it. Ash tries to explain to Snowy that they're all trying to be its friends. As the other Pokémon play on Turtonator's shell, Samson Oak notes that friendship is a wonderful thing and decides they need to discuss what happens next as they have now finished watching over the eggs, they now have two Vulpix. Samson Oak decides to leave them in the care of those who looked after them so he'll look after the Kanto Vulpix and one of the classmates can catch Snowy. Mallow decides that Lillie should be the one to catch Snowy to which Ash agrees as Lillie was the one looking after the egg all the time but Lillie isn't certain as she is still scared as Snowy goes over to her. Mallow sees that it is clear Snowy wants her to be its trainer as the others encourage her as she gave it a name which she only gave it as something to call it but Mallow says it doesn't matter as everyone agrees with her. Snowy is happy to have Lillie as its trainer as Professor Kukui hands her a Poké Ball. She throws it to catch Snowy but the ball ends up hitting Ash on the head. Lillie apologizes to Ash as Snowy goes over to the fallen Poké Ball before looking at Lillie before pressing the capture button and getting caught. Lillie becomes overawed at having captured Snowy as her classmates congratulate her as Mallow suggests bringing Snowy out which Lillie does. Professor Kukui tells Lillie that this officially makes her a Pokémon Trainer as Lillie becomes determined to overcome her fear and bends down to hug Snowy only for Komala to ring the bell at that moment, startling her and makes Lillie wonder if she can ever be a Trainer if she is like this if she can't have a relationship with her Pokémon like they have. Everyone encourages her as Professor Kukui tells her she needs to find out which way is best for her.

After school, everyone heads home as Lana, Sophocles and Kiawe go their separate ways, Mallow notices Lillie's ride is already here. Lillie goes over to him and apologizes deciding to walk home today which her driver accepts and drives off as Lillie explains to Ash and Mallow that she wants to walk home with Snowy today as they have a lot to learn and need the time to do that. Mallow thinks it is a good idea as Lillie and Snowy head off, Ash thinks they'll be just find and starts to head home only for Mallow to stop him, deciding they should follow Lillie to make sure how things go which excites Rotom as it can collect more data. In town, Lillie and Snowy are walking as Lillie explains to Snowy they are going to a Malasada shop having heard about it from Mallow and thinks Snowy would like to give it a try and explains to Snowy that he has liked Pokémon since she was a little girl but she can't seem to touch them now and doesn't know what to do about it and it is now time to do something about it as she cares for it alot. Ash and Mallow watch from around the corner and are relieved that things appear OK as Ash notes that Mallow obviously cares a lot about Lillie which Mallow confirms because as Lillie cares for Pokémon a lot, who wouldn't want to help her be happy. They become distracted that Rotom notices that they have lost track of Lillie. Outside the Malasada shop, Team Rocket leave with Jessie saying that Malasada's are better than pancakes any day which makes James and Meowth realize she hasn't gotten over missing out on the years supply of pancakes, James notices she still has a Malasada despite being full but Jessie says it isn't for them as James wonders what happens next, Meowth says they need to get their hands of supplies for their base. As they head off, James notices Lillie and Snowy enter the Malasada shop and recognizes her as being one of the twerps. Jessie is excited to see Snowy as James looks through his book, he sees that it is an Alolan Vulpix which makes Jessie keen to get Vulpix for Giovanni.

Inside the shop, Lillie brings Snowy a collection of Malasada's so that Snowy can pick which one it likes so that Lillie can make food that Snowy will love. Snowy takes a bite of the pink colored Malasada and likes it allowing Lillie to see which is its favorite unaware that Team Rocket are spying on them. Outside the show, Ash and Mallow wonder where Lillie and Snowy went as Mallow wonders if they went down a different street. Ash decides to send Rowlet out to search for them. Rowlet flies off and they follow as Lillie and Snowy depart the Malasada shop as Team Rocket follow them down an alleyway. Lillie tells Snowy that up ahead is a place with wonderful views only to be confronted by Team Rocket. She recognizes them as they recite their motto and asks what they want with her but they are only after Snowy as Jessie orders Mimikyu to attack but Mimikyu walks off as Meowth explains that it is only interested in battling Pikachu. Lillie uses the opportunity to leave with Snowy but Team Rocket chase after them and so Lillie has Snowy use Powder Snow on the ground which freezes it, causing Team Rocket to slip and fall as James realizes that the Alolan form of Vulpix is an Ice type. They get up to chase after but can't get a grip on the ice as Lillie and Vulpix run away. Lillie praises Snowy on its Powder Snow as Team Rocket give chase and corner her.

Rowlet has become excited and Ash thinks it has found Lillie only for Rowlet to return with a melon before hearing Lillie scream and head off in that direction. Lillie finds herself backed up against a wall with a big drop on the other side as James sends out Mareanie who latches itself onto James causing him to become Poisoned. Jessie isn't pleased and orders Mimikyu to attack but Mimikyu wonders off, still not interested. James recovers and orders Mareanie to use Sludge Bomb which Snowy counters with Powder Snow which blocks Sludge Bomb. Team Rocket move closer to steal Snowy as Lillie wonders what to do as James has Mareanie use Sludge Bomb which sends Snowy flying over the wall. Lillie instinctively jumps off the wall to catch Snowy as Ash orders Rowlet to use Leafage to halt their fall as Ash and Mallow rush over. Over the top of the wall, Team Rocket see that Ash and Mallow have arrived as Ash sees them, Mimikyu on seeing Pikachu is only to happy to fight. Pikachu goes to battle Team Rocket and is joined by Snowy as Lillie orders a Powder Snow which freezes Team Rocket. Ash and Mallow tell Lillie that that was good work as Bewear appears behind Team Rocket and takes them back to its den. Snowy jumps into Lillie's arms as Lillie hugs it, saying it was the best as Ash and Mallow are please to see her actually touching a Pokémon which Lillie realizes and they continue their hug as Rowlet returns Lillie's hat to her.

Back at Bewear's den, Jessie hands Bewear the Malasada that she bought as a present after it had given them all food. Bewear takes the Malasada as James and Meowth see what the extra Malasada was for. Bewear looks at Jessie before hugging her tightly as Mimikyu eats the dropped Malasada. The next day at school, Lillie arrives carrying Snowy as Lana, Sophocles and Kiawe see that she is now able to touch Pokémon. Lillie puts Snowy on the ground and introduces it to all its new friends including Samson Oak's Vuplix as Ash sees that they are now getting along. An excited Togedemaru goes over to Lillie and touches her legs, Lillie freezes as Mallow realizes she still can't touch other Pokémon but Ash and Sophocles see that she'll get used to it soon as Snowy jumps into Lillie's arms.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Vulpix (Alola Form)



  • When Snowy goes to its Poké Ball, Rowlet was seen asleep on the ground to the left of Turtonator. When Lillie goes to pick up Snowy's Poké Ball after it catches itself, Rowlet is seen poking from behind Turtonator's right.
  • When Popplio's bubble cracks above Pikachu, Bounsweet, and Togedemaru, their eyes are animated in front of the falling water instead of behind like the Pokémon are.
  • In the Swedish dub, several technical errors can be heard.
    • Ash saying Snöflinga early in the episode, Rotom Dex saying Vulpix, and Sophocles saying Vulpix were replaced mid sentance which awkwardly cuts off the sentance.
    • In one scene Kukui's voice was significantly lower then in the rest of the episode.
    • Ash's English voice can be heard after Rowlet gives him a mellon.
    • Lillie and the others are inconsistent on what to call Snowy, with Snöflinga being the most frenquently used and Pudersnö being used occasionally by Lillie and Mallow.

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