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Riding on Lapras

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If you were looking for the CD single, see Riding on Lapras (single).
Type: Wild
Japanese ending themes
Meowth's Party
Laplace ni Notte
Riding on Lapras
ED 6
Artist 飯塚雅弓
Mayumi Iizuka
Lyrics 川村久仁美
Kunimi Kawamura
Composer たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Pikachu Records single
Title ラプラスにのって
Riding on Lapras
Catalog no. ZMDP-1026

Riding on Lapras (Japanese: ラプラスにのって Riding on Laplace) is the sixth ending theme song of the Japanese Pokémon anime.

It debuted in EP105, replacing Type: Wild. It was replaced by Meowth's Party in EP117.

Opening animation


Inside an empty room a painting hangs on the wall, on the painting is a picture of Ash, Tracey, Misty, Togepi and Pikachu riding on Lapras. The painting is moving, and depicts the group riding Lapras throughout the Orange Islands. As they ride across the ocean Charizard flies overhead breathing fire. Night soon falls, and the group falls asleep on Lapras' shell. They fail to notice Jigglypuff and Psyduck floating by on balloons. Day comes again and everybody wakes up, as the shot zooms out we see that they're floating across a giant circle in the shape of a yin yang symbol. The shot continues to zoom out until the circle is replaced by the TV Tokyo logo.


TV size

Japanese Romaji English
ふねがなくても Fune ga nakutemo Without a boat
およげなくても Oyoge nakutemo Without being able to swim
きみをよんだら たびははじまるのさ Kimi o yondara tabi wa hajimaru no sa Upon calling you the journey will begin
みちがなくても Michi ga nakutemo Without a road
あてがなくても Ate ga nakutemo Without a destination
きみがいるから ちずはひろがるのさ Kimi ga iru nara chizu wa hirogaru no sa Because you're here, the map will open for us
かぜをおいこし Kaze o oikoshi Passing through the wind
どこまでもいこう Dokomademo ikō Let's go anywhere
くちぶえふけば ランララララ Kuchibue fukeba ranrararara If we whistle lan-la-la-la-la
ちきゅうもうたう ランララララ Chikyū mo utau ranrararara The world will sing along lan-la-la-la-la
ラプラスにのって Rapurasu ni notte Riding on Lapras
さがしにいこう! Sagashi ni ikō! Let's find it!
だれもしらない ものがたりのつづき Daremo shiranai monogatari no tsuzuki The continuing story no one knows
ランランランララ Ranranranrara Lan-lan-lan-la-la

Full version

Japanese English
きみをよんだら たびははじまるのさ
きみがいるから ちずはひろがるのさ

くちぶえふけば ランララララ
ちきゅうもうたう ランララララ

だれもしらない ものがたりのつづき
ランランランララ ランランランララ

きみのえがおが あればへっちゃらだよ
きみのやさしい こえがきこえるから

ほしをかぞえて どこまでもいこう
なみだふいたら ランララララ
スピードあげて ランララララ

だれもしらない ものがたりのつづき

うまれたばかりの きょうがはじまる
ランランランララ ランランランララ
ランランランララ ランランランララ
Without a boat
Without being able to swim
Upon calling you the journey will begin
Without a road
Without a destination
Because you're here, the map will open for us

Passing through the wind
Let's go anywhere
If we whistle lan-la-la-la-la
The world will sing along lan-la-la-la-la

Riding on Lapras
Let's find it!
The continuing story no one knows

Even if it's cloudy
Even if it's freezing
I don't care about your smiling
Even if I want to cry
Even through long nights
I can still hear your friendly voice

Let's go everywhere while counting the stars
Let's wipe our tears lan-la-la-la-la
Let's go faster lan-la-la-la-la

Riding on Lapras
Let's find it!
The continuing story no one knows

Riding on Lapras
Let's find it!
Today is just the beginning of our recent birth
Lan-lan-lan-la-la lan-lan-lan-la-la
Lan-lan-lan-la-la lan-lan-lan-la-la





  • The Vocalist in this song is Mayumi Iizuka, who provides the Japanese voice of Misty.
  • On Route 41 in the Johto region, a female Swimmer named Suzie asks "Wasn't there a hit song about a boy riding a Lapras?".

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Type: Wild
Japanese ending themes
Meowth's Party
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